Australia set for a Chinese pig of a year in 2019

Chinese indentured gangs invaded Australia from the Gold Rush days.  In their hordes they swamped cheap scab labour, smuggled illicit opium, and criminality, brothels, and vice.  No wonder the Chinese have always  been despised in Australia.  True Blue Aussie ought take shite interest in some Chinese year of the pig; save a pork cut discount for the year.

Chinese are here for Chinese permanent colonisation, just like the Vikings intended for Britain.

Sino-traitors within Australia hatefully condemn Australia’s Australia Day cultural heritage, yet they’re just as content to embrace a foreign Chinese New Year.  It’s based on superstitious Chinese notions of animal symbols, like dog, cat, hebe-dragon, rat, dog, toad, lizard, panda, or screaming hairy Armadillo.

Chinese have never assimilated into Australian society; that’s why they beachheaded exclusive Chinatowns.  No traditional White Australian can get a job in a Chinatown in Australia.  It’s Chinese onry!

Chinese have used and abused and exploited Australia since the 1850s Gold Rush.   Australia’s history is full of Chinese criminality, vice and infecticious diseases like Small Pox and Leprosy.  How do Australians think deadly Asian Influenza, Dengue Fever, Measles, Tuberculosis and  Encephalitis arrived in Australia?  Ask the Aborigines who were massacred by such.

Chinese invasion persists.

Last month, Australian Border Force seized 4000 litres of liquid ecstasy gamma-Butyrolactone (GBL) from China worth $12 million inside 20 drums, customs-declared as liquid fertiliser.  The drug pressed has the street name of ‘‘coma in a bottle’’ and is popular among ravers. It can cause loss of consciousness, memory loss, respiratory difficulties, coma and death.

It was destined for the drug rave festival set. Do the Chinese give a wonton?

Chinese in Sydney’s southwest (Menangle and Mount Hunter) were nabbed last December by NSW POlice Strike Force Arndill cooking up $5.2 million worth of ecstasy in garage labs.

Detectives meanwhile found a pattern of importations from China to companies in Sydney’s southwest.

So far in January 2019, a Chinese organised criminal syndicate was nabbed stealing baby formula and vitamins from major retailers across Sydney for shipment to China.   Milk powder in Australia typically retails for $30, but can fetch AUS$80 equivalent in China.  Chinese see a profit and they’re cultural pigs to the trough.  It’s because Chinese can’t trust the Chinese Government for decent food safety standards that have resulted in deaths and health scares.  Third World and Communist standards prevail under the Xi Dynasty.

Four members of one celestial family and two other men have been arrested and charged over the “organized criminal group” that New South Wales Police believe has operated for several years.  Police seized 4,000 tins of baby formula, “large quantities” of vitamins, Manuka honey as well as more than $215,000 in cash.

What about the needs of Australian babies in Australia?   Do the Chinese give a wonton?

Australian Retailers would be wise to sign their baby formula ‘No Chinese’

Else on each container scribe:

‘Contains Melamine 三聚氰胺 & Thalidomide 沙利度胺’

“We’re thinking this is quite an expansive criminal group that was exploiting an overseas market at the disadvantage of the Australian public,” NSW Police Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty told reporters in Sydney.  Doherty said investigators were still probing where the products were being sold, but alleged that so far, “thousands of shipments of baby formula were sent to China”.

The latest arrest was of a 31-year-old man Jian Feng Ke (his real name) on Saturday at Sydney Airport after he arrived on a flight from China.  NSW Police nabbed the smuggling celestial of AUD$1 million worth of baby formula leading to the arrest of six Chinese of his family crime syndicate.

Meanwhile pre-2019, Huawei’s corrupt Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Canada on December 6 charged with bank and wire fraud violation American sanctions against Iran.  FBI Director Christopher Wray told lawmakers the lines between “the Chinese government and ostensibly private companies” are blurred if not totally erased and “especially the lines between lawful behaviour and fair competition and lying and hacking and cheating and stealing”.

But Huawei is a protected China State Owned Enterprise (SOE).

Chinese President Xi Jinping (left) with Ren Zhengfei, Huawei president and father of Meng Wanzhou.

Chinese President Xi Xingpinged a tit-for-tat arresting two convenient Canadians on Xi-fixed “national security grounds”.

Canadian Michael Kovrig (left) was arrested by Chinese authorities in Beijing. Another Canadian, Michael Spavor (right) was detained in Dandong City.

China Payback:  Both men were arrested two days after China threatened Canada with “grave consequences” if Meng was not immediately released.  And the Chinese court retried a Canadian man who had been jailed for drug smuggling and instead sentenced him to death.

All care, no responsibirity

Meanwhile so far in January 2019, some Chinese MDMA backyard cook is on the run from Sydney’s full-blown WonTon Fairfield. Chi Kong Chiu (57) (his real name) is wanted by NSW Police Organised Crime Squad about his abandoned drug lab and various ICE proceeds.

Canberra invites them into Australia…and they do this to us..ICE-addicting our youth into oblivion

Chi Kong Chiu, was previously known to frequent Sydney’s Beverly Hills, Roselands, and Lakemba areas (all ethnic) and is believed to have contacts throughout Sydney’s south-west and within the Australian Chinese community, and is wanted on an arrest warrant for the large commercial manufacture of methylamphetamine (ICE).

Do the Chinese give a wonton?

Police described Chiu of being of Asian appearance (Chinese) about 170cm tall, with a slim to medium build and short dark hair. It is suspected he may have attempted to change his appearance.

Basically Chiu looks like this.

The Ching face of imported greed and hate toward Australians

But Chui could well look like his billionaire hero who now controls Darwin Port for the Xi Dynasty compatriot.

The Face of Imported Greed and Hate

Detectives from the Organised Crime Squad have conducted significant inquiries in an attempt to locate the 57-year-old Chinese National and are now appealing to the community for assistance.

Meanwhile so far in 2019, nine Chinese flight attendants of Malaysia’s low-cost carrier Malindo Air have been arrested over smuggling more than $20 million of high-grade heroin (opium) and methamphetamine (ICE) into Sydney and Melbourne to supposedly top up their low-cost Third World wages.

Problem is they underestimated our trusty airport beagles.  Australian Border Force officers seized six kilograms of heroin with a street value of $14.5 million, eight kilograms of methamphetamine worth $6.4 million and half a kilo of cocaine during raids on seven Melbourne properties.

Beagles reliably sniff out Asians

Subsequent raids of Chinese properties around Melbourne resulted in the seizure of luxury cars and cash.  It’s no wonder when one sees an Asian in a prestige car that one get suspicious.

Do the Chinese give a wonton?

All nine people charged in connection with the trafficking operation are due to have their matters mentioned in Melbourne Magistrates Court on May 15.

Chinese have been contaminating Australia since 1851. Sixteen decades later, 2019 is not looking to get any better.  It’s best Australia bans Chinese from Australia.

Aussie Diggers had had a gutful of the celestial Chinese barbarians back in the Gold Rush. 

The Australian government nigh 200 years on remains culturally PC in oblivious denial.