Australia First Party to contest By-Election for seat of Longman, Queensland

Australia First Party will nominate its president, Dr. Jim Saleam, as its candidate in the by-election for the Australian electoral division of Longman.

In accordance with its policy, preferences are allocated as – ‘Sitting Member Last’ – on the pub test presumption that ‘incumbent crap promises crap and will still smell if re-elected‘.

On this occasion, preferences will not favour the Labor candidate. Of course, the party draws no distinction between the two major parties of globalism.

The party’s campaign material will centre on the continued immigration program which is exploding the population of Greater Brisbane and on the other impacts of globalisation upon the Australian working people and their families – such as free trade and the overseas student program, housing availability and homelessness and workplace regulations.

Dr. Jim Saleam, although originally a Queenslander, no longer resides in the State. The party has fielded him because of the issues best articulated by him arising with One Nation, a party Australia First Party will eventually supplant. It is the sell out by One Nation of its perceived-more-than-actual policy positions on immigration, Chinese imperialism, refugees and foreign land ownership which has encouraged Australia First members to advance the party in Longman.

This election will be the first that the party’s logo, the words ‘Australia First’ with the Eureka Flag, will be employed. We expect denunciation by certain Labor stooge connected union bosses who seek to misuse the banner of Nationalism for their own ends.

In coming months, the party president will be in Queensland, speaking before groups of nationalists in Brisbane, regional cities and other towns.

Jim Saleam said:

“I have accepted the party’s nomination to assist in building the party in the State. While on this occasion, I do not necessarily expect a strong vote tally, I agree it is vital to raise the party’s profile. I look forward to an energetic campaign.”


Longman Profile

The Division of Longman lies about 30km north of Brisbane in the Moreton Bay region and is centred around the town of Caboolture, which is being swallowed up by a sprawling Brisbane.  The Longman division consists of portions of the Moreton Bay, Somerset and Sunshine Coast regional councils, extending from Moreton Bay inland 50km beyond the Stanley River.

Traditional industry of the region is tourism, light industry, beef cattle, horse studs, prawn farming, poultry farms, pig farming, and various crops including grains, pineapples, fruit and flower farms. But thanks to Canberra’s globalist immigration agenda, the region’s vital agriculture is being invaded by housing sprawl for immigrant congestion.

The seat has been made vacant due to the duplicitous arrogance of Labor’s incumbent Susan Lamb’s foreign citizenship ineligibility to be in Parliament.  She thought she could breach The Constitution of Australia with impunity.   The citizenship fiasco by-elections caused by Lamb and four other Libs and Labs is set to cost taxpayers $7.5 million (on top of the High Court cases).  But elitists like Lamb don’t care; it’s not their money.

Map of Longman

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