A National Energy Guarantee that puts Australians First and Canberra’s Quest for the Renewable Grail last

While overpaid Canberran politicians crusade and collect taxes to fund their Quest for the Renewable Grail, Ordinary Australians are suffering severe cold and no power simply because taxpayer-subsidised renewable energy is condemning many to unaffordable freezing poverty.

DA RENEWABLES:   No sun, no wind.  Just really silly coconuts in search of some Holy Grail ignoble idealism


Start with first principles.  What are the energy value priorities for Australians?

Let’s posit in value order:

  1. Security – national energy security from domestic fuel reserves and production, not exposed to the uncertainty of foreign imports (especially in times of international crisis)
  2. Affordability – for households, business, industry and government – to be viable, efficient and competitive
  3. Reliable Supply – always works when it is needed, to urban or remote Australia, without limit (let alone price gouging, rationing or blackout risk
  4. Choice – choice of power source and appliance type (electricity/gas), choice of provider, whether on grid or off grid, discounting benefits for bulk use and off-peak use
  5. Low Pollution – low toxic emissions – aka carbon monoxide, sulphur, nitrous oxide. (Note that carbon dioxide is naturally occurring, while bizarrely an inexplicable obsession of climate alarmists).

Australia’s backstabbing PM Malcolm Turnbull (Bushranger Turncoat) and his obscure ‘National Energy Guarantee‘, has been exposed as an empty headline slogan, probably scribbled on the back of an envelope on a polly flight somewhere.

Vote 1 Australia First Party for a NATIONALIST Energy Guarantee

Whereas a truly Nationalist Energy Guarantee will loyally restore Australia’s energy security, affordability, reliable supply to Australian nationals (households, businesses, industry, government).

A Nationalist Energy Guarantee is to keep the lights on, the power on, the heat/aircon on because the Australian nationalist premise is that Australians come first without exception.  Others – climate alarmist cults, multinationals, foreigners must respectfully play second fiddle when it comes to such essential services.

Australia First Party is Australia’s only nationalist party which means that altruistically the Australian nation and its people always come first in all priority focus, policy formation and legislation.  This morally rises above political ideology (Left or Right), above bribes from wealthy donors like LibLabs on Huawei frequent flier junkets, and above the personal ego political parties.

Australia First Party if voted into Canberra may well consider the platform strategy and this is posited to encourage Australian discussion and re-engagement by so many Ordinary Australians that have become so disaffected by Canberran globalist policies and politics.

  1. Abolish taxpayer funding of all renewables – schemes (like Snowy 2.0), subsidies, suppliers, organisations, advocates, everything
  2. Withdraw Australia from the April 2017 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (The Paris Agreement)
  3. Nationalise all Australian territorial Energy Resources and Power Generation from private enterprise
  4. Responsibly reserve Australian coal and gas production for Australian domestic use – residential, business, industry, government
  5. Commission the building of two coal fires power stations – high-efficiency, low emission (HELE)/Ultra-SuperCritical (USC)/Carbon Capture and Storage/Sequestration (CCS) black coal-fired power plants in each state and territory, plus a smaller one in each of Australia’s offshore territories.
  6. Australia to leverage its cheap abundant low emissions energy to derive competitive price advantage for business and industry =over its competitors and to fuel a boom in exportable advanced technology – medical, aerospace, aeronautical, robotics, nanotechnology, biotechnology.  (of course with Australia’s CSIRO ramped up and playing key roles).

It’s called ‘Economic Nationalism‘, and Australia First Party conceived the concept in July 2012.  At least it is a considered energy strategy, rather than what Canberran Parliament has descended into – a scene out of Monty Python’s Holy Grail.

The many nations building new coal-fired power stations to exploit Australia’s black coal exports must be laughing at Canberra’s Renewables Holy Grail.  They’ve already got one!

Third Gen HELE-USC-CCS Coal Power is the New Low Emissions Black

Black coal is the new black and Australia is naturally endowed with abundant reserves of highly efficient black coal, having the world’s fourth largest coal reserves (some 76.4 Billion tonnes of proved coal reserves as at the end of 2012).  This accounts for about 9% of the total proven coal reserves in the world, and these are mostly concentrated in New South Wales and Queensland.

French company in 2015 was selected by the consortium of Harbin Electricity International and Acwa Power as the lead Engineering, Procurement, and Construction contractor to build the Middle East region’s first Ultra-SuperCritical (USC) coal power plant in Dubai, UAE.

Hi-Tech Coal Power Station – Efficient, Reliable, No Smoke – cheap in Australia’s land of Abundant Black Coal

Subject to the financing closure of the project by the development consortium composed of ACWA Power and Harbin Electric, the plant will start commercial operation by March 2021 with a net output of 1.200MW, representing a 12.5 per cent boost of the Dubai current grid capacity, said a statement.

The plant will be fitted with Alstom’s leading ultra-supercritical technology (boiler and steam turbine generator), and will have full dual fuel capability, able to fire sub-bituminous coal as well as natural gas as back-up fuel.  It will also include advanced environmental control systems such as electrostatic precipitators and seawater flue-gas desulphurisation systems.

These will enable to achieve nitrous oxide (NOx), and sulphur oxide emissions (SOx) and particulate emission levels that are twice below the European guidelines, making it one of the cleanest coal-fired power plants available.   Additionally, the plant will be CO2-capture ready and shall comply with the most stringent grid code requirements from Dubai.

Andreas Lusch, senior vice-president of Alstom’s Steam Business, said: “We are delighted to have been selected as part of the EPC Consortium for this major project which demonstrates the strength of the company’s technical capabilities and capacity to offer high plant efficiency at low flue gas emissions.

“Alstom’s competencies in engineering, procurement and construction as well as the project team’s expertise will ensure the project is managed in an exemplary manner. We are eager to continue supporting Dubai to grow and diversify its power generation infrastructure.”

Alstom’s ultra-supercritical technology will enable the power plant to run at a higher steam temperature and pressure than regular coal-fired plants in order to improve the plant efficiency and to decrease stack-emissions, particularly CO2 per unit of fuel burned, said the statement.

The power plant will produce sufficient electricity to power nearly 250,000 households in Dubai.

Australia can learn from this, and if the Australian Government trusts the French to build our submarines then the French should have a crack at building our coal-fired power stations – unless of course Australians can do a better job.


We invite Australians to join us to discuss how we may restore Australia