Australia First Party for LINDSAY – how to vote for us against the major self-serving parties

Vote 1 Jim Saleam for Lindsay in 2016

Australia First pledges to the People of Lindsay:

  1. No Mosques in Penrith/Lindsay – There is no place for mosques in Penrith City. It is time to end all Muslim immigration a nd to encourage Muslims to return home.
  2. Stop Visa Labour – We oppose the free trade agreements that allow cheap labour and sub-standard work practices into Australia. Australian jobs for Australian workers!
  3. Stop the sale of Aussie homes and land to China – We are actively fighting the Chinese grab on homes and land – who make it difficult for Aussies to buy a home and puts business and farmland into foreign hands.
  4. End refugee immigration – We demand that the refugee program which has produced crime and violence, cheap labour and welfare and housing privilege, be ended – and that such people be paid to return home. It’s time!
  5. No road tolls – All roads belong in public hands, like the M4, and for that matter the M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, etc- so rename them rightfully as ‘freeways’ not as double-taxing tollways, you merchant banking shite Mike Baird!

How the People of Lindsay should vote to reject the self-serving Major Parties:

Australia First Party in Lindsay 2016 How to Vote Preferences

Authorised Jim Saleam, 725 Princes Highway Tempe 2044 ; Printed: Print Solutions, 12 Casino St, Eastlakes 2018.


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