Susan Jakobi for LALOR – how to vote for us against the major self-serving parties

Vote 1 Susan Jakobi for Lalor in 2016

Australia First pledges to the People of Lalor:

1. No China City in Werribee – we do not support 100,000 Chinese students and family living in an enclave on Aussie land. We become aliens in Australia.

2. Stop Visa Labour – we oppose the free trade agreements that allow cheap labour into Australia.  Australian jobs for Australian workers!

3. Stop the sale of Aussie homes and land to China – We  are  actively  fighting  the  Chinese grab on homes and land – which makes it difficult for Aussies to buy a home and puts business and farmland into foreign hands.

4 . End the ‘Refugee’ Programme – we demand that the ‘refugee’ programme which has produced crime and violence be ended and that people be paid to return home.
It’s time!

Australia First Party How to Vote in Lalor 2016
Authorised: Jim Saleam 725 Princes Highway Tempe 2044 ; Printed Brougham Press, 33 Scoresby Road, Bayswater 3153.


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