Brexit victory heralds independence from EU tyranny for Ordinary Britons

Brexit a win for the Nationalist Movement“Land of hope and glory!”


They queued in the rain to the ballot box but Britons have today expressed their democratic right to reject EU globalisation tyranny.

Brexit victory heralds independence from EU tyranny for 64 million Ordinary Britons, less the 7 million anti-British Third World immigrants – many of whom are barbaric Muslim.

It is truly Independence Day for this foundation Western nation!

Brexit Vote Results(Ed: above colours should be reversed)


Globalist Neo-Liberalist PM David Cameron can exit Tory stage Right.  Israel’s assassination of Jo Cox backfired on Cameron’s crony, Netanyahu.  The welfarist bludgers will be worried that they might have to start earning a quid.

How pleasing it is to have pissed off Globalist Leftist witch Angela Merkel – she should exit Communist stage Left and retire quietly to some anti-White barbaric Third World hell hole.

Politician Hook

The stock market profiteers will get over the hiccup.  Bring on the mass deportations of Third World welfare bludgers – the EU won’t be funding you to luxuriate in Britain any longer!

Come on Netherlands, you’re next to take the freedom plunge!

Time for Australia to restore trade with Britain and rebuild the English-speaking Commonwealth.

National Spirit

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