Illegals in Melbourne avoid visa crackdown in ‘Operation Fortitude’ due to sabotage by leftist peste Stephen Jolly

Australia’s Border Force yesterday was set to target heaps of foreign illegal visa fraudsters roaming the streets of Melbourne, when the Labor Party dobbed them in to their ‘dial-a-riot’ jolly Trotskyite peste, Stephen Jolly.

Stephen Jolly a dangerous LeftyBad and mean and might unclean!

Immediately, out emerged the great unwashed ferals, hordes of ethnics crying racism and illegal foreigners overstaying their visas.  The jolly peste was in a frenzy co-ordinating the feral flood to good ol’ Flinders Street Station.

Visa Ilegals protest outside Flinders Street StationStraight off Air India, 457 Clives of India quick to cry ‘racism’ outside Melbourne’s curry-coloured Flinders Street Station

Curry Munchers don’t respect our fish and chips

Poppadums aside, Australians want terrorist scum like Iranian asylum seeker Man Haron Monis off our streets, yet what does the jolly peste do?  He lets ’em in and welcomes the scum with open arms!

African ViolenceNigger machete religious rights!  They first arrive in Perth, then by night are secretly despatched to Australian rural centres in Orange, Armidale, Bendigo, Launceston, Murray Bridge, Port Macquarie, Toowoomba, Whittlesea and Wollongong.

National officers from the federal government’s new paramilitary unit were to set to join transport officials and police to target crime among people “travelling to, from and around the CBD”, in a measure dubbed ‘Operation Fortitude‘.

Australian Call to Arms

ASIO has anticipated hundreds of muddies, mussies and kaffirs and otherwise curry niggers easily caught red-handed flagrantly walking our Melbourne streets in gangs thinking they own the place.

It’s a darkie jungle out there!   They stand out from the local Australian community like sore thumbs.   They are so dumb to be the brunt of spot the Aussie jokes by even local primary school kids.

The Jolly Peste, Stephen Jolly, is behind stiring up the ethnics.

Illegals protest racismSpot the Aussie!  Not one holds a valid visa to stay in Australia…funny that.

His black-masked ferals didn’t appreciate being orange capsicum sprayed and swatted like flies in Spring Street on Reclaim Australia protest July 18, 2015.

Lefty Anarchists forced back by Police

The Jolly Peste has become a household filthy communist disease-carrying pestilence across Australia, just like jolly household peste, Louie da Fly

So reach for your Mortein!  It has ‘fast knockdown’ against such feral flies and jolly pestes.

Stephen Jolly fast knockdownSpray Melbourne of the Jolly Peste !