Anti-immigration cause wins votes for nationalists in Switzerland – lessons for Australia

The Swiss have remained compos mentis in the face of the European Union’s collectivist welfarist folly.

Instead, Switzerland looks after its own first. It smartly trades with the rest of Western Europe as part of a single market – with fellow nations of like cultures, values, standards.  But not culturally submissive to the weasel Third World.

Australia thinks it can naively compete with Third World Asia and the Trans Pacific Partnershipped Americas on a fanciful “level playing field”.  The level of the field is a dumbed down slave wage.

But then look who’s installed in Canberra – the leftist academic entitlement types, life-teated to rivers of gold dug for them by generations of ordinary Australian taxpayers. We call it ‘Canberran Mistletoe‘.

Proud cultural Switzerland opts not to be bull nose-ringed unconditionally to the whims of the Orwellian European Union. The opting was informed and deliberate by a national vote respectfully granted to Swiss citizens.  This means that the Swiss have been granted political respect to retain their independence, their currency, their wealth, their identity.  They retain their sovereign rights to say who enters their country and are not beholden to Angela Merkel’s communist dogma forcing EU nations to cop the invasion millions of Arab and Muslim welfare seekers from the Middle East.

Swiss ban Islamic minarets

The EU countries are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.  It is a dumbed down commune in which the welfare cheats lean on the hard workers.

European Union - red leftist mapSwitzerland ain’t silly – all the benefits, none of the problems


And last Sunday, the Swiss voted in their national parliamentary election.  Who won?   But the anti-immigration Swiss People’s Party (SVP) easily securing the proud lion’s share of the vote, so keeping pressure on Bern to introduce quotas on people moving from the European Union.

Islamic threat to Europe

Immigration was the central topic for fearful Swiss voters amid a rush of asylum seekers from the Middle East and North Africa to Europe.

Stop Massive ImmigrationStop Massive Invasion!


“The vote was clear,” SVP leader Toni Brunner told Swiss television. “The people are worried about mass migration to Europe.”

Sunday’s result cemented the SVP’s position as the dominant force in Swiss politics.  It won 29.4 percent of the vote, according to the final tally from Swiss broadcaster SRF, up from 26.6 percent in the 2011 vote and far exceeding expectations. It was the best performance by a party in at least a century.

This translated to an extra 11 seats in Switzerland’s lower house of parliament to bring its tally to 65, the highest for any party since the chamber’s membership rose to 200 in 1963.

The election gains for the SVP, which was already Switzerland’s biggest single party, come 20 months after the Swiss in a referendum backed limits on foreigners living in the Alpine nation. The SVP had strongly supported the restrictions.

Schweizerische Volkspartei


The Swiss system of direct democracy means citizens decide most major issues in referenda regardless of parliament’s makeup.

But the latest right-wing gains should keep pressure on Bern to take a hard line with Brussels as it seeks to implement the immigration referendum.

“Stay free!”

During the election campaign, the SVP rallied against Swiss reforms to deal with asylum seekers, even though in Europe’s current migrant crisis Switzerland is handling far fewer migrants than some other nations such as Germany.

Swiss People's Party President Toni BrunnerPresident of Switzerland’s leading party, the nationalist SVP, Toni Brunner, talks to the media after national elections in Bern.


The election gains for the SVP, which was already the biggest single party in Parliament, come 20 months after the Swiss in a referendum backed limits on foreigners living in Switzerland. The SVP had strongly supported the restrictions.

Legislators have until 2017 to reconcile this referendum result with an EU pact that guarantees the free movement of workers, otherwise the Swiss government must write quotas into law regardless of any compromise with the EU.

Swiss FreedomThe Swiss flag and coast of arms are representative of a sovereign people.  Red is symbolic of sovereignty and power over life and death. The white cross, added later, dates to the Celtic cross and Christianity, later becoming of symbol of the Confederation.

Ain’t no green Islamic moons in any European flags…yet.  Many contain Christian crosses, red for sovereignty, blue for freedom, and white for purity.  Think of Australia’s heritage link to Europe.

No wonder Turkey has no chance of joining the EU, unless communist German Chancellor Angela Merkel has her communist way.

On the same Sunday as the proud independent Swiss voted to protect their heritage, Merkel arrived in Istanbul for talks with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to do a deal.  Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has demanded membership of the EU as the price for stemming the tide of refugees pouring over his country’s borders into Europe.

In exchange for the visa deal and £2.2billion in aid – which could include up to £260million from the UK – Mr Erdogan will step up border controls, tackle people-smuggling gangs and re-admit failed asylum seekers who had entered Europe from Turkey.

At a summit last Thursday night (Oct 15) in Brussels, EU officials agreed to speed up talks on visas allowing Turks into the EU’s border-free Schengen Zone, which could come into effect as soon as next year.  The Schengen Zone consists of 26 Western European countries including Scandinavia (excluding Britain) having abolished passports and border control.  It’s worse than Vaseline in prison. It’s like switching a red light on in front of the family home to attract pedophiles.

And so Chancellor Merkel said Germany could speed up the move towards to visa-free travel to the EU for Turks and accelerate the EU membership talks.


Jay from Paris said:  “Who has given this woman the right to speak for us and allow ‘open doors’….we really do live under the Fourth Reich” – driven by indigenous resentment against Arabs instead of Jews?

If Australians wish to retain our freedoms and preserve our envied way of life fought for by our forebears, we need to curb immigration or suffer the irreversible plight that is besetting an Islamic-overrun European Union. We need and deserve Citizens’ Initiated Referenda in order to safeguard Ordinary Australians from corrupt politicians.  The current mob is vaselining Australian small business, prepped them for Turd World corporate buggery.