Would our pioneering fathers be proud? Chinese Hu and Zhang now control Tasmania’s oldest dairy

In October 2015, Australia’s largest and oldest dairy farm was sold to the Chinese for $220 million.

Herman Shao-ming Hu and Kenny Zhang now own Tasmania’s 190-year-old Van Diemen’s Land Company (VDL).

Mr Hu is a deputy of China’s National People’s Congress.  Kenny Zhang is a coal billionaire.

Jointly they will export all dairy produce directly back to China and pay no tax or royalties.

As VDL’s new Chinese owners, Hu and Zhang intend to further expand and develop its farms and associated infrastructure across Australia to supply China’s growing demand for infant baby formula and milk-based health drinks for its ageing population.

Australia’s Foreign Investment Review Board turned a blind eye.

Australian Dairy betrayed to the Chinese

VDL’s now rich offspring, Pip Courtney and Mike Guerin, hang your heads in shame.