Wyong’s Warnervale is a Liberal Party corrupt sellout to the Chinese Dictatorship

Of course the Chinese Communist Dictatorship shoots its own people, invades and persecutes Tibetans.  Does a bear shit in the woods?  Ask Clive Palmer.

And ‘hand on heart‘, is there any Liberal Party politician along the New South Wales Central Coast who is not corrupted by secret deal funding?   ICAC has exposed nine of Liberal Party corporate paper-baggers and is still investigating “known others” connected to Newcastle’s “big man” Nathan Tinkler.

Liberals under ICAC investigation

New South Wales Central Coast town Wyong is set to be a Gold Coast high rise under Liberal deals with wealthy Chinese developers seeking a foothold in Australian on an unsuspecting regional community.

Wyong Chinese DevelopmentAustralia’s small coastal town of Wyong
Before and after the Liberal Party sellout of locals to the Chinese Dictatorship.


Yet in 2014, the Wyong Shire Council, under Liberal Party Mayor Doug Eaton, has given its approval for the construction of Chinese state owned “Chappypie China Time” theme park to be built on 15.7 hectares of bushland at Warnervale.

Plans have been unveiled to develop a $500 million Chinese-style theme park on the New South Wales Central Coast.  The owners of a long-proposed Chinese cultural theme park at Warnervale have today revealed plans for a ‘Disneyland-style’ theme park are about to be lodged with Wyong Council.  If approved, it is due to be open in stages from 2016, starting with the development of a Buddhist temple.

Mayor Eaton believes the plan would mesh with a $500 million Chinese theme park and cultural village planned at Warnervale, with the largest Buddhist temple in the world outside China.   aton is talking up the project saying Wyong is set to become the ‘Gold Coast’ of NSW.

Mayor Doug Eaton

While on a junket to China, Mayor Eaton had discussions about the grandiose airport, theme park and his plans for an “international university” with 7000 chinese students at Warnervale.  Mayor Eaton addressed Australia’s Consul-General in Shanghai, the Austrade trade commissioner, government officials and 200 businessmen.

Cr Eaton said Bruce Zhong, from the Australia Chinese Theme Park company with Warnervale interests, had signed a heads of agreement with three major business groups that had promised to support the cultural village.

Chinese Chappypie China Time Theme ParkChinese Dynasty downunder
Employees must speak Mandarin to get a job. 
457 Visas will only apply to Chinese nationals.
Estimated satellite Chinese-only population: 50,000.


Warnervale exists as bushland just 4km north of the NSW Central Coast town of Wyong (pop. 160,000).   There exists a small single strip airfield near the Pacific Motorway.

This is it:

Warnervale AirportChinese Proposed:  Chappypie China Direct Influx International


The Chinese are interested in investing in a regional airport. Why?  “The Shanghai government was particularly keen to hear about our regional airport concept,” Cr Eaton said.

Wyong Mayor’s council spokesman Cameron Bell has said the council’s first step is to re-zone the airport for international Chinese flights.  Hey, the Pacific motorway already runs by the proposed Chinese Airport site.

The runway length would be 2600 metres and could accommodate Boeing 767s, 737s, and Airbus A330s and A320s.  It will be a Ching Immigration Mecca downunder!

Council estimates the airport would inject $250 million a year into the Wyong economy and create thousands of jobs, perhaps millions of jobs for Chinese once the Chinese arrive.

Evidently Australian entepreneurs are no longer capable of employing the Central Coast workforce to make goods and services to sell overseas. Instead, they can only offer jobs to serve affluent overseas guests in hotels, escort agencies or venues like the proposed “Chappypie China Time”.

Chinese Cream Pie EatonHappy Chappie Doug Eaton Chinese Cream Pie Time


Wyong Shire council under direction of Mayor Doug Eaton, has already sold the land to Australia Chinese Theme Park Pty Ltd (ACTP) for $10 million.

But then there are questions over Wyong Mayor Doug Eaton’s expenses claimed from his extravagant trip to China.  Fellow councillor Bob Graham claims $2000 was to allegedly come from a taxpayer-subsidised training company he was then chairman of and the rest from some mystery Chinese football fans.