Stooge of the 2016 Federal Election

Tony Windsor 2016Tony (trust me again) Windsor

  • I betrayed the 60% anti-Labor Party voters of New England in 2010 by siding with Labor so that socialist Julia Gillard became PM.
  • I betrayed Australian farmers by selling my Werris Creek farm to Chinese-owned Whitehaven Coal for $4.6 million, thanks very much.
  • I am arrogantly suing my political rival for daring to criticise my sellout of my farm to Chinese miners.
  • I betrayed by long term mate Kerry Schofield, a Vietnam Vet. Windsor went on ABC radio on Monday, and said of Schofield: “I think the character that was there last night, there’s a lot of other reasons for that, which I won’t get into. But the Vietnam War does funny things to people and, anyway, that’s another story.”  He took his old friend’s private battle with post-traumatic stress disorder and used it to try to defend himself.   Schofield replied with disgust: “Do you trust a dog that bites you?”

Tony Windsor Treachery Exposed

  • I have always been a bully since Tamworth’s Ag School dormitory in the 1960s, whipping boys’ bums with me riding crop like them Peter Young, Kevin Shields and Ross Pollock – rapping their knuckles with the back of me knife until the wee bastards bled.
  • I know how get my way hear. Just ask Peta Credlin, Abbott’s tea lady.
  • Tony Windsor is the 2016 Federal Election Stooge Cockroach.

Tony Windsor loses