Queensland mosques, are they spreading like evil islamic tentacles?

How did a Muslim mosque get approved in Far North Queensland’s Atherton Tablelands? Did some Muslim get on council to get it through the vote?

Well clearly there are locals who disapprove of its presence and what it stands for.  Last September 18, the word “Evil” was painted on the wall of the Mareeba Mosque in Far North Queensland in an apparent reaction to large-scale counter-terror raids in Sydney and Brisbane and threats by international terror groups against westerners.

Evil Mosque
Islamic Society president Aboo Auckbur of nearby North Cairns Mosque says similar messages have been found some months ago around the District Memorial Mosque.

Seems Australian tolerance of violent and arrogant foreigners who rock up and then want to impose their culture on the rest of us, may be wearing thin.  They preach anti-Christian thinking, female oppression and mutilation, barbarism and hate anyway.  So-called “moderate Muslims” haven’t exactly been critical of their nutjob extremist brothers.  Same religion, same guiding Quran.

Islam Not Welcome in AustraliaJihadists are just angry Muslims with guns.

Australia’s traditional demographic is mainly Christian faith and a quarter are agnostic/secular.   But ever since Whitlam’s 1970s mass immigration and multiculturalism madness that he legislated against Australians, ethnic immigrants imported a mix of foreign faiths like Buddhism, Hindu and Islam.  So far, Muslims make up just 2% of our population   Why are they considered disproportionately Australia’s biggest disruptive and criminal problem?   Muslims are costing our Parliament, ASIO and our Federal Police billions.

On ya Gough!  On ya Kev!  On ya Julia!

Islam is the antithesis of everything Australian that our forefathers fought against in multiple wars, so why have Liberal and Labor alike let in the 2% into our country, our neighbourhoods and schools?

Meanwhile, an anti-Islamic vigilante has since been taken in for question by police over the graffiti attack at an Islamic prayer centre in the Brisbane suburb of Rocklea.  The graffiti was directed at Muslims to “Get the f*** out of our country” and the unambiguous “Muslims are evil and have no respect for our ways.”

Muslims out of Rocklea“Sometimes justice is better served by those who have experienced the pain”.  ― Mark W. Boyer


In 2008, a then small group of Muslims won a court battle to have the first of many mosques built in Cairns.  The people of Cairns simply didn’t want it, but that was when Kevin Rudd was in power.

Now in 2014, Queensland has some twenty eight mosques saturating urban Queensland.  Here’s the current list according to the Muslim Directory.


Muslim Directory Australia

  1. Algester Mosque
  2. Bundeberg Mosque
  3. Cairns Mosque
  4. Capalaba Mosque
  5. Darra Mosque in Oxley
  6. Darul Uloom Academy in Buranda
  7. Dreamworld Musalla in Coomera
  8. Eagleby Mosque
  9. Gladstone Musallah
  10. Gold Coast Mosque, Arundel
  11. Harbour Town Musalla
  12. Holland Park Mosque
  13. ICRA Hervey Bay Mosque
  14. Ipswich Mosque
  15. Kuraby Mosque
  16. Logan City Mosque in Marsden
  17. Lutwyche Mosque
  18. Mackay Mosque
  19. Mareeba Mosque
  20. Masjid Taqwa
  21. MSA Griffith Musalla in Griffith’
  22. MSA St Lucia Musalla
  23. Paradise Masjid – Musallah on Gold Coast
  24. Rochdale Mosque at Eight Mile Plains
  25. Rockhampton Islamic Centre
  26. Toowoomba Musalla
  27. Townsville Mosque
  28. West End Mosque in Brisbane

In urban Queensland, Allah is not far away now if you go looking.

The number of mosques in southeast Queensland is growing, and Queenslanders are not happy.  Residents have been opposed to every single islamic application, but they get over-ruled by the multicultural cult.  And then comes the Muslim crime wave and Muslims calls for Sharia Law.

Ban the MosqueCurrumbin locals don’t want a bloody mosque near their beach
The bloody Muslims will be banning bikinis on the Gold Coast next !

Recent census figures showing more than 34,000 Muslims live in Queensland.  Many are encouraged to arrive as students. The large Muslim population in Toowoomba had mostly been operating out of a room at the University of Southern Queensland but they had just bought a Christian church to transform into a mosque.

Wherever there is a university in Queensland, there is an islamic centre state funded to cater for foreign muslim students.  The University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, University of Southern Queensland all accommodate Islamic Musalla (prayer matters).  Griffith University has even invested $8 million setting up its National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies to encourage more Muslims.

The muslims then graduate, get a 457 visa and stay and then want another mosque.   It is an insipid invasion fueled by the treacherous Left in government.

Bulldoze MosquesOur Defence Force is fighting this lot in the Middle East


Yet any criticism of the Islamic scourge downunder by Aussie locals sees the Leftist media brand ordinary Aussies racist.   Vocal Leftists should try setting up a Christian church in the Islamic world!

Australian Liberal and Labor governments have allowed some 340 mosques to snowball across Australia.  They have also let in 500,000 muslims.   It would appear the tentacles of Islam is spreading across Queensland and Australia.

In Cairns 90% of local letters to the council said they didn’t want a mosque anywhere in Cairns let alone Dunn Street.  But that is where it stands today. The rights of ordinary Australians are being railroaded for unwelcome foreign cultures all in the name of dangerous multiculturalism.

Cairns MosqueWhat did the barbaric culture importers expect?


Next they will try to ban Christmas across Queensland.  Cardwell up in far north Queensland tried to last year.  Apparently, Christmas Lights-hating Muslims were reported wanted to ban Christmas lights, because Cardwell doesn’t have a mosque (yet).

Christmas Lights Banned