President Malcolm Turnbull has another thought bubble: Canberra to revert to a sheep farm

Woolly COAG

It appears that Malcolm Turnbull has done it again.  He’s had another thought bubble.  Overnight he had a big one at the lodge over home delivered pizzas with the Premiers, raided the well-stocked cellar and got stuck in.

Clearly the stress is showing.  While he’s landed the top job and added it to his CV, he’s not sure what to do with it now that he, as he himself says, has ‘arrived’. It appears that after making massive promises to the premiers et al. in the wee small hours at the lodge, Malfunction has had another innovative unilateral idea for good government.

President Malcolm Turnbull

Mal’s thinking of calling on the Governor General over brekkie to consider not a double, but a triple delusion…

Mal’s reckoned it’s all too hard being PM.  He’s handing the Tax Office over to the states and territories so they can fund their own health and education direct.  He’s asked New Zealand’s John Key to administer Australia until the next election, and then to revert Canberra back to a sheep farm.

“It’s good government and good for the country.”  “It’s renewal.” he says.

Lucy agrees.  She says Greater Sydney can be looked after by Greater Melbourne. Both Mal and Lucy have booked their pet dogs into a kennel and are heading off on an extended cruise overseas in search of greater challenges.

Malcolm Turnbull Government“…it’s never been a better time.”