Port of Melbourne to be flogged to the Communist Chinese by Communist Labor just like Darwin

The Labor Party in Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews didn’t blink an eye by ideologically reneging on a motorway contract to free up a systemic traffic bottleneck of commuter Melbourne.

Daniel Andrews as soon as elected stole $857 million of Victorian wealth to deliver his blind Leftist ideology to can the infrastructure, just to politically appease his comrades.

Money means nothing to Labor.  Taxpayer billions mean nothing to Labor. Labor has never had to earn wealth so knows no better.  Labor has always spent others’ wealth to get it’s way.

Labor Entitlement

Victorian wealth is eroding fast under Labor’s Daniel Andrews.  As usual, most Victorians won’t realise this until the wealthy is all spent and wasted and Labor comes asking for more taxes.

 Daniel Andrews self-interestThe Labor Party’s Daniel Andrews is the epitome of lying self-interest

True to his communist form, Daniel Andrews exists to spend for popular gratuity.  His existence is to flog the inherited assets of Victorian taxpayers.  Andrews expects to sell the Port of Melbourne to the Chinese Communist Party by March 2016.

Andrews threatens to bypass the Parliament to do so.

The Labor Party expects to reap up to $7 billion by handing the entire Port of Melbourne to Chinese Control.

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