Neos Kosmos (Greek language multiculti propaganda organ) launches attack on Greek migrants: “HELLENES SHOULD NOT ASPIRE TO RACIST WHITE PRIVILEGE”.

by Dr. Jim Saleam and B. Gidley.


“We have read lying twisted multi-racialist / multiculti propaganda in our many years of nationalist struggle, but nothing like the latest drivel from Neos Kosmos, a Greek language paper in Australia.

This article is designed to persuade Australia’s Greek migrants and people of Hellenic ancestry to turn their backs upon the land they stand upon, lecturing them that they “should not aspire to racist white privilege”.

The article written by Gerry Georgatos, tells us he is part Jewish and part North African (but who has some Greek ancestry and who demands to be considered Greek), lies to Greek migrants that our old White Australia Policy was a policy to exclude Greeks and that white privilege was always the big evil (in a society that now denies the very quality of whites and European culture?), which somehow holds back Australia from reaching a moral heaven.

This article drips with hate of the Greek migrants who became a valued stream of the Nation, whose forebears arrived in colonial times and who laboured as pioneers, who were present at the birth of the Commonwealth and who later took up arms in its defence – particularly in our Great Patriotic War Against Japan. To have done all this, Georgatos would have it, was to embrace the “original sin” of whiteness.

Georgatos says:

“Why would a Hellene degenerate their identity to associations with white privilege? We can carry on about whiteness studies, examine the oppressor and the oppressed, discuss critical race theory, but in the end, in leaving unchallenged, and worse, in ‘re’-identifying to whiteness, racism remains dominant and we have racialised societies.”

But what identity does Georgatos have?

Was his problem with Greeks that he wasn’t Greek and he grew to hate them for their embrace of Australianity?

And what identity do Greeks have, unless it is the great identity of ‘European’?

Or would Georgatos redefine them?

As Neos Kosmos knows, Australia First Party holds to a particular view of Australian identity. In the birth pangs of the new Australian nationalist movement in the 1970’s, early donors and supporters included people of Greek ancestry And that has remained a constant.

In 1979, a nationalist group deliberately issued a poster in the Greek language, to warn of the danger of a refugee (sic) invasion of the Continent. That tradition was carried on from time to time, to the fury of the multiculti media. Today, there are many members of Australia First Party with Greek ancestry.

Then, last year, Australia First Party was privileged to enter into the Australian Coalition of Nationalists (ACN) which also included as an affiliate, the Hellenic Nationalists of Australia, a movement which is in fraternal solidarity with the Golden Dawn in Greece. The rage that has been associated with the politics of Golden Dawn in the pages of Neos Kosmos has been well noted. And of course, Australia First Party is in solidarity with Golden Dawn.

The attempt of the Neos Kosmos gang to sideline people of Greek ancestry in Australia, to reorient them into being a ‘reserve’ of those who would in fact recolonise Australia, will surely fail. Too many of them have seen the effects of denying ‘whiteness’ in Greece!

The struggle will intensify in the Greek migrant community and it will not be Neos Kosmos globalist liberalism that will win this war; at the end the Australian nationalists will locate a new reserve of strength to oppose the recolonisation of the Southern Continent.”

Mihael Kosma Katsoulis

~1913 Post Balkan Wars – a Greek interpreter loyal to Australia’s side in WWI.


Setting the record straight.

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