Michael Chehoff for Swan

Australia First Party has nominated Mr. Michael Chehoff (57) for the electorate of Swan in Western Australia.


Mr. Chehoff is an industrial chemist and quality manager.

The Federal electoral division of Swan runs along the Swan and Canning Rivers from some suburbs in the City of South Perth to the west, to the City of Belmont to the east and with parts of the City of Canning to the south-east included.  Basically the electoral seat includes the inner Perth suburbs south of the Swan River between the airport and South Perth.

Currently, the incumbent Steve Irons hold the seat for the Liberal Party.  Australia First Policy is to always to preference the sitting member last, and this will be no different.

It is also known that the Palmer party is contesting Swan.

Australia First Party is the only registered Australian nationalist political party.   We call on Western Australian supporters to rally to our effort.

Our party shall make available its election materials soon.  In the meantime, read our 8 Core Policies.