Nine Entertainment dispatches trainee journos to persecute and censor ‘Far Righter’ lads

Oz Firsters watch on bemused as Fairfax carion is strewn by Packer’s old Nine Entertainment empire – Kerry’s, not James’s.

Walkley wannabe journos seem to have been condemned to online pergatory – to the likes of leftie-subscribed Crikey, Junkee, The Saturday Paper, Green Left Weekly, Red Flag, Vice, Facebook, Twitter, Slackbastard, Alt-Media, Macquarie Media, Reddit, etc.  Otherwise, all those social media sites has PM Scomo dispatching an AFP/ASIO taskforce to ‘filter’.

The only journos left at Nine Entertainment are the trainees to deliver readership entertainment.  What journalist standards, skills, spelling, grammar, Engrish?  These are not entertainment prerequisites.

Wet behind the ears trainees don’t even know what ‘Far Right’ politics means.  Right Wing is ultra-Conservative selfish materialism. It’s the lot of the Liberal Party conservatives, backed by the nutty likes of Catholic Abbott and Bernadi – wealthy old school tie religions like George Pel, big business, capitalist where market forces rule.

The Christchurch Massacre has got the Fairfax carion all in a tizz at the SMH, The Age and Adelaide Advertiser and of course ABC/SBS.  They’re all spewing trash about the apparent emergence of Australian Nazis, as the ‘Far Right’ – all potential Brenton Tarrants set to gatling gun mosques.

A lot of people get a mention here – XYZ, Dingoes, Nationalist Uprising, United Patriots Front, Lads Society – and the somewhat misrepresented Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party.

White Auatralians are just conspicuous by our absence.  Our friends in the Australian Protectionist Party and Nationalist Alternative also fail to get the “far right” guernsey.    Australian Firsters don’t seem to rate a mention.

Could it be the trainee journos are saving us all for another time? Possibly. Could it be that the buckets of smear directed in one direction might also ‘trickle down’ upon us? That’s a chance.

The fact is that Australia First does not want the “far right” label. We are nationalists and Australian Nationalism derives of certain old-time historical traditions. It comes from nativism, from labourism, from literary radical-nationalism and the experiences of the original Labour Party and Percy Stephensen’s Australia First agitation.

But what did the trainees actually get taught at school?  Civics and citizenship, global warming and diversity?

Most now don’t look Aussie at all.

This photo is straight off the Liberal Party’s ultra-Roght Jewish Trent Zimmerman Facebook, in which he comments…

It’s important for our democracy that young Australians have the opportunity to participate in the political process. Today I helped launch the Liberal Party’s Chinese Youth Council (with some young and not so young supporters). Congratulations to Scott Yung and his team!


Michael Daley’s Wentworth Falls Speech was right. Asians with dodgy PhD’s are taking White Aussie jobs.

Beware da Cantonese


This creed, ‘the true Australian creed’ as Stephensen put it, isn’t cooked up overseas, but developed upon our native soil. In its modern incarnation, it is ‘neither Left nor Right’, but a third position in politics. We see this ‘far right’ as too meshed in with conservatism and we think decent folk imprisoned there – need to get out! We are just not conservatives and we say to them ‘you shouldn’t be either’!

We have insisted upon our formula for Australian Nationalism and we have been criticised by some of these “far right” folks for it, in so far as some of them can articulate why they don’t like it. Not ‘edgy’ enough? Not part of really exciting (sic) overseas trends? Or is it a few leaders are not sure who they are as Australians?

Australians are not impressed with the Chinese invasion of Hurtsville – “Where’s me meat and three vege?”


And there is one more significant set of markers. Australia First always saw Islam in Australia as an immigration-ethnic issue, not a religious and civic one. We were never part of the trend that seemed to lead to support for foreign wars in lands populated by Muslims, let alone backing for Israel in its wars and which always appeared to lead back to backing the Liberal party to ‘get tough’ on terrorists and increase the budget for surveillance. We ran own own race.

Whatever comes of this targeting of the ‘Far Right’ lot by mainstreaming media and by mainstreaming politicians in the new period, the nationalists will also seek greater unity of direction and common purpose. This will surely attract some people out of this ‘Far Right’ and who knows – even lead to a larger united-through-amalgamations nationalist party?

Ching Scott Yung set to replace Michael Daley to appeal to the replacing Wonton demographic

Daley was just bloody honest and right.


Red Flag Beachhead