Manus Island’s Reza Baranti was an iranian architect avoiding immigration

If you ignore the traitor that is one Sarah (flood-gate) Young, nearly all the boat arrivals on Manus Island are illegal economic migrants not fleeing any so-called persecution.

Sarah Hanson Young

Sarah (flood-gate) Young


They just want the Aussie good life like the 52,000 invading scum who Rudd-Gillard Labor invited in.

Revelations have been reported recently that illegal boat person, Reza Berati, who died of head wounds on Manus Island, according to his family in Tehran  had “set out for Australia hoping to further his architectural studies” because he had been unable to find work in Iran’s “sanction-strapped economy”.

Immigration is for immigrants.  Boat smuggling is for criminals.  Berati paid his $5000 to people smugglers.  He masqueraded as an asylum seeker, destroyed his passport, subverted Australia’s laws and queue jumped.  Berati died a violent criminal rioting on Manus on Sunday February 16, 2014.  May they send his ashes back to whence he came at Iran’s cost!

Earier that day, the transferees on Manus were advised by the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority that those found to be refugees will be offered settlement in PNG.

The illegals didn’t like that after paying good coin to indonesian smugglers.  An anonymous G-45 staffer has stated that the detainees immediately made a series of phone calls.

Were they phoning their Australian co-ordinator, Refugee Action Coalition’s, infamous anarchist and illegals’ sympathiser, Ian Rintoul?

Ian Rintoul anarchist

  • Did Rintoul, an pro-illegal extremist, then suggest the illegals on Manus protest?
  • Did Rintoul indeed say that they had no hope?
  • Did Rintoul suggest they should breakout?
  • What were the illegals mobile phone conversations recorded by AFP/ASIO?

The AFP investigation needs to find the truth and not cover this up, as it did under Gillard and Rudd.  ASIO certainly has the funding these days.

Rintoul has himself publicly stated that he was told by asylum seekers at the time inside the centre that the trouble started after they were told their prospects of resettlement in another country were bleak.

“The things escalated from there. There were some fires set,” he said.  “I don’t know the extent of the damage. We were told some tents had been burnt.  Towards six o’clock, the outer perimeter of the fence was breached and people did leave the compound.”

So some 35 of them “became agitated and started chanting”.  They then got violent and rioted, setting fire to their accommodation units and tents, destroying several fences, smashing safety-glass panels, breaking up bunk beds for use as weapons and missiles against the Manus Island authorities.  Then they broke out of the detention centre compound perimeter.

Game on!  It is the Cowra Breakout all over.  Fire at will!  Where were the IEDs and rusty Claymores?

So far only eight illegal rioters have been arrested.  Only the architect Berati sustained fatal injuries, perhaps by one of his own.   If it was August 5, 1944, when a thousand Japs broke out of Cowra POW camp 231 of the invading scum were shot.

Escaping prisoners were properly dealt with in Cowra, so cut the PC crap!  The friggen lot need to be auto-deported.

Clean Manus of the scum ready for a new lot.  Use Australian taxpayer funds instead to deliver Abbott’s infrastructure construction that he promised Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister Peter O’Neill in exchange for using Manus for illegal detention.

Operation Sovereign Borders is not as efficient a deterrent as Operation Torpedo Practice – not as many cracked up patrol boats required.

Stopping the Boats