Islamopologists: another islamic terror attack in Melbourne for mistreatment of an islamic in Adelaide

Islamics just hate Australians like da race-centred chinese do, while luxuriating on our welfare and hell-bent on killing us.

Afghan offspring Saeed Noori has been arrested not for his obvious islamic terror attack against innocent pedestrians (targeted, timed, deliberate and at high-speed) in Melbourne’s CBD during the Christmas shopping peak.  Instead softcock pollies and police have auto-pardoned the terrorist scum of having a “mental episode”.

It’s worse than fake news. It’s ‘islamopology’ – treacherous appeasement to foreign Islam.  Victorian Premier Dan Andrews may as well be a card-carrying member of ISIS.   Canberra happily condones the barbaric preaching of extremist cult Hizb ut-Tahrir, which most civilized country rightly ban.

It’s leftard anarchist idealism.

This sends a reinforced message to the growing army of Melburnian vigilantes – that islamic terrorists like this Afghani beard, can get away with deliberately ramming their cars into crowds of Melbourne pedestrians, and be excused by Australian governments and police as “mental illness”.

Melburnians, start securing your gun licenses now before Dan Andrews’ Labor government crack down.  Your family home is increasingly at risk of this imported terror.

Islam is one mental episode of Mohammed from his cave of 620 AD.

The undercover cop hero who rushed Noori immediately as a first respondent to the terror carnage, should have had the power and impunity to do a vigilante ‘Vincent’ on the hateful low-life – example:

Well the Israeli’s manage to get away with it. How many Palestinian terrorists manage to live out the day after committing a terror attack in Jerusalem?

But instead of proper terrorism charges, Noori is only up for 18 counts of attempted murder.  It’s because Dan Andrews keeps moving the goalposts on his definition of proper terrorism.  Change the definition of terror and you can get away with a holocaust.

In the wake of the ISIS fantasia caliphate wake, Canberran-invited muslims are sending Australians a festive message of muzzie Christmas hate.

Hateful islam has no right or place in Christian Australia

The Labor Party in Melbourne has become an apologist for islamic terrorists – anti-Australian ‘islamoplogists‘.  That’s why the islamics have done it a second time now.

2017 Islamic Terror Attack 1 on Melbourne Pedestrians:    On January 20 2017 it was islamic mongrel kurd Dimitrious Gargasoulas mowing down Melbourne pedestrians (6 murdered, 30 maimed) using his vehicle in hate for human life.

2017 Islamic Terror Attack 2 on Melbourne Pedestrians:    On December 21 2017 it was islamic Afghan offspring Saeed Noori mowing down Melbourne pedestrians (18 maimed) using his vehicle.   Interestingly, Noori (32) lives in Melbourne’s West Heidelberg with his raghead mother, sharing falafels with notorious leftard anarchist James Hutchings.

It’s all fitting into place


And the government down there in Victorian Victoria, excuses both islamic terror attacks as car attacks caused by drug use and mental illness.

Acting chief commissioner of Victoria Police Shane Patton (right) told reporters that while the crash was considered to be deliberate, there was no evidence of a link to terrorism.  Labor’s Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews (left) said there was no need to change the state’s threat level.

So to 18+ Aussies maimed by islamic terror..”she’s just apples“.

Pollies dazed by da muzzie headlights


He urged Victorians “to go about their business as usual and enjoy the holiday season“.

How bloody Victorian!.  What bullshit!

Come shopping in marvellous Melbourne.

And get Kabulled…

Terror shopping in Melbourne at it’s finest

So when the next mental episode that melburnians can expect.

Australia needs a Gitmo Extradition Deal to deport all criminal islamics direct to the U.S. Guantánamo Bay Dentention Camp.

Thankfully hateful shiite sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi was targeted last week in Adelaide.  He was sitting in his car at Mawson Lake Shopping Centre carpark in Adelaide’s north, all turbaned up about 12.45pm on Tuesday when an Aussie punched in the jaw.

Upper cut well landed and deserved.  It was a copy cat Astro Lobe headbutt effort from Hobart – the feigned handshake to da sheikh before the upper cut this time instead of the headbutt.

Iraqi islamic Tawhidi says he can hardly open his mouth now.

So it had the desired effect.  Then the enforcer chased the raghead down the street, forcing him to take refuge in a secured library, leaving him ‘terrified’.

Funny thing is that the enforcer was a hateful muzzie himself – muzzie against muzzie!  It’s da time old story of the raghead Middle East.

Muzzie puncher arrested in Adelaide

It was just like back in May 2017 when Mohammad Tawhidi was harassed by muslim beards in a family restaurant in Adelaide.

Doing da finger cramping hate fing

Islam is an evil cult that needs to be banned across Australia. All muslims are radical.  They practice evil sharia barbarism including pedophilia, are anti-Australian and need to be auto-deported.

Tawhidi was forced into hiding in October when his home was targeted and his car emblazoned with the symbol for Islamic State militant symbol ISIS.  His car windscreen was also smashed with a rock, the room damaged, chemicals poured into the engine, and the interior seats also scrawled with the letters ISIS.

They’ve all got shiite names like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Waleed Aly, Man Haron Monis, Mostafa Rashid, Ibrahim Omerdic, Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar, Abdul Nacer Benbrika, Junaid Thorne, Abdul Samim Khant, Muhammad Akram Buksh, Feiz Mohammad – damn anti-Christian hatefuls.

Deport da lot!

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