Foreign killer Nei Lima Da Costa deserves term of natural life plus costs

A brazilian national, Nei Lima Da Costa, 30, as a guest in Australia has been found to have killed three Australians as a result of him driving at 120 kph while under the influence of methamphetamine (“ice”) when he crashed through the intersection of Warrigal and Dandenong roads at Oakleigh in outer eastern Melbourne in January 2014.

Oakleigh Crash

His rental car was travelling at 120 kilometres an hour, 40kms over the speed limit, and more than 18 seconds after the traffic lights had turned red.   Prosecutors have described a high-speed crash in which three people died in Melbourne’s south-east as the worst example of driving in the state’s legal history.

Da Costa’s car first struck 45-year-old pedestrian Anthony Parsons, whose body was thrown more than 50 metres by the impact. He died at the scene.  It then travelled into a car carrying five members of the Menelaou family, who were returning from a wedding.

Husband and wife Savvas and Ismini Menelaou, both aged in their 60s, were also killed.
Three other family members including their son, Menelaos, were critically injured.  More victims of ethnic crime.

Da Costa has pleaded guilty to culpable driving causing death.  Da Costa’s lawyer Christopher Dane QC,  has said that Da Costa had a history of drug-taking in Brazil.

But Australian Immigration failed to properly screen this drug addict on his visa application to travel to Australia.  The Immigration Department civil servant responsible for approving Nei Lima Da Costa’s visa should be sacked.

Such filth is not welcome in Australia!

Nei Lima da CostaKiller Nei Lima Da Costa

Is there any reason why Nei Lima Da Costa should not be sentenced for three counts of murder, and so be convicted with three life sentences.  The serial drug addict deserves an Australian court sentence of incarceration for the term of his natural life.

But being a brazilian national, the incarceration needs to be served in a brazilian gaol at the cost of the brazilian government.  The entire court expenses and the repatriation need to be reimbursed by the brazilian government directly to the Australian Government.

The three victims families need to be compensated A$20 million each by the brazilian government. Injured, traumatised and affected victims need to be compensated commensurately by same.

If the brazilian government should not be forthcoming with paying the full compensation costs to Australia within 3 months of the conviction then Australia’s Direct Aid Programme of $22 million to Brazil in 2014-15 needs to be cancelled.  The remaining crime compensation costs of A$50 million or so need to be paid by the brazilian government to the Australian Government.  A finance charge is to apply at the variable rate equating to the Australian Government’s 10 year bond rate. In June 2014 that rate is 3.80%

Foreigners in Australia need to respect Australian laws and respect Australians, else them and their respective governments must pay for violation of Australian laws and all consequential and compensatory costs.

Equitably, this ought to apply reciprocally to Australians as guests in foreign nations.

But piss weak Liberal PM Tony Abbott and his Labor counterpart, ethnic Tanya Plibersek will say and do nothing.