Fools join the police because civil libertarian judges favour offenders – you are damned if you do or don’t

What normal Australian would join the police with so many anti-police judges recruited from civil libertarian defence lawyers?   Courts hate police and are so happy to grant bail to attackers of police.

Perhaps the ultimate government abuse of juvenile naivety

Just last weekend in Melbourne, a Victoria Police officer’s head was repeatedly smashed against road in ‘sickening’ attack to Fitzroy Street in Melbourne’s notorious bay side suburb of St Kilda at around 3am on Sunday morning February 24, 2019.

A group had been at a 30th birthday party nearby, when they later wandered the streets and became involved in a verbal altercation with two unknown men near a taxi stand, kicking one in the groin.  Police were called.

While attempting to make an arrest, the two attending police officers became surrounded by the group of intoxicated six.  One had his head repeatedly smashed into the concrete in an attack described by senior police as “rag-dolling”.  The footage of the police bashing, peppered with screams from bystanders, featured the older boofhead wearing a grey-green t-shirt punching one of the officers in the head before pounding his face into the ground.

The hate-filled vicious attack upon duty police was captured on CCTV and private smartphone video:

A witness who happened to film the attack told Seven News he thought he was witnessing a murder.

Victoria Police Superintendent Tony Silva described the attack as one of the most sickening incidents he had seen.  “I would describe it as rag dolling him, smashing his head into the concrete roadway,” Mr Silva said.  “If it means they are going to behave like animals, then it means being locked up like an animal, that’s a matter for the justice system.  “His associates or other persons of interest who were behaving like animals with that pack mentality set upon police who were vulnerable on the ground with the suspect,” Mr Silva said.

Victoria Police have since charged five men and a woman over this sickening hate attack.

All six offenders have since been caught and charged by Victoria Police:

  1. Trent Potts (26) of Prahran
  2. Phillip O’Donnell (38) of Frankston
  3. Jules Jerome Tobin (26) of St Kilda
  4. Kayla Potts (25) of Langwarrin
  5. Jack Houldcroft (27) of Langwarrin (Kayla Potts’ partner)
  6. A 26-year-old Frankston man (soon to be named)


Jack Houldcroft has form

They have each appeared before the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court Magistrate Andrew McKenna.

The sixth thug a 26-year-old Frankston man (yet to be named) is due to appear in court on June 3.

All six have been charged with two counts of assaulting police, affray, violent disorder and intentionally causing injury.  They each deserve five years minimum prison for daring to assault police in the line of duty.

The hateful six displayed no respect for law and order, or for police. They deserve to be condemned as hard criminals with all the lifetime restrictions that entails.  Ten years hard labour minimum would seem right.

Any trade licenses they hold need to be revoked due criminality.  Police have more rights than thugs, but try telling the leftist judiciary?


Phillip O’Donnell, 38, is accused of slamming an officer’s head into the pavement at least six times.

Police Bashing Thug Trent Potts


Police Bashing Thug Phil O’Donnell

Police Bashing Thugs Jack Houldcroft and Kayla Potts

Police bashing thugs Trent Potts, Jules Jerome Tobin and Philip O’Donnell

The Potts family must be real pots.


Lennox Head-grown musos Joe Jackson and singer Romey Tobin are now based in Melbourne.

‘Barely Standing’ (band) Bio:

“…an emerging Melbourne based duo that have been packing out venues with high octane performances up and down the east coast over the last 12 months. The band are already a well known local act from their residencies and gigs at various venues including the iconic Vineyard in St Kilda.

Hailing from Byron Bay the boys are heavily influenced by their free-spirited home town. Barely Standing consists of Jules Jerome on rhythm guitar, percussion and vocals and Joe Jackson on lead vocals and Electric guitar. Their music is hard to pigeonhole into a specific genre as inspiration is taken from everywhere. Whether it be blues, rock or folk, the music has an uplifting sound that never fails to fill a dance floor.

Following the recent success of their first original track “She’s On Fire” on Triple J Unearthed which reached #5 in the Roots charts.

After packing out The Prince Bandroom for the release of there Debut EP “Coming Home”, be sure to keep an eye out for the boy’s as they’re set for an Australian Tour mid 2016!!!”


Barley Standing” like the young police officers they hatefully tried to murder?


Fundraising Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde:  Bourke Street buskers by day.  Drunken in St Kilda police killers by night.


The Victorian Police Association’s Wayne Gatt said Sunday’s attack was “one of the most horrific assaults on a police officer I have seen”.  He said it was a miracle the officer was not killed.

All but Houldcroft (a convicted violent criminal) have been granted bail by a civil libertarian Magistrate Andrew McKenna who clearly sides with violent criminals against police doing their job.

Now Magistrate Andrew McKenna was appointed in May 2011 by the Liberal Party’s then Attorney-General Robert Clark, noting at the time:

“Mr McKenna has practised as a barrister for almost 23 years and has specialised in criminal defence and prosecution across all Victorian jurisdictions. Mr McKenna’s skills and expertise, developed over many years of service to the Victorian justice system, will be a valuable addition to the Magistrates’ Court.  Mr McKenna has practised as an advocate in the Supreme, County, Magistrates’, Children’s and Coroners Courts, as well as appearing in VCAT and the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal.”

Meanwhile in New South Wales on the Central Coast at Patonga on the Hawkesbury River six men viciously attacked police at The Boathouse Hotel after a bucks party on the Patonga ferry on Saturday night February 23, 2019.   The ferry master calling ahead to warn the pub about the drunken group.  When they arrived, the hotel refused them entry and called police.

Patonga Ferry profits from violent pissheads


The pub security called police for back up, but when police arrived they were set upon by the six drunks.  One of the officers was held on the ground and choked by Luke Robert Maloney until he was almost unconscious.  The pub security guard who tried to help was also attacked and has been hospitalised with a broken jaw.

There is CCTV footage of the attack which has been described by hardened police officers as “quite confronting”.

Three of the men, Luke Robert Maloney (34) of Umina Beach as well as the groom (18) and his father Michael Andrew Bovis (48) a carpenter of Ettalong Beach (Licence Number: 133544C) were arrested on the night and refused bail by police.

But on the Monday following police hating civili libertarian Gosford Local Court Magistrate Peter Barnett inexplicably granted all three dangerous thugs bail.

Police Association NSW Lead Organiser Jon Goddard has said he’s “absolutely disgusted”.  “Our members have had an absolute gutful of being attacked and then not being backed up and supported by the judiciary under our bail laws.  “If he’s willing to attack police like that, what is he willing to do with the rest of the community.”


But wait there’s more.

Africans have destroyed America and are now in Australia…