Defensive Bigotry is the human right of a citizen against any invader

As Australians we have a right to defend our homes and country against invaders.

Our forebears struggled to build this great country of ours.  They fought and died for Australia so that we could be free from tyranny.  Australia is our homeland and as Australian citizens we have a right to stand up for Australia.  We have a right to protest when our politicians side with their policies of Forced Immigration and Multiculturalism imposed against Australian citizens.

Australian SovereigntyIt’s called ‘Sovereignty’

No-one has a right to attack our way of life or to invade our homes. The barbarian black Arab, Muslims, Africans and Pacific Islanders began arriving by the hordes, asserting their dominance over Australian neighbourhoods across urban Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Ever since, the ethnic gang violence, they introduced home invasions, they introduced drive-by-shootings and their narcotics and gun vice have all invaded our homes and neighbourhoods.  Violent barbaric cultures have invaded urban Australia because of undemocratic joint immigration policies of Labor and the Liberals since “comrade” Whitlam’s globalist revolution.

Ordinary Australians with European generational roots now savour what was Safe White Australia.

White Australian Cultural StandardsThe good old days when Australian Assimilation was determined upon application

…when we could safely leave the car unlocked, the backdoor open and our kids play in the street.

But steadily since 1972 our European stock and heritage have been contaminated by Third World barbarism. Black barbarians invade our country and inflict harm on us.  They don’t speak our language.  They don’t respect our values. They steal our jobs, they do crime, they import weapons, they come with hate and have no desire to fit into our society.  They have the nerve to demand that we change to suit them.  They demand we support them on welfare. Muslims demand sharia and mosques.

Politicians turn a blind eye to mass immigration, knowing full well the Third World hordes are destroying our Safe White Australia, our culture and invading our homes.

Europe’s all but overrun.  On island Australia, Australians need to make a stand to stop the mass black plague overrunning us.


Islam is not a religion but an Anti-Australian Political CultNo interest in assimilation.   They arrive with barbaric ignorance and arrogance!


Ordinary Australian citizens no longer feel safe in our own homes and we cannot trust our politicians to keep us safe, even just to buy an innocent  coffee in the heart of Sydney.  Canberra politicians of all the major parties place political correctness, multiculturalism and their immigrant demand ahead of Ordinary Australians.  It shows in the laws they pass and by all the handouts and privileges they gift migrants at our taxpayer expense.

The Castle Doctrine which recognises the fundamental right to defend one’s home from intruders is outlawed in multicultist Australia.

Castle Doctrine

So with treacherous politicians undemocratically letting in hundreds of thousands of anti-Australians against our will, and unreasonable deny us the right to defend our homes.  What protest options do we have as free citizens in our own country?

Defensive Bigotry is when citizens become intolerant of invaders who impose their bad attitude and disrespect on us. Defensive Bigotry is when citizens speak up against the invader and call it for what it is – invasion.

White Ribbon Day?  It applies 80% to immigrant men from patriarchal cultures – Arabs, Africans, Islanders.

Home Invasion in Australia

In the ethnic western Sydney suburb of Seven Hills two nights ago, a pregnant woman was assaulted by coconuts during a home invasion at around 1:30am yesterday morning.

The woman was threatened with a knife and punched in the stomach while two other men tried to break into her home.  The trio then fled stealing the woman’s 2007-model grey Holden Commodore sedan ans then torched it.

Last June, a family home in Sydney’s western suburb of Revesby was invaded by a gang off Pacific Islanders around close to midnight, punching one man and trapping a woman in the kitchen.  There were also four children inside the home at the time.

Police said all three attackers escaped in a gold or silver sedan and were of Pacific Islander or Maori appearance.

Injustice after injustice.  Our tolerance is long blown.

Why does Sydney need a Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad if the scale of Middle Eastern crime hasn’t seriously justified it?

So what option is left for loyal true blue Aussies to protest against the invaders?

Free Speech!

Defensive Bigotry

Defensive Bigotry is the human right of a citizen against any invader.  And if the Lebs, ragheads, kaffirs, curry munchers, slopeheads, and coconuts don’t like it, then they can bugger off back to the dark holes from whence they came.