Cronulla Riots weren’t riots. Simple truth is Aussie beachgoers defended their beach against invading Lebs

The truth about the 2005 Cronulla Riots was that they were not riots at all. No violence was directed against lawful authority.  Ordinary locals rallied peacefully and in good spirits to defend their beach.  But then came the invading Lebs. Local Aussies took it for a while until one of their number was stabbed to within an inch of his life.  Aussies from far and wide heeded the call and sent the Lebs packing.

But leftist media like the ABC, SBS, Green Left Weekly, Fairfax, Crikey, and more recently Reddit and The Guardian continue to ‘hate-spin’ their fabricated “WHITE NAZI SUPREMACIST” myth. It is nothing but joint leftist propaganda to demean and condemn ordinary beach-going Australians defending their right to quiet enjoyment of their beloved beach. Leftist media have frothed the “riot” slur only to blacken Australia’s reputation for tolerance.

Lefties are sad smelly scum with no place in The Shire.

The truth about what happened on December 11, 2005 was simple:

Immigrant Lebanese gangs were repeatedly invading Sydney’s beach of Cronulla and were wantonly targeting and attacking local Aussies physically and verbally with extreme foreign prejudice.  Given that NSW Police and the government stood by and did nothing, local Aussies made a stand on their beachfront against the Lebs and evicted the scum.

End of story.  It was sorted in a day.  That’s it.  No riot. Yes some heated exchanges, but no less a massive show of Aussie patriotic solidarity.  It sent a powerful message.   So to all Aussies involved, well done lads!

Background to the Leb Invasion

Local Cronulla beach-goers – local surfers, surf life savers, local girls from the Sutherland Shire catching ‘gammas’ and going for a cool dip – were all peacefully content to have fun and to keep to themselves.  Sydney’s idyllic ‘Shire’ is a distinct peninsula separated by water on three sides. It has become a bastion of seaside traditional Australia of established families, close-knit communities, less crowded surf and ethnic-free.  So a shire worth protecting.

Cronulla beach itself is very long with plenty of room for everyone and serviced by no less than three life saving clubs.  Locals from The Shire had been heading down the local beach at Cronulla for decades just like their parents and their parents before them; just as so many ordinary Australians enjoy their beaches over Christmas.

North Cronulla BeachPeaceful North Cronulla Beach in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire: ‘God’s Country’

Too many immigrants, unassimilated and mono-culted

Yet another foreign distant civil war, this time in Lebanon in the 1980s, saw naive good Samaritan PM Bob Hawke during Labor’s rein at the time impose thousands of Lebanese economic migrants, traumatized by civil war let loose upon peaceful Australians.

A quarter of a million of them and their offspring cluster in Sydney’s west, inland from The Shire, centred around Lakemba.   Half were Christians and the other half orthodox Sunni Muslims.

Lebanese Nijab on Cronulla Beach“See da eye slits?  You’ve got to be kidding.”

Respectful immigrants of all persuasions have been more than content to set up weekend picnics for their extended families at Cronulla’s Gunnamatta Park ‘Leb eruv‘.  Folks of The Shire tolerated the immigrant families at Gunnamatta Park and Bay warmly and generously.

Gunnamatta Park EruvSwim Safe Gunnamatta Park ‘eruv’

But wayward Leb youth started abusing their privilege. Lebanese patriarchal fathers turned a blind eye to testosterone-fueled sons denied identity, and it is they who must take responsibility for what ensued at Cronulla Beach.

Desert Lebs may have managed Cronulla’s calm waters of inland Gunnamatta Bay, but once da Lebs ventured into the powerful Pacific surf, they went in over their heads and beyond their swimming ability.

Even dogs can surfJust like ‘Mufti’ dropping in on ‘Imam’ here, da kook Lebs of Lakemba did it to all of Cronulla every bloody weekend!

Cronulla surf life savers for years recall having had to rescue many a Leb male swimming outside the flags and getting into surf over his head.  Over time and over many summer seasons, Lebs got stuck in Cronulla waves and became a notorious life saving menace. So much so that Lebs endowed themselves as a useless local joke in the surf.  Lebs had no idea because that had no experience with the powerful surf conditions.

So Lebs kept to the safe beach sand, to the coastal streets and staying within the safety of male gangs each time they ventured to Cronulla Beach.

By the late 1990s, gangs of male Lebs packed into modified cars from south-western Sydney and increasingly rocked up at Cronulla at weekends over summer.  Cronulla was closer to them than Bondi and Sydney’s main beaches.  Leb car cruising between efnic little Beirut (crime ridden Punchbowl, Campsie, Bankstown and Lakemba) and decent Cronulla became migratory and habitual on summer weekends.  Car loads of them cruised in from ethnic western Sydney, replete with alcohol, arrogant bad attitude and menace toward the Aussie locals they envied,felt inferior to and so despised.

Lebs Don’t Surf!

LebosMigrants to Australia are either Australians or else not – ain’t no confused hybrid as a “Lebanese Australian”

Cronulla locals couldn’t understand the arrogant efnic motives and so were unprepared for da Leb violence.

Increasingly, gangs of Lebanese youth swarmed up and down Cronulla’s long beaches, kicking sand, harassing beachgoers, abusing local families and even intimidating and threatening to “rape Aussie sluts” for daring to wear Aussie bikinis.

Male muzzie Lebs didn’t come to Cronulla to enjoy and share the beach with local Australians. Da Lebs came with bad attitude and bovva, psycho and radicalized from a decade long civil war.

From day one the Lebs flouted their disrespect for Australians, our culture and for Australia’s law and order.

Sydney’s imported Leb multicultural violence problem had been simmered for years.

Yet despite complaints by locals to police and their local politicians, a bureaucratic blind eye was turned and nothing was done. NSW Labor Premier during the escalation, Bob Carr (besotted with multicultism), chose to turn a blind eye to Leb violence.

Leb violence over many years ignored by Labor Government & Police

The summer prior to the December 2005 uprising, back on Australia Day weekend 26 January 2005, three thousand local Cronulla youth had demonstrated against the Lebs.

By October 2005 in the lead up to summer, New South Wales Police had been recording ongoing racial and ethnic tensions and bashing incidents from ‘westies’ in and around Cronulla.  Local Cronulla women were reporting verbal harassment by groups of young male Lebs every weekend attempting to “pick them up” and describing the women as being “Aussie sluts”.

Then on December 4, 2005, a group of North Cronulla volunteer surf lifesavers were assaulted by a Leb gang. Eight Lebs from ethnic Western Sydney had approached told two off-duty Cronulla surf lifesavers, telling them to “Fuck off and leave our beach”, to which a lifesaver responded, “I come down here out of my own spare time to save you dumb c..nts from drowning; now piss off, you scum”.

Several other violent assaults occurring over the proceeding week. These incidents were widely commented on in the Sydney media and are considered to be a key factor in a racially motivated confrontation the following weekend.

Leb GangsLeb mullets and violence has became commonplace in western Sydney and then spread to Cronulla

A 26-year–old Aussie mechanic dubbed “Dan” was stabbed in the back three times and twice in the thigh with a 9.8 centimetre blade. The incident occurred outside Cronulla’s Woolooware Golf Club when two cars carrying a group of males “described as being of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern appearance” (aka ‘Lebs’) had approached the man and his friends.

Dan and his friends attempted to flee from the group who were shouting “Get the Aussie dogs … get the Aussie sluts”, Dan was knocked to the ground and was repeatedly kicked in the head. The attack ended when a 10cm knife snapped off in the Dan’s back.

Dan was rushed to hospital in a serious condition with the Leb blade narrowly missing his spine and lungs.

Local Jake Schofield was also attacked by a group of four Lebs of “Middle Eastern appearance”, beating Schofield repeatedly, stabbing him twice and hitting him with a piece of concrete before stealing his wallet and keys. The attack left him with a fractured eye socket and fractured nose.

Aussies take a stand against the violent Lebs

The Aussie surfing community rallied to protect the sanctity of Cronulla Beach and to protect Aussie women from being abused and threatened by roaming Leb gangs.

Social media communications went viral with 270,000 text messages exchanged in the week leading up to the following weekend.  A call for a show of Aussie strength down at Cronulla was sent out.

By the early morning of Sunday December 11, 2005, hundreds of patriotic young Aussies turned up at Cronulla foreshore and set up barbecues and got into the partying spirit of solidarity.  Flags were flown and worn as capes.  By lunchtime about 5000 Australians had turned up down at Cronulla determined to “reclaim the beach”.

No Lebs

Any male Leb or anyone “of middle eastern appearance” in the area was given short shrift and told in no uncertain terms they were no longer welcome.   But a number of Lebs did rock up and some spontaneous heated exchanges occurred because of the lack of police.

It was a show of Australian cultural strength.  It became a justified civil uprising against invading violent Lebs – justified in the absence of law enforcement by both government and police.

Cronulla Civil Uprising against invading Leb GangsAussie patriotic solidarity at Cronulla against the invading Lebs

Premier Iemma’s multicultist blind eye attitude exposed

Labor’s NSW Premier Morris Iemma’s ‘Strike Force Neil’ was too little too late. It was Iemma’s feeble attempt to look like he was in control of law and order, but it was all a show for the media.

Lebanese gang member arrested at CronullaLeb finally arrested in Cronulla

But Ordinary Aussies had done the job and cleaned up.

Police arrest violent Lebs on Cronulla BeachPolice finally arrive to clean up the Leb dregs on Cronulla Beach

Labor’s Leftist Premier Morris Iemma was so besotted with multicultism, that he had let Leb monoculture run riot in western Sydney and out to Cronulla.   The night of December 11, following the Leb exorcism, a real riot nearly happened – with hundreds of retaliatory Lions of Lebanon gang from Punchbowl armed to the teeth with Middle Eastern barbaric weaponry.    Cronulla needs to thank local Cronulla police LAC for stopping the Leb gang incoming convoys from Lakemba.

But the Leftist media deliberately omit to report that.