Confucious rock fishing technique fails at Dover Heights – on rocks, at night, dressed in black, no life jacket

Last night at around 9:30pm an old Chinese rock fisherman (79) succumbed off rocks below Oceanview Avenue off Sydney’s coastal suburb of Dover Heights. It’s just a five-minute drive south of the notorious suicidal cliff tops of Bluff Gap.

He floated ten kilometres on the current south to Botany Bay, providing wonton burley opportunity to offshore sharks.

Red car, rock edge, but so solly wrong bait, wrong tide and couldn’t swim.  Life jackets for wimps – famous last words.

Intrepid wonton succumbed to sea and was retrieved bobbing a kilometre off Botany Bay twelve hours later just before 11am this morning.

“It’s at least a month since the last one at Manly.  A Jap wasn’t it?”


Local witnesses say Chinese fisherman crazy standing so close to edge in dark clothes with wrong bait. His fishing bag was later found on rocks with fugu bait.  Better off going to Pyrmont.  The fish there already caught and big selection.

A brief will be prepared for the Coroner which will examine his choice of bait, clothing, tackle and any suicide notes left.