The Russia / Ukraine Crisis: For Australian Neutrality

The direct intervention of Russia in Ukraine was a long time coming.

This event can only be interpreted by Australian nationalist and patriotic people as a Russian reaction to a concerted effort by the USA and its NATO allies to turn Ukraine into a colony of global capital and yet another country degraded by ‘liberal values’.

In 2014, with Joe Biden himself present in Kyiv, a putsch was organized which overthrew a Russia-friendly president. Since then, every effort has been made to pit Ukraine against Russia and increase the power of ‘Western’ globalist players over the country. The tragedy in this scheme has been that some Ukrainians have taken the promises of prosperity and anarchic liberty seriously and have clamoured for ‘the Western lifestyle’.

The regime in charge of Ukraine is not committed to the identity and the independence of Ukraine, nor in giving the people genuine liberty. Rather, they seek to enmesh the Ukrainian people in the same horror – from sexual-identity politics to immigration, from permissive drug culture to family destruction – which has overtaken the West.

It may be that Russia’s answer is not the right one, but it is not the place of the running-dogs in Canberra to scurry after the US President and Boris Johnson and other ‘leaders’ and put ‘Australian’ sanctions upon Russia. This gang does not speak for historical Australia. It would also pit Australia against Russia.

Australian nationalists and patriots say that Australia must stay out of this conflict and take the road of neutrality, just as one day our country must take the path of Armed Neutrality and not take sides in the rivalries of the USA, China and Russia. We need to mind Australia’s business, and do that very, very, well!