Australia First’s Position on the Middle East War

The war fought by Hamas and Israel is over two months old. It may or may not explode into a wider war against Israel involving Iran and its allies, other Muslim states including Turkey, or any combination. Indonesia too, which does not recognise Israel, has come out against its war in Gaza. Of course, Indonesia is already an existential threat to our geopolitical survival, a Muslim state that equates Australian interests with support for Israel.

Whatever occurs, any war of Israel against Arab or Muslim states would not be Australia’s war. Even if the present war winds down, its effects will remain. The toxic notion that Australia is placed effectively on Israel’s side automatically arose amongst the traitor class that owns and runs Australia. Their paid ‘opinion makers’ parrot this message through their media.

In an ideal situation, Australia would not intervene in any way in the war, but stay militarily and diplomatically neutral, further declining ‘refugee’ status to anyone and otherwise keeping our thoughts to ourselves.

However, the presence of certain ethno-religious groups on Australian soil and the aggressive pro-Israel foreign policy of the traitor class ensure that our country is part of the deepening crisis.

It should be best understood by all Australians that there are deep truths behind the war which any recent terrorism by a Palestinian group and any responsive state terror by Israel cannot obscure:


  1. Israel had its historical genesis in a fraudulent statement of the British government in November 1917 – the Balfour Declaration – which settled Palestine, the country of Arabs, both Christians and Muslims and then still part of the Ottoman Empire, upon another people.
  2. Palestine was thereafter usurped by migrant Jewish followers of Zionism, a political creed that posited they had a right to occupy this land and which then inspired them to expel some 750,000 people from Palestine in 1947-8 when Israel was created as a supposed state from a partition of the country. If the Palestinians and other Arabs call this event ‘the Catastrophe’, they are not wrong. It is as fresh to them today as it was when the Zionists cleansed them from their land.
  3. Israel is not a true country, not a true state.  It is best described as the ‘Zionist entity’. Many Jewish people do live there now, with the Zionists in particular saying it is a ‘homeland’ for Jews and who loudly maintain they have an organic link to it – and the remainder of Palestine for good measure! If these connections are argued as biological, it is a tenuous link. Few Jews have any DNA connection to the people of the time of Jesus. In any case, the place is sustained by an arms industry and massive US subsidies, and not to forget German ‘guilt money’ for the narrated ‘crimes’ of fascism. Israel exists because of the violence it invokes and the tacit political support of the so-called ‘West’. It serves as an instrument of a New World Order imperialism in a volatile region such that this order can acquire essential resources and command geopolitical power.
  4. The Zionist entity has therefore been a massive irritant, not just in Middle Eastern politics, but also in global politics. It is only sustained because it is a major project of New World Order imperialism. We Australians are educated to believe Israel is a symbolic part of the essential fibre of liberalism and conservatism, our dominant ideologies which are said to lie at the core of the Western Civilisation we share. Its sanctity cannot be questioned without the charge of ‘antisemitism’ being laid against the critic. Israel’s existence is meant to validate our values and culture.
  5. Versions of Christianity have also been engineered through special interpretations of Old Testament references to promote the centrality of Israel to the ‘Western Civilization’ discourse. One specific version is ‘Christian Zionism’, a theological system that equates the Israel of the Bible with the modern entity and proclaims the latter’s advent as a country ‘again’ as a fulfilment of prophecy. It consequently fragments the Christian community and organizes parts of it to support Israel in a manic style, into a false apocalyptic vision of Godly redemption. Another version is Judeo-Christianity which is said to ground the Christian faith and European values in Judaism and suggests there is a civilisational relationship that must be defended.
  6. The Palestinian cause, now often falsely ‘represented’ by Islamists, is a true cause. But if it succeeds at all, it is only a consideration of history, the righting of a great wrong. It must the conceded that the Palestinians are the historical victims of the false Zionist narrative. Yet, it is not within Australia’s writ to become involved in resolving this wrong. Even so, Australia may benefit from its success indirectly, if only in terms of the undermining of Zionism as a system and as a power. In that way, even a ‘two-state solution’ for Israel/Palestine may be a step along the road to the throttling of Zionism.
  7. Islamism exists in Australia because immigration, refugee intakes and multiculti place and protect its advocates upon the Continent. It is likely to fester as a Muslim force for communal violence and for the total alienation of this population segment from all others who inhabit the Continent.

For Australians, there are likely results from this war as it unfolds:

  1. The multiculti/multiracial Humpty Dumpty society is broken and cannot be repaired. It may be the case that official lip service will be paid to the doctrine and money will still be spent upon it. But it is over. A momentum could build to bury that which smells.
  2. The advent of permanent communal tension between the Jewish group and the Arab and Muslim groups could ultimately involve other groups who may find themselves ‘sympathetic’ to Palestine. Eventual control over this tension would be beyond the capacity of any policing and political policing. At any moment, social explosions could come.
  3. There is also the spread of a so-called ‘pro-Palestine’ attitude amongst some strata of local academia, the Left, some youth and others. It appears to function as a type of anti-racist ideology that is crafted as an anti-white ideology. In that way, this force is merely being consistent and does not exempt Jews from supposed privilege and so forth. The Zionists and their allies here call this position anti-Semitism, which historically speaking it is not (anti-Semitism was a very specific historical movement in Europe), but that view reveals the panic of Zionism which must denounce any criticism of Zionism as anti-Semitism.
  4. However, any challenge to Zionism can have a momentum of its own and may move in other directions. It is a Pandora’s Box. It is predicted that some Australian youth may follow the matter through and visualise an Australia free of Zionism, that which could only be achieved on a nationalist basis.
  5. The local Jewish community may also rupture; the Zionist certainties of the past may no longer inspire its younger people. Such a schism could be the beginning of a great historical process of the emancipation of Jews from Zionism. This would mean a spiritual return to the Judaism of General Monash and Sir Isaac Isaacs.  But that would essentially be a matter for Jewry. And we would expect that similar events would occur amongst Jewish communities elsewhere.
  6. These changes prefigure a potentially different Australia as we move towards the middle of the century when the ethnocultural power of the ethnocultural European society would be visibly weakening. The Zionists have played a role in bringing on that situation and now certain factors come back to bite them. But there cannot be a pact or reconciliation with Zionism. Quite the contrary.

We must seek an Australia First position because we serve our people alone:

  1. The Zionists operate as part of global capital, the system called New World Order imperialism. Fissures in the ranks of global capital are significant matters that prefigure revolutionary change such that Australia may have the opportunity to exit a system that otherwise dooms the identities and freedom of all peoples as much as our own. We must seek to abolish Zionism as a factor in Australian politics. Reasonably, that would bring Australia into contention with its former international arrangements. If it is inevitable, the future should simply be embraced.
  2. Islam is not part of Australian culture, nor is it compatible with it. But if we deal properly with this internal problem Australia’s position internationally to trade and have peace with other states, including Muslim states, can proceed without extreme upset. Although it could not be our concern, our position on Zionism would also be recognised by these states.
  3. The present war tells Australians that the matter of Israel / Palestine is fraught with dangers. We are not here to complain that any war produces casualty lists, or that harmless civilians pay the price for the actions of others. We know the truth behind the war, but we cannot support any intervention in it.  Our attitude must remain: Neither Islamism nor Zionism! ■