Kemps Creek mosque site beneath high voltage to give muslins cancer

In November 2014 last month, Penrith Council (outer western Sydney) voted in favour of encouraging Islamification of Penrith by approving another mosque, one at Kemps Creek.

But despite local protests, some with inside knowledge of the transaction feel the mosque shed will be a short-term problem.  The owner of the empty shed at 1247 Clifton Avenue didn’t know what else to do with it after his initial plans collapsed, so he has all but flogged off the use of it as a fancy “hall” with the local estate agent.

Hall for Rent!”    ..why not?

And the dumb muslims swallowed the con – hook line and sinker. Some say Penrith Council did too, or else deliberately.

Kemp Creek Mosque

It has been revealed that the rural land on which the shed sits was bought ‘cheap as chips’.  It is not fit for human habitation.  It sits directly underneath the Transgrid 33o kV electro-magnetic transmission line.

Kemps Creek Shed to become Penrith's First Mosque

It is established science, that the powerful constant electric and magnetic field (current) emitted by high voltage transmission electric lines cause clusters of leukaemia among people who reside in the vicinity, especially directly underneath.

High Voltage Cancer

Detailed information is readily available from the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency website.

33o,000 volts of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation is enough to frizzle anyone’s brain, especially just 50 metres below.  The mob of muslims clustered all in a Colorbond steel shed will only concentrate the radiation.

Kamps Creek Mosque Cancer

So may be Penrith Council has done a favour for its residents by relegating the ragged lot to this Kemps Creek site.  Seems in fact like a win-win-win.   Shed owner gets regular rent from shed hire.  Muslims get to do their thing in the tin shed.   Penrith residents won’t have to worry for long.

Another Islamic prayer hall was recently approved in the area this month to serve the region’s growing Islamic community.

Muhammadi Welfare Association Inc secretary Abbas Raza Alvi addressed the council meeting on behalf of the applicants said he was disappointed to see the scenes outside upon arriving.

“Please do consider that we don’t want to disturb your way of life. This community hall is a multicultural example of Australia. This country is our home, and we’re exactly like you.”

The community hall at Kemps Creek is expected to be constructed in two stages with the first stage of the development including the construction of 400sq metre hall that will include a kitchen, toilets and other amenities – all within EMF frizzle range.

The Leukaemia Foundation acknowledges the link between proximity to these high voltage lines and exposure to the powerful electromagnetic fields (EMFs) they produce and childhood leukaemia has been the subject of a number of international studies over the past 30 years – including acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (brain tumours) in young children.

Brain Tumour

Both electric and magnetic fields are generally strongest close to their origin (for
example a high-voltage power line) and become progressively weaker with

A recent UK study found that children who lived close to high voltage power lines at the time of their birth (within 200 m) had a significantly higher (1.69 times higher) chance of developing leukaemia than those who lived further away (beyond 600 m).

Since 1991 the Energy Supply Association of Australia (ESAA), the peak organisation for electrical companies in Australia, has adopted a policy of prudent avoidance in regard to high-level EMF exposure. This includes avoiding spending any time near high voltage powerlines or mobile phone base towers.

EMF Brain Tumour