Islamic political terrorist attack on Sydney home

It seems not a day goes by without news of yet another nighly shooting somewhere across Sydney’s now muslim dominated ethnic west.

Premier Barry O’Farrell (one-ball Bazza) with his soft crime-avoiding teddy bear approach, has emulated Muslim-luvin-Labor, allowing Sydney’s west to descend into a nightly islamic gangland, akin to arab Gaza.

Ethnic arab gangland shootings have invariably become a nightly occurrence, such that for a night to go by with no shootings becomes the exception and perversely more newsworthy.   Who would want to join the New South Wales police force under such a soft-on-crime judiciary supported by an equally soft-on-crime government?

Had enough?

Put Ordinary Australians first!

Australia First Party will comprehensively deport every foreign criminal in custody across New South Wales within its first term in office.

Last Thursday night in Sydney’s west, up to seven shots were fired into the home of an Australian, a Mr Nathan Abela (24), who is president of the Australian Defence League.

Mr Abela told police that around 11:15 pm last night some men walked up to his front door at his townhouse in Greystanes. “When I heard the knocks I walked to the door knowing full well it wasn’t the police or anyone else, I could tell by their voice,” he said.

“They said ‘Nathan, Nathan, is that you?’ and I said yes, and as soon as I said yes I knew I had to dive to the other side of the room.”  “That instant it was like bang, bang, bang, bang, I dove from one side of the room to the other, laid low to the ground, slid, and then got into position to defend myself and ready for whatever and that was it, they must have just fled.”

Mr Abela injured his right shoulder sustained in his “army roll” to dodge the gun shots into his home.

This gun attack, unlike the many excused by O’Farrell as between rival ethnic criminal gangs, was this time politically motivated.  It was a terror attack upon an ordinary Australian home in Greystanes.

These particular Australians, though having no links whatsoever to Australia First Party, have been prepared to publicly question and take a stand against the unchecked invasion of islamists across Sydney.  The League has demanded our limp wristed governments do something to stem the backward sharia tide downunder.

New South Wales Police have confirmed the gun attack was targeted.  Islamic extremists are likely to blame, possibly the Brothers for Life who have form.  Witnesses reported seeing a silver Audi sedan, a preferred brand of car by Arabs, driving away from Mr Abela’s home at 11:20 pm Thursday night.

It makes it a politically motivated terrorist attack on Australian soil.

Since forming in 2010, the Australian Defence League has been vocally critical of increasing numbers of islamic extremists in Australia, particularly in western Sydney and of their escalating social harm and criminality.

According to the Australian Defence League’s Facebook page, a central part of its purpose is to ensure the Australian public gets a balanced picture of Islam, claiming the political and media establishment downplays growing islamic extremism in Australia deceptively as being “moderate muslims”.

The Australian Defence League’s disagrees with this sanitised and inaccurate view, and is actively publicising their concerns to the Australian community.  The League has held  protests in Sydney’s CBD protesting against the dangers of islam in Australia.

There have been 20 shootings on Sydney streets in the past month and more than 320 since March 2011, and most involving islamic gangs and associated terror groups.

But the pro-islam government in Sydney under one-ball Bazza considers such targeted attacks not a threat to the ordinary Australian community.   Bazza says he is not worried by the spate of shootings between warring gangs in Sydney.

“I’m not concerned about targeted shootings,” Bazza told reporters on January 28, 2014, just after a previous spate of nightly shootings across western Sydney.  “What I’m concerned about is targeted shootings having a bad impact on an innocent party.”

Blind-eyed, one ball Bazza needs to spend a night in Greystanes or perhaps take a family holiday in Gaza.

His Blue Mountains puppet, Roza Sage, has gone to ground on crime, but comes out when Bazza turns up after post storm damage for self promo media shots.

There she is, Roza Sage, with Liberal gaze of missionary zeal

 ..and the promise of post polly life pension.

But the Australian Defence League say they are undeterred following this shooting and will not stand for attacks against Australians.

“This is a precedent they’ve set, that they can attack Australians on our own soil, which we will not tolerate,” Mr Abela said.  “They’ve attacked us on our own land and said ‘Islam is here and you cannot do anything about it’. ”

National President of Australian Defence League, Mr Ralph Cerminara, says that the League has approached police on a number of occasions reporting that members of the group had received death threats.  “And the police do nothing.” he said.

“You cannot go to western Sydney now, these days without being attacked if you are Australian.”

Sadly this is Australia’s Sydney, having invited in violent Sharia Arabs


ASIO Take Note:

Simple Solutions:  

Outlaw Islam as an illegal cult in Australia. Revoke citizenship for all muslims in Australia. Deport all foreign-born criminals in Australian gaols to their country of origin, deducting the costs from Australia’s $5 Billion annual foreign aid budget.