Commemorating the 163rd anniversary of the Eureka Rebellion

Sunday, December 3rd marks 163 years since the digger uprising by the gold miners at Ballaarat against the colonial authority of the British Empire in 1854.

This brave stand taken by the miners was, as Henry Lawson articulated, a courageous expression of an embryonic national spirit that would foreshadow the birth of Australia as a sovereign nation. But more so it would come to signify the beginnings of a people not beholden to a distant motherland but tied physically and spiritually to a new world of natural wonders and opportunity — the first of the people who would proudly and nationalistically call themselves Australians!

It was here, through a cooperative of almost entirely White European comrades that a line was drawn in the sand against the colonial masters. The idea of equity, mateship, and justice would become symbolically emblazoned in the stars of the unique banner sewn to mark this moment of historical defiance. Those are the qualities of White Australia expressed through the Southern Cross banner of the Eureka Flag.

This is an important time in our history to reflect on this and recall too that a version of this marvellous banner was flown six years later at the Lambing Flat rebellion when White miners on the goldfields in NSW rose up against the droves of Chinese swarming in and threatening their livelihood.

This bears a discomforting parallel with what White Australia faces today under assault from Chinese Imperialism. More than ever the spirit of both Eureka and Lambing Flat needs to be channelled before all that this flag signifies is forever lost.

As it is, the communists, Trotskyites, and anarchists have attempted to appropriate it for a false narrative of multiracialism and internationalism. This was a deliberate strategy when the hard-line unionists and future Labor party stalwarts who travelled to pay homage to Chairman Mao with their visits to China in the 1970s stole the Eureka Flag for their nefarious ends.

To this day, some in the mainstream are brainwashed with this false narrative, but not those of us emancipated through our pride in our White Australian heritage!

Thanks to the Australia First Party, who caused a national storm when we sought and were granted permission to employ the Eureka flag for electoral purposes, we are bringing Eureka back where it belongs — to White Australia.

This Sunday, pause to reflect on this most significant day in our history and bear in mind the challenges we face from the political class who are slowly but surely selling out the spirit of Peter Lalor and all those who fought under this banner against the Chinese serpent. If Australians are to have an Australian future, we must come together as they did!