LibLab Pendulum swings to Libs Corporate Bully Era

Greens Labor has conceded democratic death this evening.

Democratic Death of Green LaborThe Labor movement is dead.  The Once Were Greens having long abandoned their conservation grassroots for Leftist One Worldist ideology have spat on Australian identity, heritage and sovereignty, and Australians have voted the green scourge deservedly to the irrelevant fringe.

Labor’s King Kev couldn’t even admit defeat on succeeding to the Liberals in his valedictory speech this evening.  In his head, King Kev deserved gred for reinvigorating his personal unilateral movement to the squealing ecstasy of another Labor paid actor.   But to affected voters, Kev’s energy has been but a painful bowel movement.

Kevin Rudd concedes defeat“Rat Fuckers”


Rudd is set to bequeath the Labor Party leadership reigns to his elbo man, Anthony Albanese.  Minor party status is secured.

And so the LibLab pendulm swings to the Libs under Abbott.  Over the next six years the Libs shall  unleash corporate bully laws like not seen in Australia.  Corporate developers highrising, corporate miners digging up farming communities,  public assets privatised to corporate ownership, big business killing small business, Free Trade two bit import dumping decimating the last of Australian industry, foreign workers stealing Australian jobs.


Corporate Liberal Votes

The electoral pendulum will sure as shit swing back to Labor, once the corporate favouritism bites enough dumb arses who today kneejerk voted Libs.

Australia First for AustraliansDon’t say we didn’t warn you!