One less foreigner while Surf Life Saving searches for missing fundraising millions

Fishy foreigners to Australia reckon the best way to catch big fish is on a coastal rock platform in big swell and at night when there’s no-one around – according to SLSA statistics.


Can’t swim cos being a hero rockfisher is about taking risks.  Life jackets are for wimps, just White dresscode.

Lifejacket-free is the ring-in unAustralian hero fishing way and the really big fish come out when the weather is risky like this.

Confucius say:   ‘Wokfisher, if in doubt.. Go Out!’

Sundays are the Chinese zodiac days of big fish, you foreign dudes!   Year of the flying pig or flying shark?

So yesterday, June 16 and a Sunday of course, there are these three foreigners right? – Wai So Dim, Dum Gai and Glub Glub Sun – all male imports in their 50s with little Engrish.  They wait till it’s really dark, midnight actually, and walk out to rocks off Marsden Head just around from Little Blowhole at Kiama, south of Sydney.  It looked something like this.

During the day it would look more like this, but night fishing’s more fun.

No lifejackets of course, because lifejackets are a First World Aussie thing

None of the three could swim to save himself.  But they brought along their head torches so rescuers later would more readily find their floating corpses.  Life insurance payout surety?

By 2am and yet still no bites, one regular freak wave sweeps Glub Glub Sun into the sea and glub glub, succumbed.

Wai So Dim and Dum Gai scramble back up to their parked car using their rescue head torches to flag emergency services, expecting a free rescue.

After a hot shower and a coffee to wake up at 2am, the Wollongong chopper crew flew down to Kiama and retrieved a very limp Glub Glub Sun with the help of that indispensible head torch.  Glub Glub Sun scammed his funeral heli ride free to Wollongong Hospital, only to be formally pronounced D.O.A.

Another foreign report to be prepared by a busy coroner.

And yet Kiama has five fish ‘n chip shops, where the local fish are already scaled, gutted, filleted, battered, then deep fried and served with salt, chips, mayo and a slice of lemon or three. 

Aussie no brainer


Even the local Kiama Chinese does a sweet ‘n sour battered fish to suit new arrival types from the middle kingdom!   So there’s really no excuse.

Snapper Point’s another hot spot for ethnic rockfishing.  Like in January 2018, an female wokfisher (43) succumbed after 5pm when there was no-one around except her wokfishing hubby.  Surf (serf*) Life Saving NSW said in a statement that the woman was brought to shore where CPR was performed but she had fully succumbed.  “She was fully clothed and was not wearing a life jacket.”- SLSNSW official statement.

Life rings for rock fishermen are a permanent fixture at Snapper Point but have not prevented 16 drownings in the area – all ethnics.

Life rings for wimps. Life jackets for Aussies.

Council tokenism.  But ‘Ethnic Surf Suicide’ is hardcore hero cultural.

Meanwhile, tax-exempt Surf Life Saving New South Wales is still looking for its missing $3.7 million in fundraising funds donated to it by a naive and trusting Australian public.  Seems its big fish boss Matthew Hanks prioritised his slush fund ahead of funding surf rescue equipment.

SLSA Fundraising Propaganda:  “Hey Donors, with all the hero ethnics flocking to the coast, we need a drone with drone pilot, a jetski, chopper and helipad, a defribrillator and paramedic for each of Australia’s 10,000 beaches!”


May be it’s just that Hanks simply got fed up with all the good rescue money being increasingly diverted to saving hero ethnics avoiding patrolled beaches?

So Hanks lashed out, re-diverting good money to better causes, like his latest Jaguar and one for his bigger fish boss Vinny.   The 48-year-old executive, it’s alleged, had been siphoning money into his bank accounts since 2008.  The Surf Life Saving boss elevated himself to a $1.9 million waterfront pad in exclusive Newport. Lotsa fit chicks in the beach scene.  What floosy would turn back a $350,000 12.4m yacht, and jetsetting to the Maldives, or being upgraded to a $400,000 catamaran with two bedrooms with ensuites for..?

But local surf clubbies weren’t impressed when Hank’s boss SLS-NSW CEO Phil Vanny magically rocked up to patrol in his new Jag charity company car.

SURF PATROL:  Charity money for big fish.  Foreign aid undeserving on Aussie beaches.

Then Vinny’s daughter got the lucrative gig as Serf Life Savings communications manager.

Recalls one clubbie:

“I was selling raffle tickets in a club the other day and people were saying, ‘Why would we want buy tickets from you when this Hanks prick is stealing money?’

Charity serf envy?

In the aftermath of Hank’s confession and resignation, his big fish boss – Vanny, a smiling face on Labor’s dodgy Terrigal beach – quit after 16 years sunbaking.  Four directors from Serf Life Saving NSW have since left.  All of Labor’s Terrigal faction?

In 2007, Serf Life Saving’s NSW office in Belrose (elite northern Sydney) was embarrassed by media reports that it had invested half a million dollars in the collapsed property group of its president, Brett Harrod, who resigned from the board the following year.

In 2011, Serf Life Saving Australia was then exposed by News Ltd papers for having the highest administration costs of any major charity in the country.

With disenchantment spreading at club level, the Serf Life Saving Foundation ordered a review by accounting firm Deloitte. Deloitte’s subsequent report in 2012 was suppressed.  It reportedly found Serf Life Saving Australia suffered from poor management and conflicts of interest. When national chief executive Brett Williamson failed to act, five Surf Life Saving Foundation directors quit en masse and high-profile figures such as ironman Grant Kenny began publicly attacking Williamson and his board.

So then, Serf Life Saving NSW have since jumped on board as a major sponsor of the Chinese (imported) New Year Festival, driven by leftist Clover Moore’s City of Sydney (multiculti) Council.

Charities do the public work of government anyway, don’t they?

Serf Life Saving Australia’s total revenue is impossible to calculate because of the way money flows between national, state and local operations. But the Queensland and NSW branches generated more than $40 million independently of the national office in 2015-16 alone, a figure that does not include money raised by individual clubs.

Serf Life Saving ought to be funded out of the budget of Canberra’s Department of Immigration.  Most rescues are ethnic, so may be Hank is a wake up.

Tony Cartwright, former president of Corrimal SLSC:

“Fifteen years ago, all you needed at the beach was three or four ¬people who had earned a Bronze Medallion and a set of flags,” says Cartwright, articulating a common complaint among clubbies. “Today every patrol has to have inflatable boat competency and training in advanced resuscitation, beach management, first aid, Silver Medallion and spinal management, plus there’s annual proficiency testing in all of those. They’ve created onerous expectations which become a massive workload for the clubs.”

Not to mention the waves of imported ethnics with NFI.

Wai So Dim reckons to Dum Gai:  “I miss Glub Glub Sun, he was real hero wokfisher.

Ethnic Hero Fishing Scoreboard:

  • June 9, 2019 (yes a Sunday) – ethnics Maike Hohnen (48) and Stephen Jeacock (39) take a 7 year old boy fishing in a 5 metre tinny late at night without life jackets.  Boat capsizes due to neglected bilge pump.  They were 7 nautical miles off the coast from Caloundra, Queensland because the fish bit better there, despite bypassing multiple fish and chip chops in Caloundra.
  • January 24, 2015: (a Sunday) “Sydney” woman (actually a 43 year old import) turned her back on freak wave off the rocks at Frazer Park – succumbed.
  • April 26, 2014: Huiqing Hua (25) drowned on a Saturday after he jumped from the treacherous rock platform at Wybung Head to save his girlfriend and another a 20-year-old Chinese student drowned jumping in to help – couldn’t swim but.
  • May 9, 2011: Hong Kong-born Kin Leung Tin, Sau Ying Kwong Tin, Pofong Poon and Agnes Poon (their real names) and their son Dillon Poon (Anglicised) all succumb after being washed off Flat Rock by freak wave. It was a Monday, but what the heck, when on holiday every day is a Sunday.
  • May 2, 2010: (a Sunday) Yong Jin Ko (66) drowns after being washed off Snapper Point by freak wave in a freak wave set – no rife jacket.
  • More examples of Ethnic Surf Suicide

The rewards are big but.

* A ‘serfis an unpaid worker, reminiscent of agricultural slavery of the Roman Empire which lingered into medieval Europe (9th – 15th Centuries) as the lowest social class of feudal society. 

Canberra’s current annual foreign aid budget gifting is $4 billion. 

So starting paying young Aussie serf lifesavers out of this extravagant foreign aid budget!