End the drug catastrophe on Australians



Australia First is committed to a return to the High Culture Values of the Vision Splendid of earlier generations, founded on work opportunities under National Self-Sufficiency/ Steady State economics, where Producerism underpins financial independence, integrity and quality of life to citizens, and where the distraction of drugs is of low interest.

National action is urgently needed to seriously address the illegal drug epidemic afflicting Australian communities throughout the nation.

The following is proposed:

  1. Develop a Commonwealth Civil Defence Emergency Task Force under the Federal Defence Power, to instigate compulsory national anti-drug programmes, for eradicating the drugs scourge on families and citizens.
  2. To include a Peoples Commission for Drug Addiction, with paid delegates from Family and Community Organisations, to ensure eradication procedures and outcomes.
  3. Create an Emergency National Action Plan for physical and psychological recovery services for addicts; to extend into medical, residential, employment, and lifestyle.
  4. All drug detections to be mandatorily referred for National Action Plan rehabilitation. Rehabilitation aims from detoxification preferenced to criminal action on addicts. No repeats!
  5. The Civil Defence Task Force to secure/build and manage detox and rehabilitation sanitoriums, with specialist staff.
  6. Parental Authority for compulsory detoxification of addicts to be introduced. Support for parental input on detoxification to be available.
  7. The Civil Defence Force to establish a Community Service Militia Corps, suitably trained, and with overriding powers to undertake all directive, and administrative applications of the National Action Plan.
  8. Recovered addicts to be guaranteed continuing, productive employment in a Public Work Service, securing independence, integrity and self esteem.
  9. The Drug Eradication Programme to be funded from monies redirected from Foreign Aid, closing of Immigration and Refugee Programmes, and drug derived assets forfeiture – Australians First!
  10. Live injecting rooms, promoted under simplistic fallacious arguments for harm minimisation, to be closed.
  11. Drug syndicates/suppliers feeding off the misery of citizens and families, will continue at their own peril.


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Read More:  Addict Association:  http://www.addictassn.com