Wikipedia’s co-founder Larry Sanger, 52, has admitted that the open-source online encyclopedia he helped found is not to be trusted. He warns against relying on it as a source because its left-wing volunteers censor any information that goes against their agenda.

Sanger founded Wikipedia in 2001 with his partner Jimmy Wales. He now blasts the project saying that it has betrayed its mission and is a tool of the establishment.

He blames dominant “teams of Democratic-leaning volunteers” for propagandising entries on important issues and stories through a selective editing process. He addresses the problem in a June 30 post on, titled Wikipedia is More One-Sided than Ever. The introductory paragraph highlights where the discord lies, “ ‘All encyclopedic content on Wikipedia,’ declares a policy page, ‘must be written from a neutral point of view (NPOV). This is essential policy, believe it or not.’ ”

He goes on to examine the concept of neutrality in regards to that policy and how it has been skewed by those seeking to “make up your mind for you.” This, he argues, “…does violence to our basic autonomy and, if the project ever became very large and important it would place an enormous amount of power in the hands of an ideological cabal.”

But it’s taken him long enough to come out and say it, especially since it’s been open knowledge among the dissident right and nationalists who’ve been the subjects of defamatory entries since its inception. Moreover, Wikipedia’s shortcomings are understood by all. Universities do not allow Wikipedia as an academic source due to its unreliability and that’s been a strict rule for years. Sanger admits that its left-wing volunteers undo the entries of ordinary users if they introduce content contrary to their viewpoint.

Wikipedia has become a weapon of the Left in its culture war. In his blog, Sanger examines how it’s been used to promote Joe Biden while creating a false narrative about Donald Trump and the Republicans. He breaks these downs into four areas where the entries are palpably doctored to favour the Democrats.

In the first, he reviews the reportage on Donald Trump’s impeachment and entries that “had absolutely no information about the Republican side in the House impeachment proceedings; only the Democratic side is presented.” He concludes, “This is hardly fair, neutral treatment on events that deeply divided the American people. Wikipedia took the Democrats’ side against Trump, period. The articles are so biased, in fact, that it is fair to call them “propaganda.”

Next up, he accuses The Democrats of hypocrisy by heaping false accusations of impropriety on Trump while ignoring the activities of the President and his son Hunter Biden.

Wikipedia’s Biden stories are unpacked by Sanger. Burisma, a Ukrainian natural gas company paid Hunter Biden a $600,000 salary to sit on its Board of Directors without qualifications to gain access to his then Vice President father. Despite being true, Wikipedia rejects the story as the “Biden-Ukraine Conspiracy Theory.” Any negative story about the Bidens is characterised as a “conspiracy” or else ignored.

Likewise, the Biden family’s involvement with a Chinese Government-controlled company is deliberately absent from Wikipedia’s entries on Joe Biden, along with the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, which was suppressed by mainstream media outlets and big tech. In that, it was leaked that Biden Jnr, a known drug fiend, allegedly possessed images of child pornography on a laptop he put in for repairs but never bothered collecting.

The “Antifa/BLM riots” are similarly analysed for their biases, ommissions and deceptive language, along with the entries on the 2020 US Presidential Election.

In conclusion, Sanger writes, “Wikipedia openly repudiates neutrality, and therefore it is shamelessly hypocritical in how it continues to pay lip service to its “neutral point of view” policy. Wikipedia’s editors embrace their biases sometimes so fervently that their articles emerge more as propaganda than as reference material.”

He adds, “In short, and with few exceptions, only globalist, progressive mainstream sources — and sources friendly to globalist progressivism — are permitted.”

As stated, we Nationalists have long borne the brunt of partisan Wikipedia editors like the anarchist-communist ‘right-wing expert’ “Andy Fleming” who uses many aliases to doctor stories of non-Left political figures. The entry on Jim Saleam is so lacking it might as well claim that he also shot John F. Kennedy.

Yet, this also amounts to defamation, and Wikipedia escapes categorisation as a publisher when it shouldn’t. It should be held to account for the damage it does in spreading malicious disinformation. Moreover, treasonous snails like Fleming/Slackbastard (AKA Rob Sparrow) already have a wide range of platforms to conduct their political assassinations. No facility exists on Wikipedia to alter his handiwork or clarify his despicable substance on his favourable entry.

What to take away from this is that yet again we who are opposed to the Left are right (pardon any pun). Everything we say is true. They are destroyers, liars, crooks, and the most damaging ideological force today. None of this can be solved through politics, and since the problem lies at the very top of society, only a defiant civic effort will count.

Meanwhile, the truth is getting out, and that’s some consolation but not a lot considering that truth has no meaning to them.