On April 1, Australia First Party member Nathan Sykes was sentenced to a 19-month Intensive Correction Order. This was the decision of a woke judge who refused to entertain any of the evidence Mr. Sykes’s legal team attempted to introduce. You can read about it here on the New Australian Bulletin webpage. This was a tragic case of political victimisation since the alleged “victim” in the case was a Melbourne anarchist and troublemaker.

Evidence produced in the linked article reveals a sick troll who stalked Mr. Sykes for seven years. He is a confidant of Dr. Robert Sparrow, who runs the Slackbastard anarchist blog. Most amusing among the exhibits linked to in Duncan Fair’s exhaustive article are the emails between McMahon and an NSW police constable. These include references to Rob Sparrow, who appears to have entertained the idea of pressing charges against Mr. Sykes for harassment.

If Slackbastard, AKA Rob Sparrow, AKA Andy Fleming, had followed the legal advice of Luke McMahon, it would’ve failed miserably. Likewise, it would’ve resulted in him outing himself. It is little wonder the brave communist keyboard warrior declined.

These occurred when Mr. McMahon was the subject of a Personal Safety Intervention Order (PSIO) in Victoria. It seems that Mr. Sykes was receiving less than impartial advice from his legal representatives during this time. Likewise, Mr. McMahon continued his predatory behaviour online throughout the PSIO matter and during the trial of Mr. Sykes. An indefatigable Australian Nationalist, Nathan has given eight years of service to the Australia First Party. If the intention of these lawless anarchists and their state minders was to silence Mr. Sykes, they’ve failed miserably. Mr. Sykes is an example of the kind of heroic activist that the party must nurture and attract.

Too few dare to stand up to the agents of the rigged system installed in our lands by the cultural and political invaders. Mr. Sykes authored what can be considered the handbook on Australian Nationalism, the Australian Nationalist White Book. You can buy the new edition here or contact the party to obtain a copy of this essential tome. What happened to Mr. Sykes was a travesty of justice. The decision to lay charges against him occurred after the matter was settled in the Victorian civil court. It was driven by Nine (formerly Fairfax) and the ASIO-affiliated Zionist agent Nick McKenzie, a close friend of McMahon’s. Together with NSW Police, they decided to charge Mr Sykes. This was entirely a political stunt following the mass shooting in Christchurch by Brenton Tarrant.

Considering that Luke McMahon is a lawyer who practises in Victoria, albeit in the dustbin of legal aid, the matter is all the worse. It is sad to report that McMahon was aided in his efforts by the associate of a former disgraced member of the party. That member can be forgiven for possessing a weak mind. He will never be absolved of his actions.

McMahon faces a complaint to the Victorian Bar about his behaviour. The NSW Police were deaf to the allegations made by Mr. Sykes. They deliberately failed to investigate Luke McMahon after statements were made about serious crimes committed by the former secretary of the Melbourne Anarchist Club. Instead, they charged an Australian Nationalist and convicted him.

Mr. Duncan Fair’s article illustrates how Mr. McMahon tied in with known interlopers within the former patriot movement, some of whom are still active. The connection demonstrates deep-state activity. Likewise, during the trial, evidence of Mr. McMahon’s continuing trolling of Sykes—acts that should’ve had the case thrown out—was dismissed by both the prosecution and the Australian Federal Police. As recently as yesterday, Mr. McMahon used his Twitter account to signal his glee at having been instrumental in a miscarriage of justice.

McMahon penned a fake news article about Mr Sykes in 2017, defamation that continues to swirl around the internet. Likewise, in 2015, he attacked former UPF-leader and AFP member Christopher Shortis. As a result of that ideological hatchet job, Mr Shortis was unfairly relieved of his right to carry a license to own recreational firearms. The decision was motivated as much by anti-Christian prejudice as ideological bias on the part of Fairfax and McMahon.

Mr. McMahon has since aligned with communist grub and pro-immigration extremist Paddy Gibson. Gibson alleged Sykes had previously published his address. This is an outright lie and what we’ve come to expect from these hostile and un-Australian agents. They aim to destroy Australia through immigration, miscegenation, and the poisoning of western values. They are advocates of unnatural sexual practices and encourage grooming. These are the people that our legal justice system subverts itself to champion.

Mr Sykes retains his indestructible sense of humour. When asked about his thoughts on Judge Gina O’Rouke’s verdict, he said simply, “Fish potty.”