Who Are The Enemies of The Australian Working Class?

by Dr. Jim Saleam and others

We know that this article will be closely read – by certain would-be bash-boys from a corrupt fraction of Australia’s largest trade union, the Construction, Forestry Mining And Engineering Union (CFMEU), by @ndy Hutchings, the anarchist writer and propagandist who calls himself ‘Andy Slackbastard’, by the so-called ‘anti fascists’ and ‘anti racists of ‘Antifa’ and other leftist formations, by the Royal Commission into the building industry, by the political police, by the media cockroach fraternity, by our nationalist comrades in Australia First Party and by other patriotic people.

We must choose our words with some care. However, we will be obliged to use particular technical and political terms and arguments and refer to yesteryear political history, things that our ordinary reader may find a little obscure. There is no choice.

The violent conduct last Friday May 2 in Brisbane, directed against both Australia First Party members and the supporters of the Greek political party Golden Dawn, all courtesy of a specially assembled attack group from a clique within the leadership of the CFMEU, is now a defining moment for our party and for many other interested groups across the spectrum, groups both in agreement with us and against us.


CFMEU Brisbane Assault Street violence at South Brisbane and an organized attack upon several nationalists at a Woolloongabba hotel, said to us that peaceful assembly is not really possible without a challenge and equally without the aggressive defence of our rights. Good.  It is time that this was clear. It is equally time for all patriotic people to understand that unity of effort is essential.

To be the dominant and vanguard force of a united patriotic front of Australians against the control over and the re-colonisation of our land by alien immigration and Chinese imperialism, we must first unite ourselves. The Brisbane violence brought that one step closer, just as it also highlighted the struggle over the political loyalty one of the core social elements which would underlie many different community groups of any united front – the Australian working class.

A fight for the allegiance of the Australian working class

There is a fight commencing for the political allegiance of Australian working class people. Either there will be a nationalist people’s movement which mobilizes Australian working class people alongside other sections of the working people in their interest and the Nation’s interest against the globalist group which governs and owns Australia, or we will have organisations that are also intrinsically globalist on all matters involving immigration, identity, the free movement of capital and labour, social mores and so on, situated inside the belly of the union movement neutralizing the mass of workers from positive action, while misleading a few off in zany directions. Some will be ‘Laborites‘ who seek to keep workers to the normal pathways of politics, whilst others will be of a far-left sympathy – but their integrated negative effect will be the same.

In particular, the far-left has a structure and history and ideology quite capable of taking many working class people off up a dead end road that sounds so radical especially when Laborism fails to deliver, but which never challenges capitalism. Why no challenge?   Essentially, the far-left agrees with capitalism’s fundamental globalist philosophy and given that they reason we are somehow agents of capital it inevitably tells them that we nationalists are the first and most deadly enemy to be defeated before capitalism can be challenged. Needless to say, the globalists just love that. Indeed, that little bit tells us all we really need to know of so called ‘anti fascism’.

As the fascists of the far-left’s mentality, we have to be fought first. If we were the globalists, we’d facilitate that very thing in ways as subtle as free publicity, state protection and the odd agent or two.

While the far-Left fights us, they serve globalism and the globalists are smart enough to reason they will exhaust themselves in the effort. The far-left militants are the perfect auxiliaries of the system.

Instead, our task is to convince Australian workers that our faith arose out of the old labour nationalist movement in any case, that we stand for the rights of productive labour to create a decent lifestyle, to have as their reward access to the vast wealth of our Commonwealth alongside of the farmers and small business people and other patriotic working people, to have a fair social welfare net and safe working conditions and not to be the victim of contract labour and the competition of the ‘free trade’ deception.

  • We embrace honest unions led by honest workers.
  • We say that Australian workers have a country and that the mad globalism of the far-left and establishment Laborism cannot deliver a future for the Australian working class.
  • We say that the growing mass of unemployed young people need a future and that this is their country not that of the displacement horde of immigrants and cheap labour gathered from the Third World.

No wonder then we are hated and feared by the Laborites and attacked by their agents in the far-Left.

How does it all work?

Consider @ndy Hutchings, who poses as ‘Andy Slackbastard’ the wise anarchist leader of ‘anti fascism’, of the Antifa movement (and whom the compliant capitalist media like The Saturday Paper and The Guardian pretend is not @ndy Hutchings – why?).  @ndy and his network pushed very hard for aggressive opposition to our Brisbane rally.   @ndy incited violence and praised up the resulting violence. He says that this is the only way to stop us before we grow. He will tell any lie to incite that violence.

The @ndy Hutchings Slackbastard group grew out of the FightDemBack (FDB) organisation founded by narcissist crank Matthew Henderson in 2004. This group was so blatant in its establishment connections that even the old Communist Party refused to work with Henderson, denouncing FDB as a Zionist and political police connected group. Henderson never hid his Zionism and his desire to connect with establishment people. So what is @ndy Hutchings all about? He poses as an anarchist, but he has establishment connections. He inherited a group founded with these links. Are the Antifa just so stupid that they cannot see? Are they dysfunctional in that they refuse to see?

This entire affair suggests that Antifa is a Trojan Horse and that @ndy Hutchings has connections he shouldn’t have, if he is what he says he is. A proof of that might be that the Zionist ‘Online Hate Prevention Institute’, which advocates shutting down the websites of a host of Australian political groups as just internet “hate’; they freely quote from the Slackbastard website and are freely advertised in return.

The Zionists even advocate support for Facebook pages supported by the Slackbastard Antifa group. We would imagine that, as a good anarchist, Hutchings would baulk at any open or tacit alliance with Zionists. But no – he doesn’t care.

Coincidental ZionistThe useful zionist?

We realise that anti fascists aren’t necessarily very bright and they were ready to get out and confront us on the say-so of the Slackbastard ‘experts’. Why not? Emotion can be counted on to overrule logic.

Of course, the CFMEU corrupt group took Hutchings’s advice too as to our aims and nature; his lies that we are in favour of the Campbell Newman VLAD laws and oppose unions were convenient to them, as we shall see.  These falsehoods were employed by the CFMEU group on May 2 to influence workers on two building sites to stop work and come out to be part of a street theatre exercise.

While they came to look at the ‘enemy’, and served as theatre props, a small group including a number of Pacific Islanders fell under the influence of the thug group and joined in the street fracas. The Antifa now proclaim that they won a great success and that violent action was the key to their victory.

The stage is set for more confrontation. In one sense they tell a truth. Someone won a point in convincing Antifa to act against us. It seems to the nationalists that Lenin’s phrase about “useful idiots” fits them perfectly. They are determined now to follow the lead of the CFMEU corrupt clique and take the road of violence.

And whomsoever stands behind the Slackbastard disinformation network – pulled that off. Of course, that ‘someone’ had other friends too inside the CFMEU who provided the ‘example’ that they should follow.


The thug squad in action and their crimes

It is now fairly clear that two CFMEU organizers – with the verbal support of an organizer from the Electrical Trade Union (ETU), Peter Ong –  were directly involved in violence and the planning of violence. They must have planned this violence prior to May 2. We can say what we bloody-well-like about the basics of it because the photographic, video and witness evidence just doesn’t lie and it implies so much too.

CFMEU Joe Myles 1. At South Brisbane, Joe Myles, a CFMEU Victorian organizer, threatened a person on the Australia First line with various expletives: “you cunts are all dead” and “none of you fucking cock suckers are gunna walk away today”.

He was then engaged in affray and clearly he was an aggressor. Crimes: threat to commit murder and assault

2. At South Brisbane, Luke Collier, a Queensland CFMEU organizer, assaulted a man and stole a flag and fractured his finger in the melee. Crime: assault and robbery occasioning actual bodily harm.

3. At Woolloongabba, Joe Myles and Luke Collier, in company with perhaps up to six others taken off one of the building sites from the morning’s violence  and organized by them into a squad, assaulted several persons, whilst armed and caused injury.

Crime:  Assault with a deadly weapon occasioning actual bodily harm and affray. Unfortunately, there is too much evidence which points directly to the guilt of Myles and Collier in these offences and they are sure to be arrested.

CFMEU CriminalCFMEU Criminality

What happens when Myles and Collier are arrested?

So what will happen?   We believe that Queensland Police will arrest Myles and Collier.  They will bring against them a plethora of charges.  A number of other persons are also likely to be charged. Whether the police do all this or not has nothing to do with our will or our intent, nor do we think anything much will come of it.

Why? It seems to us that these charges will be an instrument for an entirely different agenda. The American FBI always said in its training manuals that “an arrest is gold”. The Queensland police have plenty of evidence to lock Myles and Collier up for a few years each.

Yet….???   Nothing we say here could influence anything in a ‘straight court case’. There is no sub judice, no stay of proceedings possible because we wrote anything here. That is because the evidence is hard and fast and not really the province of oral testimony alone and issues of credibility and so forth. However, what we are saying is that the ‘gold’ is actually owned by the new Royal Commission into the building industry.

Myles and Collier have blundered into the arms of a coercive Royal Commission where they will be offered the big chance to avoid imprisonment in exchange for testimony concerning corruption in the industry and within the CFMEU. Will they do so? From a street brawl and a bash job, we could see an entirely different game played out to the benefit of others. What game and how could this be?


An organized attack upon Australian labour conditions

We believe that there is an organized and open political attack from the Abbott government upon the trade union movement. The CFMEU is a target. It is certainly the case that there is corruption in that union and others too which the new Royal Commission will certainly uncover, but we do not believe this is the point of holding this expensive inquiry. As is the usual case in Australian political history, one thing serves another purpose.

In the 1980’s police inquiries into the corrupt activities of Norm Gallagher, a member of the (Chinese-line or Maoist) Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist), were tailored to destroy the Builders’ Labourers’ Federation (BLF) which he led. Yet, Gallagher enriched himself and ruled the union with a group of cronies, but the real aim of the attack on Gallagher was to dispose of the tough BLF.

Royal Commission into Union Corruption 2014 Gallagher’s Maoist ideology had worn thin by the end of his career and to all intents and purposes he had become a bandit, a crook masquerading behind a mask of politics. Some of his old followers and younger henchmen are now deep inside the CFMEU. Are they political radicals, Maoist communists, whatever – or just bandits?

Is there a criminal clique that inherited Gallagher’s network and his method? Reasonably, there is. They are a minority inside a great union and they must be combated. The pathetic end of some of the present-day corrupt CFMEU clique might be a little like Norm Gallagher’s – shacked up in a derelict house in Orr Street, Carlton, with a minder called Dennis, a standover man from the old TWU in the Melbourne’s docklands. Something like a poor ‘Arthur’ with his ‘Minder’.  It was pathos.

But banditry isn’t unionism, nor even communism for that matter. In the current CFMEU, the bandits don’t have Fat Norm’s sense of style either – or his ability to deny the obvious.

Australia First Party believes that trade unions are an essential defence weapon of ordinary working people and in the right hands a fine social tool to affect a cultural improvement in the lives of the general battler. In the hands of the corrupt, they are just another place where money can be grubbed off the honest worker.

The Australian working class needs good unions right now. Visa labour, taxes on property, the raising of pension ages, the trimming of hard-fought-for working rules and conditions, the privatization of medicine and the sale off of the superannuation funds and wild speculation – all these things demand  a positive trade union movement These things the political elites aim to impose. The current Royal Commission into the building industry is an attack upon the conditions of Australian labour.

Corruption in the unions is grist to the mill of the political elite and the present Liberal government.

So the idiots who attack us – why are they there? Ideology? Not likely. They were part of the culture of Gallagher. They only defend their turf ‘cos their turf grows dollars. Their immediate purposes are hard to fathom, but we do have one serious question that demands answer.

No far-left myths please: who sent the idiots there? That is the question.

We must now say something to the useful idiots of Antifa and their friends on the far-left, something that should be obvious and about which there can only be one conclusion.

Australia First did not cause the CFMEU group to be present at our South Brisbane rally site. We did not cause them to con the workers out of two building sites to swell street numbers that they could stand about as ‘numbers’, as an audience to watch over the violence, for the purposes of the anti fascist street theatre they had arranged.

  • We did not instigate a dozen or so from those sites to fall into line with the plans of these organizers to join them in a punch-on with us in South Brisbane.
  • We did not cause them to stalk some of our friends after the day’s events to a pub in Woolloongabba and engage in a cowardly assault on an elderly man and others and cause injuries.
  • We did not cause Joe Myles to threaten murder at South Brisbane, nor Luke Collier to assault a young man there to steal a flag and break his finger.
  • No: we did not know that this CFMEU group would even be there. Whatever happened was their doing and not ours.

Conclusion:   If you try to peddle the idea that somehow whatever now follows is our fault, or our scheme, or that we were somehow provoking the vanguard of the proletariat to act as it did, you are pushing it uphill.

The only provocation we rightly engaged in was to flush out the Antifa and put it on display, to assess its resources. We found the forty or so Antifa a wimpy pack of cowards, a rabble.

So, if things now fall apart for the CFMEU corrupt clique and if that damages the union itself, it could hardly be our doing. It was someone else’s doing.

For us the question is: who persuaded Joe Myles and Luke Collier to get involved in all this? Someone put the whole game together. Someone persuaded these idiots to organize themselves. Someone worked out that the two building sites close to the South Brisbane rally point would be important to the anti fascist street theatre and the violence. Someone convinced them to carry on the violence at the Wooloongabba hotel by recruiting the building site group they used earlier in the day. Somebody didn’t care if they filmed at the hotel committing offences. This somebody was the puppeteer and if the whole affair turns out to the advantage of the Royal Commission, we would ask who (or what?) this puppeteer must be?

Reasonably, Joe Myles and Luke Collier know how it all came about and even who set them up. They might have already worked that out. Yet, it’s probably too late for them to do much about it. They played out a script and now it will bite them on the proverbial.


What to say to Joe Myles?

Joe Myles The narrator would have a word. Joe: you are in the crap big time. Your friends, those who may be corrupt inside CFMEU and elsewhere, won’t look at you as any sort of street action man – but will increasingly see you as a dangerous risk. You are off to gaol unless you do the deal. Your ‘mates’ may consider that you know too much about too many, given your long history back to the days of Gallagher and whatever reputation you may imagine you have as ‘hard man’ evaporates when the temptation to roll-over to a Royal Commission is regarded by your ‘mates’ as a big possibility. Whoever has thought of the street violence has thought of this too. It just isn’t amusing to be manipulated. Let us be very crude: you may find yourself as pig food. We assume you already have the Royal Commission’s phone number?

What to say to Luke Collier?

Luke Collier CFMEU The narrator would have another word.

Luke: things aren’t the same now.

@ndy Hutchings may tell you that Australia First is dangerous to you, that we may plan to do you harm.

Again, like Joe, you need not to look at us, but at your ‘mates’. You know what crime is like from the days when you peddled some drugs at high school in West Heidelberg, stole cars and ran a little gang. You went from what your friends then called a “povo Westy “ to a would-be union enforcer – what a climb! Loyalty is a hard thing when you become a risk.

You are expendable. In fact, at your age, you have a ‘life’ in front of you. Some may think that this is exactly what police and Royal Commission officers will tell you. Therefore if you don’t go on the dog quick-time, you may find yourself sleeping beneath a basement on an anonymous building site.  Free will is such a great thing and we are happy that your choice is yours alone.

So much for the useful idiots Myles and Collier.

The call to arms

We told you what the logic of anti fascism, of the far-left – actually is. Fantasies are great reading. We know that capital letters impress, so we’ll leave the caps from the Facebook page of Antifa Australia:



CFMEU in bed with Antifa Please!   This delusional rubbish sets the tone for the fight now to be conducted. But we are to be fought first by the anti fascists in the convenient manner the globalists would approve. The political truth we address is the other way around.

The multiracialist traitor class seeks to destroy the union movement and our independent economic associations of all sorts; it has no time for the Australian identity; it would sell off the economy and our land and our resources in such a way our productive groups are marginalized and ultimately ethnically cleansed.

It is a nightmare scenario that we face as a people. Our working class, who have lesser resources to fall back on, a primary target in that their labour power is to be depressed in price. The nationalists take up the cudgels in their defence. Because the globalist system recognizes it is open to challenge, it acts to fend off any attack. The far-left generally are the activists the system sends to fight us and to restrain us.

The call to arms is clear and urgent. The unity of a street level opposition against Australia First Party and other nationalist and patriotic people demands a response. That can only be unity on our side and an improvement in our ability to organize at street level.

The intensification of the struggle is noted by all. The community action program of Australia First Party (activism in unions, schools, universities, workplaces and in every and any community organisation) means that we will inevitably encounter opposition, but we can counter it if we are organized appropriately and do not confront our enemy in set-piece engagements.

When we can acquire the initiative, we should use it. The next move is ours.


So, who are the enemies of the working class?

We have reviewed the evidence. There was no leftist victory in Brisbane. The Antifa were set up by the @andy Hutchings Slackbastard group to play a stupid game. Someone set up the bash squad for an even bigger game. The real enemy of the Australian working class remains the false ideologies and organisations and supporters of Laborism and the far-left. That is becoming clearer to ordinary workers whom we meet every day in the context of our political work.

The bandit clique within the CFMEU set themselves up as an obstacle last week. Perhaps it is considered by them that we may cross into their money-making territory whether it is a matter of corruption or just serving the Labor Party, or if it be by playing some game with the far-left and other sectors gives them some kudos while in fact they are just crooks.

Australian workers will increasingly embrace nationalist answers to the economic challenges that confront them. They will demand the end of contract labour, the reintroduction of a domestic market (protectionism), the end of the sale of their superannuation funds to the global banks, the plundering of Australian resources for the multinationals and Chinese imperialism. This sets them down the road towards the old politics of the original and great nationalist  Labor Party and labour movement. That politics is today upheld by the Australia First Party and other nationalists.

The enemies of the Australian working class are globalists in their many colours. We may say that battle is joined.