Jul 1: Dr Saleam to speak on ‘Conservatism’

Dr. Jim Saleam will speak on the subject of conservatism at the Sydney offices of Australia First Party on Saturday July 1 at 1 pm.

In recent months he has spoken a number of times on conservatism, each time varying aspects of the material to present a comprehensive picture. The advent of various civic patriot groups laying claim to this ideological label makes it an urgent question for nationalists.

Conservatism is a form of globalism.  Just as communism/leftism is also a form of globalism, conservatism is an ideology contrary to the national interest and undermines the nation’s people, their identity, independence and freedom.


Australia First Party offers the nationalist alternative to conservative ideology and politics. The party is currently on a membership drive.

See you this Saturday at 725 Princes Highway, Tempe.