Pitt Street Uniting Church (1980s – 90s) deserves investigation by Royal Commission into Institutional Paedophilia

My Allegation: An Essential Part of my CV in this Election Campaign for the Federal Seat of Cook, by Dr. Jim Saleam


I intend to make a submission to the new Royal Commission into the activities of paedophiles in the churches and in other institutions.

My submission will target the Pitt Street Uniting Church (Sydney) of the 1980’s and 1990’s when it was under the ‘ministry’ of Dorothy McMahon (or McRae-McMahon as she is now known).

It is my allegation that this church was a witches’ coven of radical lesbians under McMahon’s leadership and that young females, possibly the daughters and relatives of
the activists, were exposed to predatory activity.

It is my very necessary ancillary allegation that certain impropriety in this church
was reasonably known by some in the media and the then New South Wales political
police agency, ‘Special Branch’, but was concealed or obscured.

The latter was effectively a crime willingly committed because of a complex inter-relationship between media and political police and the church on the basis of ‘anti racism’ and in opposition to the campaign inaugurated by me  and others to expose this church’s ‘anti racism’ as what this ideology is – anti Australian hate.

Indeed, McMahon joined in the litany of political lies and falsehoods against us, both for political advantage and to conceal the radical lesbian basis of her ‘ministry’.

The Pitt Street Uniting Church affair is a part of Sydney liberal anti-racist folklore in which I am usually denounced in a ritualized way by media hacks for this and that outrage allegedly committed against McMahon. As the readers here and the voters of Cook will learn, the truth is in reverse image.

The story is convoluted but my CV must be accurate and it shows what real politics
in Australia is and that it is far removed from ballot box games conducted every few years in an ‘election’.

The people of Cook always deserve fearless candidates who serve the public interest, not politicians who serve the money power.

Uniting Church,  264 Pitt Street, Sydney



In late 1986, documents were passed to me in my capacity as Chairman of the
nationalist organisation, National Action.

These documents showed that the Pitt Street Uniting Church and Reverend McMahon were at the centre of activist ‘anti racism’,  a network of activist groups designed to browbeat Australians into accepting the multicultural and multiracial society, while re-crafting the society itself to conform with the new ideology.

In particular, McMahon was connected to ‘anti-apartheid’ groups and the South African question was seen as pivotal in dividingly inducing ‘White Guilt‘ in Sydney and in mobilizing her activists.

Reverend Dorothy McMahon


Yet interestingly, the church had a great commitment to homosexual and lesbian ‘freedom’ and it seemed that a large number of church activists, including McMahon herself, were lesbians.

The church fused together anti-racism and sexual politics.

I say this is in conformity with the dominant ideology which preaches the endless extension of ‘diversity’ in tandem with the diffusion of ‘tolerance’.  In this furnace, all identity, tradition and values are destroyed.

It was decided by National Action to campaign against the church and to expose it as a lynchpin of anti Australianism and thus by weakening its effectiveness, win a major political point. I assisted in this campaign and was counter-targeted by those who understood the importance of defending McMahon at all costs.

This struggle was a part of Sydney’s radical underbelly. As the reader will see, the struggle was obviously a major one, given the players who came to be involved.  Ultimately in 1988, Governor General Sir Ninian Stephen, awarded McMahon a Human Rights Medal for her stand against “racism”.

I was flattered beyond measure.

Like the Police Special Branch and other corrupt detectives who awarded themselves bravery medals for arresting the Ananda Marga Three in 1978, men whom they framed for a PC convenient single conviction in order to cover over the Hilton Bomb truth, McMahon entered the august ranks of perjured-reality.

The Lesbian Coven

The lesbian clique who took over the church was an aggressive and predatory gang. I
refer to them as a veritable coven.

It seems that the lesbian takeover occurred in 1984.  Simultaneously, McMahon ensured that space was rented in Pilgrim House to a “Gay Catholic” group and opened up a close friendship with Father Austin Day of the George Street Christ’s Anglican Church (or “Agnes” Day to his friends)..In fact, it was gossiped that Father Day had an interest in teenage boys and may have gone ‘younger’.

It was also publicly stated by the Pitt Street Uniting Church that it was linked to other churches that had a pro gay agenda – the ‘Gay Christian Network’.   It was certainly connected to the so-called ‘Metropolitan Community Church‘ a pseudo-Christian church in Paddington whose theology (sic) proclaimed sexual emancipation and homosexuality a near holy revelation.

At one point, McMahon boasted to the Metropolitan Community Church in St. Kilda (Melbourne) that: “..our church is probably the only one in the whole of metropolitan Sydney which is totally committed to an unconditional acceptance of gay and lesbian people.”

In 1985, Dorothy McMahon was having a heterosexual affair with Uniting Church official, Murray Johnson. He wrote to her, warning her against traditionalists in the church:

“… be careful. Some of ‘them’ would have been delighted to know you were having an
‘affair’ with me. You could have been crucified for any number of the stands you have taken on issues facing the church …”

But the key thing was Johnson’s appreciation of the corrosive atmosphere of this church.

In a 1986 letter to McMahon, he said:

“I believe I can honestly accept your relationship with Jennifer but I am aware of a
jealousy which is quite natural… (Meanwhile) .. my relationship with Di has gone on
growing … the freedom of our relationship has in some ways given you the freedom to
explore your sexuality ..”

“I am always here. You will have needs that will be so strong that you will want to
share them with me.. after all, you are human … have tensions in your relationship
with Jennifer. As I said, I don’t feel particularly noble, but I am here …”

I believe these paragraphs should be interpreted in a psychological sense; they
point to a rampant sexual climate in the church, tangled relationships and excessive
conduct. They indicate that any restraint had gone awry.

To Dr. Di Houghton (who may reasonably have also been Johnson’s partner), McMahon
said: “.. you discover some wonderful companions. It is as though in the refining fire of costly love and integrity, there is a special group of people and I wouldn’t trade them for a hundred of the rest.”

Costly love?

A friend ‘Isabel’ writing  to her from New Zealand in April 1986, said: “… but a woman about 18 months ago from whom I learned the incredible warmth and joy of open hearted hugs and love … sexuality … there being another way, an openly free flowing creativeness rather than a closed lock into genital sex.”

In 1988, it was reported to me by an erstwhile follower of the Prisoner’s Action Group, that teenage girls, reputedly the daughters of ‘gay’ and lesbian members of the church, were attending regularly to be told of “alternative sexuality” and “confronting one’s sexual preferences.” Brainwashing?  The National Action activist, W.D. Smith, also organized an infiltration of the church in late 1988.  A similar report came back to me.

I can only conclude that girls were being groomed for lesbian encounters either between each other or with older members of the church.   That a certain brainwash may well have operated in the church was shown later.

In 1995, long after the furore with National Action, Reverend McMahon ‘married’ two women (‘Alison’ and ‘Ineke’) at her church.  Alison had joined the church after a broken marriage but was shown a different path.  A tape recording of this ‘marriage’ was provided to me and I duly copied it and passed it on to Anglican, Catholic and Orthodox church leaders in 1996.

It is time that this ‘lesbian coven‘ was examined closely.

Dirty Politics

In 1984-5, National Action dragged out facts relating to Community Aid Abroad and its ‘Khadi Group’ raising funds for – and otherwise sustaining, – African National Congress and Pan African Congress terrorists in Sydney.

Of course, all this was sanctioned by Prime Minister Bob Hawke who had actually organized it all, as is now openly admitted in published historical material. Documents acquired by National Action in 1984 showed that Hawke was involved, but not the extent of his government’s connivance with these (favoured) terrorists.

This was also the first time National Action had made note of McMahon’s anti-racist activism. Simultaneously it was learned that she favoured the homosexual agenda in the Uniting Church. The later heavy handed reaction against the nationalists for campaigning against McMahon may well have concerned Hawke, who finally rose to denounce National Action in Federal Parliament.

So, well prior to my intervention at the church, ‘dirty politics’ was in full swing. McMahon managed the Uniting Church building next door – ‘Pilgrim House‘ which also housed the Community Aid Abroad shop and other liberal organisations.

In 1986, she engineered the eviction of the Prisoner’s Action Group (PAG).  The PAG was committed to doing away with the practice of ‘police verbal’ or fabricated confessions.

It was also friendly with the Ananda Marga Three. From a document uncovered by National Action, it seems that McMahon was a ‘community contact’ for Special Branch and under their auspices arranged the eviction of PAG. Such charm. It is noted that Special Branch reserved a particular hatred of Tim Anderson, one of the falsely imprisoned Ananda Marga.

The church was also close to the Reverend Jim Dykes, another Uniting Church homosexual and activist, who co-founded a communist front ‘Movement Against Fascism And Racism‘ and which had a close connection with Mafia man, Al Grassby in his capacity as Commissioner for Community Relations.  Dykes, who died of AIDS, was strongly rumoured to have had an interest in underage males.

Did McMahon know this?

Reverend McMahon also had a political relationship with another lesbian, the lawyer Betty Hounslow, who founded the Gay and Lesbian Immigration Taskforce in 1983.

Hounslow became a major spokesperson against me and in 1988-9 supported a show trial
effort called the National Inquiry into Racist Violence (1988-90) which lambasted
National Action and others for “racist violence”. Both spoke with Sydney Morning
Herald journalist, Adele Horin, who also orchestrated some of the propaganda against
National Action and who lobbied for Special Branch action and for the National
Inquiry, vital elements in their campaign to break National Action.

McMahon had other media groupies to sidestep any criticism of her ministry. One such
propagandist was Graham Williams of the Sydney Morning Herald who wrote two major pieces demonizing me and National Action and raising McMahon to sainthood.  It was not until some time later that National Action uncovered yet another discarded
letter – one from Williams to McMahon – referring to his membership of her church
and his enormous admiration for her.  It is understood that Williams too, had ‘gay’


Enter Neville Ireland and the Paedophile Judge

In November 1988, Detective Sergeant Neville Ireland was appointed to the on-going
Special Branch ‘investigation’ of me and National Action. Ireland was looking for a
prosecution that would ‘stick’.  He also met McMahon in secret to discuss the Uniting
Church affair. It seems that Ireland advised McMahon, as Special Branch had the year
before and way back in 1985, not to say too much about her sexuality. But there was
another side to Neville Ireland.

At that very time Ireland was closely connected to Justice David Yeldham. Indeed,
almost at the same time as he was involved in investigating me, he was running
Yeldham home after homosexual jaunts in railway station public toilets and after his
arrest by railway police.

Ireland ultimately gave evidence in 1997 about his link to Justice Yeldham at the
New South Wales Police Royal Commission. Ireland seemingly had a long-running
Special Branch file on Yeldham and passed it to the Commission.

On an Australian Broadcasting Corporation Four Corners presentation in 1997, it was explained that Yeldham had committed suicide after being subpoenaed to testify.

The ABC Four Corners show also said:

“However, Four Corners has interviewed a man whose account of the Central railway incident of 1988 differs sharply from accounts which have been given to the ICAC and the NSW Royal Commission. His first-hand account suggests Judge Yeldham had a contact in the police who came to his rescue when he was brought in. The man now believes that that contact was from the NSW Police Special Branch. The man has declined to appear on camera and his words are being spoken by an actor.”

That contact was Ireland. I would fairly predict that Ireland had known Yeldham over
a long period.

Four Corners added: “A NSW Upper House member, Franca Arena, was concerned that the NSW Royal Commission into Police had gone easy on the judge in its paedophile

The claims of paedophile activity on Yeldham’s part was denied by the Royal Commission, but this cannot any longer be allowed to rest.

Some evidence suggests that Yeldham was also a paedophile and data about that has
never been fully investigated, nor has the Special Branch link to covering up any
paedophile activity been examined.

Only the new Royal Commission could do this and make sure that Neville Ireland be
compelled to testify.

If Special Branch was protecting a paedophile judge and possibly maintaining this
link to influence his legal decisions, extending any protection to predatory
lesbians in the Pitt Street Uniting Church would involve no great moral qualms.

The evidence at the Police Royal Commission in 1996 and 1997 revealed Special Branch
a corrupt and venal agency. Indeed, Neville Ireland was shown to be a perjurer, a
rorter of the informant’s fund and otherwise involved in improper conduct.

The Reverend McMahon Told Lies

The good reverend knew how to lie. Some years later she commented on an incident outside her home when a dummy with a rubber tyre about its neck was set on fire.  This action symbolized a ‘necklace burning’, a punishment carried out by her heroes in the African National Congress against people who refused to support it.  The stunt was  courtesy of three masked men who seemingly provided a photo of themselves to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Dorothy McMahon wrote of it and National Action:

“That was their downfall in the end. After two years of police investigations, they
changed the officer-in-charge of the case and Neville Ireland was assigned to the job. He
cleaned it up in two weeks using the photo. Apparently camouflage uniforms are like fingerprints so he identified the suspects, raided their houses and arrested 12 of them. They were all members of National Action.

He also found 500 prohibited weapons in Wayne Smith’s house. It turned out that Smith had been one of the key people involved in the harassment campaign, especially the pamphlets”.   (See:  Australians Against Racism – Testimonies from the Anti-Apartheid Movement in Australia, Sydney, Pluto Press Australia, 1995, pp 84-87).

But truth was otherwise.  Charges were brought five months after the incident. Three
men were charged.  The case against Wayne Smith was dismissed in December 1989, with the magistrate accusing Neville Ireland and another officer John Garvey, of fabricating their notebooks; he further said that they had “doctored” them to fit their allegation.

It was also shown by the magistrate that Smith’s camouflage jacket did not match the photograph.  And Smith did not have prohibited weapons at his premises.

Smith was targeted by Special Branch because he published material against the
church and was involved in the National Action investigation.

However, the hottest thing about the Smith prosecution was that Ireland ran two
different ‘cases’ simultaneously. I have exposed this curiosity elsewhere. In other words, he sought to convict Smith on the basis of one ‘confession’ and the others on the basis of utterly different ‘confessions’.

One of the others was dropped into the crime as an innocent party and was told to
“confess” and he’d be let go with minimal penalty. The confused young man ‘confessed’ to a script passed to him.

This script was actually the ‘record of interview’ of the last man, a document which
was not only utterly false, but a dress rehearsal in terms of its allegations –  for another
prosecution launched subsequently against myself and Smith.

Special Branch was very good at that sort thing. It was all theatre done to a political agenda.  Special Branch operated trials to suit political demands.

In making McMahon a heroine while breaking the ‘thugs’ of National Action and in
fighting for her with the Sydney Morning Herald writing him up from time to time, Ireland was immortalising himself.

Did McMahon know about the flawed prosecutions? It is rather hard to believe that
she did not. Yet, the making of her martyrdom around the activity of National Action was a useful cover for the moral depravity operative in her church.


The Matter Of ‘Neo-Nazi’ (informer) Peter Coleman

The damage done to the Pitt Street Uniting Church and the supposed ‘harassment’
endured by church members, has generally been ascribed to me and National Action.
From time to time, it will be mentioned by writers that the so-called Australian
Nationalists Movement. (ANM), a group led in Sydney by neo-nazi ‘activist’ Peter
Coleman, had some connection with it – but that is all.

The truth is that damage done to the church and criminal harassment (as opposed to
the activist but legal methods of National Action) – was always done by the ANM.
Some of it was done by Robert Leys, now a mental patient in Tamworth and Simon Lain, since deceased.

The crucial and disturbing fact was that Coleman was also an informant for the Police Special Branch. His code name was probably ‘Cabbie’ and at the Royal Commission, he was described as “CC18”.

Officially, it seems that he became an informant in late May 1989.  However, his relationship with Neville Ireland began before then, possibly in March, but maybe earlier. Even so, Coleman was partnered with a certain David Palmer from a date in late 1988. This provocateur was really under ASIO control and has appeared in media for years as a ‘racist extremist’. Eventually Palmer confessed to being an ASIO contact and receiving money.

David Palmer


I have uncovered material in the New South Wales Police Special Branch files that suggests that notorious communist Denis Freney may have stumbled upon a significant truth. Freney said that Special Branch was sponsoring the establishment of a neo-nazi gang “around the ANM” and had brought in Bob Cameron, the alleged victim of the Ananda Marga Three bomb plot to lead it. He said that this gang would “monitor” National Action (and harass it?) because NA had proven difficult to infiltrate. In fact, such a gang was forming around the ANM, but it was led by Palmer and not by Cameron. Indeed, Freney said that his supposed Cameron had been seen near the Pitt Street Uniting Church!

In other words, the Pitt Street Uniting Church saga was choreographed. While a paid
neo-nazi gang damaged the church and harassed McMahon, National Action was blamed.
Her status was raised as a fighter against racism!

Did McMahon know that the so-called neo-nazis were under political police control?
Probably not. But the interests that flowed together are obvious now.

I also note that Coleman and Leys appeared in 2009 in a Sydney Morning Herald smear of me personally; the paper used them as anonymous sources to accuse me of violence.  It would seem that old relationships , that of the neo-nazis and the media, remains valid.

In a final touch of irony Peter Coleman also had an interest in paedophile activity.

Shortly before his open adoption of neo-nazism and joining the ANM, he told some nationalists that he had enjoyed an eleven year old girl (“a slut”) and in 1986 started living with a fifteen year old girl. It is understood Coleman now visits Thailand for that sort of entertainment.

The Demands of the Hour

It is clear from this recitation of the facts that the Pitt Street Uniting Church was heavily committed to homosexual agendas and was dominated by lesbians and lesbian activity.

It is obvious that the church was the sort of environment where sexual crimes could
take place.

Of course, I am not saying that all or most homosexual / lesbian persons are paedophiles, but I am saying that in the hothouse atmosphere of a sexually charged church, crimes against pubescent youth can most certainly occur. It is a matter of psychology.

As the reader may readily anticipate, my submission to the Uniting Church covers a
wide field.

– – –

I submit that the Commission should examine the Police Special Branch file on Justice Yeldham and subpoenas the corrupt Neville Ireland to testify.

I submit that the Commission should examine the Special Branch relationship with the
Pitt Street Uniting Church and the so-called neo-nazis who damaged the church and
harassed McMahon to establish any motive to conceal improper or paedophile conduct.

I submit that the Commission should examine the network of homosexuals (male and
female) placed inside various Christian Churches as part of the network in which
McMahon was a part.

I submit that the Commission should delve into the activities of the Pitt Street
Uniting Church to establish the extent of paedophile or other sexual crime
perpetrated against minors.

For those who seek to brand me as some sort of malicious individual who opted to
harass the innocent – they must think again! But for those who respect the sanctity
of family and church, it is appropriate that in this election, I be accepted as the
candidate most likely to uphold a traditional moral ethos, something appropriate to
a country that now resembles the Roman Empire of rampant decay rather than the
country we inherited from the heroes of ANZAC and Kokoda.