Penny Wong’s Chinese spy Sam Dastyari caught red-handed selling out Australia

Another one of Labor’s foreigners installed in Parliament, Senator Sahand (Sam) Dastyari, an Iranian born muslim, has been caught warning wealthy Chinese donor Huang Xiangmo his phone was being tapped by ASIO and the CIA.  ASIO has had reason to monitor Shanghai Sam over his ongoing secret dealings and bribes received from the Chinese Community Party, via Chinese millionaires planted in Australia.

Huang Xiangmo is an influential Chinese-born billionaire tycoon, who owns Yuhu Group, with a direct line to Beijing.  He has close ties to the Chinese consulate in Sydney, is chairman of the Australian Council for the Promotion of the Peaceful Reunification of China (ACPPRC) – a dodgy name for what is just a political lobbying and propaganda agency aligned with the Chinese Communist Party.  It is strategically based in Sydney.  Huang also has connections with Chinese spy agency the United Front Work Department (UFWD), based in Beijing.

The UFWD (Chinese: 中共中央统战部) is an agency under the command of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. Its main function is to manage relations with the non-Communist Party elite, including individuals (like Huang) and organizations holding social, commercial, or academic influence, or who represent important interest groups, both inside and outside China. “In so doing, the UFWD seeks to ensure that these groups are supportive of and useful to Communist Party rule.”

On September 14 2016, US ambassador John Berry warned the US was concerned about Chinese government involvement in Australian politics, in remarks reported in connection to Dastyari’s dealings with Huang.  At the same time ASIO’s top spy, Duncan Lewis, warned Labor “that some of their donors had strong links to the Chinese Government” and some had personal dealings with Dastyari.

On September 28, Huang dispatched members of the ACPPRC for a meeting in Beijing with a senior Chinese government official, who directed the members to “make allies to obtain international support” and contribute to the “great revitalisation of the Chinese nation”.

Then in October 2016, Huang wined and dined Dastardly in a ‘private meeting’ at Huang’s $13 million Mosman mansion, which overlooks Sydney Harbour.  Dastyari suggested the two outside go to speak about Chinese plots in Australia so they could be not be overheard by ASIO.

Huang Xiangmo’s pad at Bay Street Beauty Point, in now Chinese-owned Mosman – bugged by ASIO.

Dastyari has since relied upon encrypted applications to communicate, as well as through his toys.

Toys paid for by China

Dastyari has form.  Huang paid a $40,000 legal bill for Dastyari, and Huang had told a Chinese Communist Party newspaper that “political demands and political donations” should be linked.

Cash For Chinese Comment

In flagrant contradiction of Australia’s policy (even Labor’s official policy) Dastyari regurgitates Chinese Communist Party position on its illegal activities in the South China Sea.  It was at the urging of a secret Chinese donor.

A recovered video recording shows Dastyari on June 17 2016, timed during the Australian federal election campaign, telling Chinese media that Australia should observe Chinese history in respecting Chinese land claims on South China Sea.

The recording shows Senator Dastyari’s remarks to Chinese media last year were stronger than he previously had portrayed them.

Standing next to a wealthy Chinese businessman and ALP donor, Senator Dastyari backed the Chinese Government’s refusal to abide by international court rulings on the South China Sea, stating that: “The Chinese integrity of its borders is a matter for China”.  It is a strong detailed defence of China’s policy in the South China Sea, flatly contradicted those made by fellow Labor senator and Defence spokesman Stephen Conroy just one day earlier.

Dastyari read a Chinese-prepared script publicly as if it was Labor Party policy:

“The Chinese integrity of its borders is a matter for China and the role that Australia should be playing as a friend is to know that within several thousand years of history where it is and isn’t our place to be involved.  And as a supporter of China and a friend of China, the Australian Labor Party needs to play an important role in maintaining that relationship.  And the best way of maintaining that relationship is knowing when it is and isn’t our place to be involved.”

Play Recording:


In 2015 Chinese Community Party owned Top Education Institute paid $1600 of Dastyari’s travel bill to China. This is despite MPs being allocated a generous annual allowance of $95,000 for accommodation, staff travel and a daily living expenses.  Dasyari’s comments in support of China’s stand in the South China Sea were directly correlated with the bribe he received from the Top Education Institute.

Caught out, Dastyari was forced to resign from Labor’s frontbench on September 7 2016; only to be reinstated five months later as deputy opposition whip in the Senate on February 7 2017 by Chinese Penny Wong.

Tit for Tat:  Chinese spy bumchuming with Chinese dyke – where’s the Aussie flag you foreign traitors?

Of the 10 NSW seats where Senator Dastyari polled his highest percentage of the primary vote, eight had more than 5 per cent of people identifying as ­Chinese, ­according to the 2011 census.  Tthose who voted specifically for him rather than choosing the Labor ticket above the line — was higher in seats with more people of Chinese ­ancestry.

So tit for tat, Dastyari in the 2016 federal election campaign pledged to pursue policies that were of ­concern to the Chinese community, including long-stay family visas and reduced education costs.

Dastyari supports anything China wants in Australia, like Chinese Communist Party owned global telco Huawei and its bid to control the rollout of the NBN.  In September 2016, former Labor foreign minister Bob Carr’s China think tank, dubbed Australia-China Relations Institute (ACRI) was hosted by Shanghai Sam at the commonwealth parliamentary offices at exclusive One Bligh Street in Sydney’s CBD, providing a ­visiting Chinese official with one-one access to federal MPs.

Then there were the two bottles of Penfold’s Grange wine worth $700 Dastyari received from a Chinese donor, which he failed to declare.  Why bother when slippery Sam’s a cheap drunk?

‘Engaging with China’ Con

Huang’s property development Yuhu Group was one of the influential parties to the Liberals $2 billion Chinese ownership landmark 2014 sellout to the Chinese.  The Chinese have since snapped Australia Australia’s prime agricultural assets all endorsed by the Liberal federal government and the rubber-stamping Foreign Investment (read ‘ownership’) Review Board.

China has since become the largest investor in Australia’s agricultural sector spending $632 million in just that year alone.  Chinese companies like New Hope Group now own much of rural Australia. Its billionaire chairman, Liu Yonghao, outlined his strategy in March at China’s annual National People’s Congress.

In Queensland, Chinese owned Chongqing Hondo Agriculture Group, Hailiang Group, Taihua Food and Yiang Xiang Assets have each bought up cattle stations for supplying beef back to China.  And then of course one of Australia’s largest beef producers, the Kidmans, flogged off their land to China.

It’s dubbed by the yuan benefactors as ‘Engaging with China‘.  Disgraced former NSW Labor treasurer Eric Roozendaal is vice-chairman of Yuhu Property (Australia).

Huang Xiangmo continues to donate yuan to the Labor and Liberal Parties to get special favours, otherwise called bribes.


Huang Xiangmo bribing Opposition Leader Bill Shorten?


Huang Xiangmo bribing former prime minister Kevin Rudd?


Huang Xiangmo bribing Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull?


Huang Xiangmo bribing Foreign Minister Julie Bishop?



Huang Xiangmo bribing NSW Liberal Premier Mike Baird?


ASIO has blocked Huang application for Australian citizenship because he is a Chinese agent, so why don’t they just deport him?  Well the Labor and Liberal parties jointly like his donating yuan.  It is all very corrupt and anti-Australian.

Huang asked Shanghai Sam to intervene on his behalf, so Dastyari called immigration officials four times in the first six months of 2016 putting polly pressure on the Aussie public servants trying to do their job.  Is this political interference or what?  Just like they do in Communist China.

Attorney-General George Brandis says of Shanghai Sam:

“He’s a serial offender when it comes to placing himself evidently under the influence of the Chinese Government.”

Obviously Shanghai Sam is a Chinese agent on the take with Chinese loyalties.  Dastyari can’t be trusted.  He has no right to be in Australian politics, on the taxpayer purse betraying the Australian people.  Dastyari remains a unionist as a member of Labor’s Unity faction, and a card-carrying member of the Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Society.

Piss anti-Australian Mr Bean off to China or throw him in gaol for espionage.