Anti-Australian biased Michelle Guthrie sent packing back to her quota Chinese culture

Exactly a month ago anti-Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull was sent packing.  Today, Turncoat’s quota chick appointee, installed to culturally steer the ABC further leftward, well follows him packing – hopefully overseas as well.  Michelle Guthrie (can’t be her real name) has been imposing her will like some imported monotasking Chinese bitch over-running Ultimo.  Imposers deserve to be sacked.

Turncoat’s gonski.  Troughwoman’s gonski. Chink chink.

The entitlement legacy of Malcolm Turnbull’s quota chick Michelle Guthrie – another foreign import head-hunted to impose Mal’s leftist agenda

The ABC Board has finally applied the ABC charter.  Guthrie’s selective leftist news items, agenda and political bias, feminazi staff quotas, divisive undermining is in breach.  The Board has realised that the foreign Chinese is  “not in the best interests” of the organisation for her to continue to lead it.

Guthrie’s a leftie propagandist from monopolistic globalist Google.  A lawyer in charge?  A foreign one from Singapore? She’s no journalist, just Googled. She was installed by Labor-lite Malcolm T.  That was never going to work, only piss off the remaining journos.

NFI:  Bring on the night of the long knives through the score of Turncoat’s installed culture snakes.

No decent journo in the ABC liked her or trusted her.  Her sackings and casualisation of ABC staff and her naive rants about digitising and relevance attracted many critics within and outside the organisation.  Guthrie’s trashy content picks brought the ABC into disrepute.

So it’s back to sleazy Singapore you go Troughwoman!

All Class


ABC chairman Justin Milne and seven other board members have today unceremoniously deposed the ABC’s latest overpaid political appointee on $891,000-a-year managing director, following a clash over its leftist direction and a series of controversial captain calls.

Milne stated:

“The ABC Board felt in the end that her leadership style was not the style that we needed going forward.   We believe that new leadership would benefit the organisation, its dedicated employees, and the ABC audience.  In resolving to seek fresh leadership, the Board’s foremost consideration was the long-term interests of our own people and the millions of Australians who engage with ABC content every week”.

Within hours of the sacking, Sally Neighbour, executive producer of ABC’s last bastion of journalism Four Corners tweeted ‘Excellent decision‘ with a link to a news article about Ms Guthrie’s departure as the ABC’s managing director.

Staunch critic of the ABC leftist bias, Liberal senator Eric Abetz commented:

“I am hopeful that the new managing director will ensure that the Ultimo-centric broadcaster is more in line with the aspirations of Australians including by delivering benefit to the taxpayer, stopping the left-wing bias and bringing an end to the frolics masquerading as news and ‘comedy’ from some ABC employees.”

Even the lefties at ABC Ultimo HQ hate her.  ABC radio host Jon Faine today sprayed on air:  “She’s been invisible, staff morale has never been so low..she wouldn’t advocate for us.”

Faine said he had two conversations with Troughwoman “about why she would not be our champion…why she would not engage.  She said ‘it’s not my style.”


What became apparent with Guthrie’s management style was her culturally Chinese control obsession over staff.  Madame Mao sacked those she saw as a threat to her simplistic cultural revolution at the ABC.  Solution?  Redundancy – the payout millions in redundancy were not her money or concern.

She’s was but a puppet on the Turnbull Coalition Team’s stage.

Troughwoman was given the benefit of the doubt because she was Mal’s quota woman, but she was only interested in a few parts of the organisation.  ‘Monotasking’ it’s called. What was she up to?

Well she must have been really thick to be shocked after Turncoat’s sacking, not to anticipate the same political fate.

All Chairman Milne needs to do now is fess up about the Board’s reasoning, to save taxpayers the expense of the bitch suing for 3 years lost wages in her five contract.

Selected Comments:

Unicorn X 3, Springwood:   “Nothing quite like the lefties rushing to stab each other in the back.”

Mrstuttifruitti777, Everywhere, Angola:   “So she was incompetent then…thought so…”

Hotbutter, San Paolo:   “Time to stop funding the ABC.”

Mark61, adelaide:    “The ABC vultures come flocking out. How the likes of Phillips can criticise is beyond me when she was discovered escorting her boyfriend, Combet, on taxpayer junkets without an ounce of guilt.”

mcd, Perth:    “If she managed like she dresses then no wonder she was sacked…”

Exposed for political and self-interest – ABC staff saw through

Kevin, Beaumaris:  “Arlo Guthrie would’ve done a better job.”

Kristan Efbeeone, Sedne:  “Nobody cares. Wake me up when ABC itself has been sold to some Nigerian company for $1”


So it was either Troughwoman or the ABC itself that had to go.

The expulsion is up there with the notorious ‘adios amigos‘ of Telstra’s imported and overpaid chief, the arrogant Mexican Sol Trujillo.

In just ten months Sol da bandito sacked 10,000 Aussies, pocketed $9 million before skidaddling first class back to his desert badlands of enchiladas, chihuahuas and drug cartels.

Canberra’s headhunting of ethnics has always been wrong from the outset

The ABC Board are now going out looking for a decent local Australian to run it for all Australians by Christmas – preferably not a foreign import, but an experienced proper Aussie journo of merit, integrity and objective balance.  And restore the role to its former public service ‘Director General‘ public service status, properly accountable for objective trustworthy content to the Australia public; not some fabricated ‘managing director’ to ensure political dividend to vested interest politicians.


So now axe Guthrie’s leftist propaganda programmes:

  • Tony Jones ‘take that as lobbying‘ QandA
  • The (Greens) Drum
  • Barrie Cassidy’s Labor Party scripted Insiders (featuring Niki Savva as Turncoat’s speed-dial Mata Hari)
  • Melbourne ABC radio communist activist Jon Faine
  • Overpaid and crowded News Breakfast
  • Media Watch and self-righteous Paul Barry
  • Stand up Juanita Phillips
  • 7.30 and argumentative fashionista Leigh Sales
  • Lateline with activist Emma Alberici
  • Democrat satirical mouthpiece propaganda Planet America

Attempted humour?

  • Democrat member Zoe Daniel live in Washington DC
  • Activist Virginia Trioli
  • Al Jezeera excerpts
  • BBC World News promoting Third Worldism
  • Wierd weather gay quota?  Bring back trustworthy Graham Creed
  • iView – never works.

Bring back impartiality and objectivity at the ABC, else just abolish the ABC as more wasteful leftism.


Back you go!