Alex Gollan Stuart da pedo ‘anti-bogan’ caught fiddling kids tennis at Sydney’s Homebush Public School

Leftard culture is anti-Australian and harbours assorted PC’s, Monash slackbastards, sicko deviants, and pedos like serial anarchist Alex Gollan.

We support America’s moral mandatory sentencing of convicted serial pedophiles to more than 300 years in prison; better still: a self-administered euthanasia option during the prisoner reception process.

Pedo Alex Gollan (re-birthed as Alex Stuart) is the former operator of the smear-mongering website ‘The Anti Bogan’, has been at it again.

This convicted paedophile may have engaged in a further offence at Homebush Public School in Sydney.

However, what remains most telling is the utter silence still pervading the various anti racist (sic) groups and the antifa/slackbastard network about particular aspects of this self-branded ‘anti-bogan’ and his political work over several years.  Paedophile Gollan claimed to trade intelligence with the political section of the Australian Federal Police/ASIO and he maintained that he was an informer.

Should there not also be an investigation into what was known at this official level about his online grooming activities?

If Gollan was an agent of sorts, what does it say about the anti-racist/anti-fascist underbelly in general?  It would seem that these groups refuse to come clean as to how they too may have been manipulated by Agent Gollan.

Nationalists have long said that there is a para-state link between anti-racist and anti-fascist groups and the political police – Special Branch aka ASIO aka AFP.  Gollan showed that.

There are suggestions all over of other curiosities which point to ‘usage’ and manipulation.  We await the great statement from any of these anti racist / anti fascist groups concerning Agent Gollan.

We may wait in vain!

Australia’s judiciary, mostly politically peer appointed from defence barristers side with the criminal to betray the victims of crime.  Australia’s judiciary are morally bankrupted and can’t be trusted.  Nationally, Australia needs to corral the pro-criminal judiciary out of their discretionary bias.  Nationally, decent Australia has a public mandate for mandatory life sentencing of kiddy rapists like Alex Gollan.

‘Paedophile caught running children’s tennis tournaments under fake name’

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