Klub Defamation: AFP Leader being sued over UNA Klub Nation exposé


Former members of the defunct Klub Nation have joined together to launch a defamation suit against Australia First Party president Jim Saleam for an article published on its website in June 2017.

Led by Andrew Wilson, who has filed a statement of claim several months after the publication of ‘Rape House’, notices of concern have also been filed by Jason Rafty, Steven Moore, and Peter Coleman. What is unusual is that all four applications have been made from different states claiming damages collectively to the value of $530,000.

It is understood that following the issuing of his statement of claim, Andrew Wilson has travelled to NSW to muster up support for his action.

Information received suggests that another associate of Klub Nation, Mark Pavic, is playing an instrumental role behind the scenes, and may yet himself issue a concerns notice. Mr Pavic was convicted in relation to the death of his mother in 1985 with evidence proving he weighted down his mother’s body beneath the waters of Lake Burley Griffin.

When asked whether he planned to fight the suit, Dr Saleam told UNA,

“Of course, these actions will be resisted – with hard evidence. I have noted the assertions of the plaintiffs. It is true I have commented upon them over the decades and have maintained records and files on their activities. One of the current plaintiffs is even referred to in my doctoral thesis. I suppose this will all make for a remarkable ‘show trial’.”

Dr Saleam is also confident of his legal challenge:

“I have only the most positive view of the final outcome. Already, I have been contacted by many people throughout the country who are prepared to either offer their evidence or other assistance against the Klub Nation plaintiffs. I thank some who have already pledged financial support.”