Tasmania’s Chinese SCAMander shame – no wonder asian restaurants are so cheap – srave rabour rife!

Ever wonder what the Chinese characters mean?


Today it’s been reported that hotel workers have been underpaid $63,000 down in Tasmania.   Well it’s illegal but not news because the wage theft occurred between 2009 and 2014.

Scamander Beach Resort Hotel on Tasmania’s east coast conned Immigration to allow a Malaysian to enter on one of Canberra’s scab labour 457 visas to work at the hotel’s restaurant as “chef” (stir-fry cook). The cook’s wife was let in on a spousal visa and but then employed illegally as a kitchenhand with her husband in da sweatshop rice ‘n noodle churner.

Captain Willard

“Charlie didn’t get much USO. He was dug in too deep or moving too fast. His idea of great R&R was cold rice and a little rat meat. He had only two ways home: death, or victory.”

The SCAMander hotel didn’t pay the kitchen staff any weekend or overtime penalty rates for the five years that they were employed.

So guess who had bought and ran the hotel from 2007?

A Chinese – one Chang Yen Chang through his private company Yenida Pty Ltd, beachheaded in Sydney’s Chinatown.

Chang2 didn’t want to employ local Tasmanians in Tasmania because he was too greedy, and like most ethnics he knew how to rort Canberra’s pro-ethnic schemes – -think Canberra’s rorted Family Day Care scheme, rorted Gonski scheme, NDIS, Skilled Visa scheme, Student Visa scheme.

Chang2 in 2007 advertised in a Malaysian newspaper for a Chinese-speaking “chef” to work at his hotel restaurant.

So some Malaysian reads his advert, applies for the job, gets it, arrives on a self funded flight from Kuala Lumpur with his wife in tow, and from 2009 to 2014 Chang2 duds them both.

Neither spoke English and over the five years Chang2 dudded the cook of $52,928 and dudded his wife $10,406.

We wonder how many Scamander hotel guests succumbed to food poisoning over those years?

Still Chang2 drove his big Mercedes to look like big businessman.  Chang2 couldn’t con the other Tassie workers because they knew their rights and the correct minimum hourly rate, penalty rates and loadings under the Hospitality Industry (General) Award.

So where were turn-a-blind-eye trade unions?  The Liquor Hospitality & Miscellaneous Union, Bill Shorten’s AWU and the ACTU – all silent, cuddling up to scab employers like Chang2 and undercutting enterprise rorts to extort slush funds for Labor electioneering and to line their own pockets – same-same like serial slusher Julia Gillard did.

Tasmania’s Liberal Party Premier Will Hodgman can’t be to perturbed.  His right-wing brethren in 2017 denied half a million Australians working in the nation’s hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and shops their rights to earn decent penalty rates for sacrificing their Sundays to work scab.

But why is this suddenly a news story in May 2018?  Chang2 once exposed, sold up.  The current owners seem to have trashed the woks for  decent local seafood and Aussie cuisine – Tassie scallops, plump shucked oysters, fish and chips, prawns, Scotch fillet steak, lamb rump, roasts of the day, schnitzels, parmigianas – served with all the trimmings.

Greasy Chinese Chang2 long gonski.  The Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James applied fines of $79,800 against scab employer Chang2 and up to $339,000 against his scabbing company Yenida Pty Ltd.  How was a Chinese allowed to set up a company in Australia anyway?  Just look what happens!


Well, Chang2 knew the system, and so appealed to the Federal Court Circuit of Australia at its Launceston chambers in the ANZ Building on the corner of Brisbane and George Streets.  He used his ill-gotten gains to get a mercenary big-wig barrister who full well knew that appellant jurisdictions like this across Australia are politically stacked with leftard judges to get ethnics off – just like the biased Administrative Appeals Tribunal does with ethnic criminals.  They roam the Federal Court Circuit dispensing ethnic excuses.

Justice delayed in justice denied.

But Federal Court Circuit Judge Barbara Baker just wrist-slapped Chang2 with an ethnic sympathy discount of $44,000 – about half the Fair Work Ombudsman penalty of $79,800 down to just $35,099.  They similarly almost halved the Ombudsman’s $339,000 penalty down to just $176,005.

Judge Barbara Baker


Judge Barbara Baker is a raving feminazi law graduate out of the leftist University of Tasmania (UTAS).  Read what she wrote in 2009 in a forward in the UTAS Law Alumni Newsletter:

“Welcome to the first Law Alumni Newsletter for 2009.  This edition covers a wide range of achievements of our graduates, staff and students over the last year. Its focus however is women from the Law School, in recognition of UTAS’ recent appointment of Prof Dianne Nicol . This makes our Law Faculty unique in Australia as a place where there are, for the first time, more female full-time Professors than male.
In recognition of this milestone I have been asked to provide the forward in my capacity as Tasmania’s only female federal magistrate and also as a proud alumni of our Law School. Many female graduates of the Law School have made outstanding contributions as academics, lawyers, magistrates, public servants and politicians.
In 1931, Helen Dunbar was the first female to graduate from the University of Tasmania Law School. 48 years later, when I graduated, there were nine females out of a total of 39 graduates. In 2008, over two-thirds of the graduates were female, 77 of a total of 113 graduates.  However, the number of such graduates reaching senior positions in the legal profession in Tasmania is disproportionate to the significant numbers of females graduating from the Law School.
Whilst we have come a long way, we still have a long way to go before there is equality in gender in the legal profession, especially in Tasmania.”

Bizarrely, Chang2 was taken to task for racial discrimination – being a Chinese underpaying imported Chinese speaking Malaysians.  Yet he still scammed a massively discounted fine regardless. Some deterrent!

Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James had previously stated that this case was the first time the regulator had taken legal action against an employer for racially discriminating against employees.

“This employer (Chang2) knew that all staff were lawfully entitled to minimum award pay rates but chose to pay the Malaysian couple significantly less than Australian staff because of their race, which is unlawful and completely unacceptable. It is an uncomfortable truth that racial discrimination is a driver behind some of the exploitation of migrant workers in this country.”

Chang2 is a serial Third Worlder allowed to employ people in Australia.  He’s since flogged off his SCAMander hotel after being caught out scamming workers. but will no doubt serially resurface elsewhere.

Third Worlders get invited by Canberra into Australia unconditionally without asking Australians if we want ’em.

They bring their ilk, baggage, attitudes and Third World barbarism as if it’s ok.

No!  All these Third Worlders do is corrode Australian hard-fought first word decency standards.  Canberra doesn’t ask Australians because they know we’d say no, bugger off.