Xi Jinping hacks Joint Strike Womble’s tactical secrets

There goes Canberra’s F35 Joint Strike Womble’s blueprint and $25 billion strategic advantage over China.

Seems in 2016 for a period of five months, a Chinese hacker stole secret Lockheed Martin specs on Australia’s Joint Strike Fighter F-35 and P-8 surveillance plane programmes and other stuff, Australia’s Defence Force has suddenly revealed today.

Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) intelligence agency official Mitchell Clarke, reckons technical information on smart bombs, the Joint Strike Fighter, the Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft and several naval vessels was stolen.  “The compromise was extensive and extreme,” she reckons.  About 30 gigabytes of data was stolen in the cyber attack.

Clarke said the attacker accessed the small contractor’s systems for five months in 2016, and the “methodical, slow and deliberate,” choice of target suggested a nation-state actor could be behind the raid.

Australia has agreed to buy 72 Lockheed Martin Corp Joint Strike Fighter planes.  Yet Assistant Minister for Cyber Security Dan Tehan (below) says it is unclear who launched the incursion, but the Government was not ruling out a foreign government.

Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne says: “I don’t know who did it.”


Marise Bowel Payne’s innards may be wombling free like her secure partners with secure passwords like ‘password’, ‘admin’ and ‘guest’.


Mal’s in hiding.   Julie Bishop extracted from ballroom dancing reckons: “We’re live testing untested and outsourced Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) under leftard usurper Elizabeth Broderick’s mandatory LGTBIPEDO recruitment quota.”

In May 2013, classified blueprints of the new ASIO headquarters in Canberra were stolen in a cyber hit by hackers in China – the building’s security and communications systems, its floor plan, and its server locations.  In Fact, the departments of Defence, Prime Minister and Cabinet, and Foreign Affairs and Trade had all been breached in sustained hacking operations.

China now knows the F-35 codes. Xi can now instantly change heads-up display to full-on Mandarin when Aussie F-35 pilots are suicidal battle engaged.

Time between when Mal decides and when Xi is on to it?  Under 1 minute.

Meanwhile in Canberra over the monthly break..