Tudge the fudge for tricky Australian Invasion

Why should Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane have all the overcrowding fun?  Focus groups in Canberran Immigration have conjured a tricky solution to perpetuate mass immigration corroding Australian way of life.  It’s the Ankle Bracelet Solution – dump the migrants out bush with a monitored ankle bracelet and tell them to stay put for 5 years or else.

Munster for Gridlock Cities, Alan Tudge the fudge, reckons he can easily sneak in another million Third Worlders without Aussies even noticing, by landing them at night out of sight in the bush and asking them not to go into the migrant megalopolises of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane for five years.

He’s going to show Crocodile Dundee and Jaws on the flight over and warn that Sydney and Melbourne are infested with crocs and sharks, and the dreaded Ibis in Brisbane.

Other strategies including paying Centerlink even if they can’t find work, just to dissuade them gravitating to the cities.  If they hang out in Woop Woop for five years and are good and honest, then they’ll earn citizenship brownie points.


“You can also put conditions on people’s visas as well to stay in a particular area for at least a few years, and in that time you hope that they make it their home, that they settle. I haven’t outlined the exact details here yet, but may be we can convince Tasmanians to take in an African muslim population the size of Canberra every year; so we’ll be looking at things like that.”

Notice that Fudgie has already fudged the 5 year minimum on day one of his thouhgt bubble.  Now it’s only “a few years“.  Next it will whittle down to just a few months and then after the media have scurried on to the next news bite and lost interest, well it will be no time limit at all. It will be: ‘fly into your migrant choice of Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane and just stay there‘.

Fudgie has warned rural communities like Bendigo, Ballarat, Shepparton and Traralgon to be ready for train loads of unWhites to flood into their communities.

INCOMING!  Look out those in the above green-cloured rural areas of Australia, you are targeted.

If Australians havent got a job now, they’ll have no chance once Fudge unleashes.  Looks like a Greater Alice Springs has potential – similar weather as African and the Middle East to boot.

Fudge’s Bush Incentives:

“Well, we haven’t outlined the exact details here yet, but my focus group has done a quick pre-media release huddle, coming up with a quick incentive list..”

  • Ankle bracelet each with free monitoring (to be sure)
  • Humanitarian welcome package with da lot
  • Extended family Medicare card on arrival, upgradabe to entire village
  • Sit down and stay put money
  • Annual pay rises for staying put
  • Centrelink cashless welfare cards
  • Free housing to worsen Aussie housing scarcity
  • Education queue jumping
  • Free people mover
  • Free plasma and smartphone with unlimited plans

The promise of generous welfare engenders a smiling harmonious multicultural melting pot of kumbaya la la landers

“In five years, she’ll all be apples, reckons Fudge.  All the infrastructure and government services we promised decades ago will be built plus the magical fast rail somewhere.  Of course he forgets that these Third Worlders outbreed Australians 5 to 1, so in five years there will be five times their imported number welfare seeking.

Fudgie said he was not convinced that the government needed an immigration target.  Tudgie is a touchy-feely type who as Mal’s munster has dabbled in Human Services (Centrelink, Medicare, Child Support, refugees), then citizenship, multiculturalism, and currently Gridlock Cities, No Infrastructure and Migrant Population. Busy bloke and there’s a trend here.  He’s over fish and chips and right into dining out in the ethnic city lights.


“Although I’ve never been outside the city limits, mass immigration is inevitable, and frankly all that housing demand is pushing up house prices for all my Canberra polly elites who own at least six investment properties, AT LEAST.”

Canberra’s 226 MPs and senators own 524 properties between them – an average of 2.4 each.  The Liberal-National Coalition’s 105 MPs and senators collectively own 290 properties and nearly half of them, 139, are investments.

A Queensland LNP senator, Barry O’Sullivan, a former police detective, grazier, and property developer, topped the list, with 33 properties, although that figure is well down on 2014’s 50 properties a year after he’d replaced the now Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce in the Senate.

O’Sullivan’s portfolio includes 11 agricultural, two residential, eight investment and seven commercial and five industrial investments properties.

NSW Nationals MP David Gillespie, the assistant minister for health, who took former independent Rob Oakeshott’s seat in 2013 is second with 18 places, including 10 commercial investment properties in Port Macquarie and six investment units in the same town.

Liberal Karen Andrews has 10 properties, including 9 investment properties in three states.

Fudgie:  “We’ll be all laughing in retirement somewhere else.”