Third World migrant filth Adeel Khan and Stanley Hou: two scum get away with killing Australians

Yet again, more Third World backward migrants are tolerantly let into Australia, only to harm us and then have Leftist lawyers funded by taxpayers get them off.

We recognise it as ‘IMMIGRATION HARM‘.  It is our government’s imposed invasion destroying us and our way of life.  Labor, Liberals, Nationals and The Greens are complicitly inviting it.  Australia First Party says end the tolerance!

Migrant Filth Case 1:  Pakistani Muslim Adeel Ahmad Khan

On the night of September 3, 2014 immigrant Pakistani Muslim Adeel Khan knew that the O’Brien family, including 11-month-old baby Jude O’Brien, were asleep above his Darling Street convenience shop in Sydney’s Rozelle, when he set up a massive petrol and gas bomb …. law enforcement claims the motive is insurance fraud, but such a flagrant disregard for human life is so Islamic.