Westgate Bridge congestion: Melburnians ain’t seen nothing

Melbourne sprawl is out of control.

Melbourne Sprawl

Werribee, south-west of outer Melbourne used to be for market gardeners using sewage treated soil.  The place took its name from the old local Aboriginal word for the river which used to flood a lot.  There was an historic pastoral mansion, a research station and a wildlife park on the way down to Geelong, You Yangs in the distance on the right – else flat rural coastal countryside.

Then globalist politicians decided to change it from a rural shire into some concocted notion of a ‘CITY‘ in 1987.  By globalist stealth, they unilaterally and corruptly changed the long familiar place-name of ‘Werribee‘ to the Anglicised ‘Wyndham‘ in 1994, claiming it to be originally named after some Scot wounded at th Battle of Waterloo but who’d never been to Australia.  It was a ploy to re-brand ‘Werribee’ in order to flog the area off to corporate developers for lucrative housing sprawl driven by insatiable migrant demand for housing.

In 1991, the area’s population was under 70,000.  After the Liberals land flogging to private developers by 2004 the numbers almost doubled to 100,000 and more than doubled to 170,000 by 2011.

And most commute to Melbourne over the Westgate.  No wonder the bridge has become a commuter car park.

The population is expected to surpass 200,000 by 2015, and then 300,000 in the late 2020s, before reaching 384,280 in 2036.

Wyndham Population Forecast

In a housing market sense, Wyndham has become the dumping ground for immigrants.  Wyndham City Council is a rapidly growing suburban area located in Melbourne’s outer south-west.  Growth has been so rapid, that in recent years it has often recorded the fastest annual rate of population growth in the country.

Hoppers Crossing used to just have a general store.  Then the government started preparing it for sprawl approving a shopping plaza in 1983 with Target, Safeway Supermarket and a number of retail shops.  By 2006 Werribee Plaza saw big greedy retailers muscle in – Myer, Coles, Woolworths, Big W, Kmart,  JB Hi-Fi, Adairs, a Village Cinemas complex, Best and Less and many more retailers move in – because they knew what was coming.

Werribee Plaza

New residential estates have sprung up on the old river plain – Werribee South, Wyndham Vale, Tarneit, Point Cook South, Manor Lakes West, Racecourse, Mambourin, Kingston, Woodville, Bellbridge, Mossfiel, Cambridge, Riverdene.

The government calls it ‘Wyndham’s urban frontier‘ for ‘affordable family housing‘ and so (incoming) attracts immigrants by the plane-load thousands.  There is deliberate a churning of new estates in various stages of development.  Think “Growth” (efnic) without da “Visa Jobs”.

Also, think housing growth without any infrastructure.  This is the definition of “Melbourne’s growth corridor”.  Bugger all public transport, trains, buses, childcare, schools, hospitals.  Local industry has closed and moved offshore.  The refinery has closed. Toyota is closed.  The RAAF has long gone.

Melbourne’s outer local councils like Wyndham have recognised a multi-billion dollar infrastructure backlog demanding billions of public investment in infrastructure, which they won’t get.

Demand for public transport in Melbourne is likely to rise by 121 per cent in the next 15 years.  Outer growth areas through Werribee, Sunshine, Craigieburn and Dandenong are expected to reach or exceed crush capacity.   It is expected travel speeds on major Melbourne and Geelong roads will drop by 15 per cent as bottlenecks worsen, and the cost of congestion will triple to $9 billion by 2031.

The total cost of congestion in capital cities is expected to climb from an estimated $13.7 billion in 2011 to around $53.3 billion in 2031.

Governments sold the public land and took the cash and wasted it. The multinational developers and construction companies have made squillions.  Unserviced housing ghettos have been the result. No local jobs, so families have to have two cars and sit in traffic every day.

The Westgate Bridge will only get worse.

Westgate Bridge Congestion

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