Syrian Refugees: Gross Leftist Exploitation of HSS Humanitarian Program in Australia

It is wrong for First World nations like Australia considering it acceptable to encourage and facilitate permanent displacement of a poorer nation’s population to exodus to the First World.

What message does this send but the same PC evil inflicted upon Germany and the subservient EU, globalist, nor borders advocate Angela Merkel?

Globalist policy that encourages the Arab World’s Syrian people not to seek temporary asylum geographically but as mass emigration is mass invasion akin to triggering war by the peoples invaded.

It is wrong for PC politicians like Tony Abbott, Mike Baird, The Greens and Labor and those on various local urban councils to displace local Australians in order to prioritise the accommodating Third World foreigners from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, etc.

Refugee Visa‘ (subclasses 200, 201, 203 and 204) and ‘Global Special Humanitarian Visa‘ (subclass 202) need to be temporary.

But on 9 September 2015, Australia’s then Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced Australian support for the relocation of up to 12,000 Syrian refugees permanently to Australia.  This came after he was duped and bullied by a leftist propaganda video of a dead toddler washed up on a Turkish beach.

Alan Kurdi Refugee Xenomania Lie


The truth was that the toddler’s father was working in Turkey and had paid people smugglers to get to First World Canada in search of the good life.

Abbott’s subsequent invitation of 12,000 Syrians is in addition to the current allocation of 13,750 Third World welfare seekers.

Canberra’s Humanitarian Settlement Services (HSS) Exposed

So much for the Liberal Party’s 2013 electioneering of “budget repair” lie so that they could topple the Labor Party from power.

The billions continuing to be gifted to the Third World both beyond and within our borders is staggering – on bottomless foreign aid, the imported welfare, the imported the crime wave, the imported terrorism, the imported urban congestion.

No Wonder we have a Budget Crisis


Canberra’s globalist and politically correct Humanitarian Settlement Services (HSS) Program provides tens of thousands of Third World “clients” with everything they could wish for at Australian taxpayer funded expense:

  • “Early practical support on arrival, and throughout their initial settlement period, generally for the first six to 12 months”.
  • “Assigned an HSS case manager”
  • “Meeting clients at the airport and provide free transport
  • “Help with transport to their initial accommodation”
  • Assistance with finding suitable accommodation”
  • “Property induction”
  • “Providing an initial food package and start-up pack of household goods”
  • “Assistance to register with Centrelink, Medicare, health services, banks, schools and an Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) provider    orientation to life in Australia, including health, education, employment and Australian laws and culture.”
  • HSS case managers help humanitarian entrants to access other services or programs if needed.”
  • “Tailored support to begin a new life in Australia”
  • “Skills and knowledge to independently access services beyond the HSS program”
  • “Settlement grants” covering whatever
  • “Free English classes under the Adult Migrant English Program, administered by the Department of Education and Training
  • “Free Translating and Interpreting Service – no need to learn English anyway
  • “Complex Case Support affecting their settlement” – not otherwise available to Australian victims of crime
  • “Torture and trauma counselling under the Program of Assistance for Survivors of Torture and Trauma” (ditto)
  • “Exit from the HSS program is based on clients achieving clearly defined settlement outcomes. These include:  residing in long-term accommodation, links to the required services identified in their case management plan, school age children are enrolled and attending school, ensuring clients have understood the messages delivered through orientation and have the skills and knowledge to independently access services.”
  • The Good Life!

HSS Program:  Surfing Without Borders program at Bondi since 2015 organised by case manager Sandra Oehman of Settlement Services International


And these are unannounced Australian communities who have all these “clients” turn up:

  1. Launceston
  2. Hobart
  3. Mount Gambier
  4. Geelong
  5. Shepparton
  6. Mildura
  7. Wodonga
  8. Albury
  9. Wagga Wagga
  10. Wollongong
  11. Newcastle
  12. Coffs Harbour
  13. Logan
  14. Toowoomba
  15. Townsville
  16. Cairns.
  17. Did we mention 6,000+ forced upon Fairfield in western Sydney?
  18. Did we mention 200+ forced upon Eltham in outer Melbourne?
  19. Did we mention 250+ forced upon Nicholls in northern Canberra?  Archbishop Christopher Prowse, the Catholic Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn, hopes the new arrivals will be the first of many.

Needy local Australians can go to the back of the queue.

Exodus Foundation supporting the homeless in Australia


Just as Tony Abbott lied to the Australian people about his 12,000 Syrians being Christian and having background checked, it transpires that most are in fact Muslim. Many are from Iraq.  They have no documents so they could be terrorists. Half are now to be settled in Fairfield City Council.  This is on top of already 3000 “humanitarian arrivals” who have been forced on the locals of Fairfield in 2016.

They represent an unacceptable social cost and burden.   Fairfield’s unemployment rate is consistently above 8%, much higher than the national figure at 5.6%.

“Humanitarian Arrivals” is a euphemism for Third World welfare provision – they can’t speak English, they have few skills, they have no money.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says accepting more refugees would see them take Australian jobs or end up on social welfare because they are illiterate.

Their culture is unAustralian if not anti-Australian.  They bring their own barbaric Sharia baggage and politically correct multiculturalism will only serve to exacerbate silo separation and the creation of ghettos.  They will want a mosque be built.  They come from civil war.  They have a violent background.  They will not get employment.  They will not assimilate into Australia’s First World society.  They will cost us millions for the rest of their lives and breed disaffected offspring whom, history shows – become anti-social, radicalised and criminal.  NSW prisons are already overflowing with Third World criminals.

The humanitarian principle of offering asylum is that it be temporary until the persecution ends.  It is not surreptitious backdoor mass immigration from the Third World to the First World.