Secret Sambo Dumping in Geelong of fake refugees by leftard missionary zealots

Of course they’re on humanitarian visas; it’s the United Nations One World Agenda 21.  It’s the UN’s way of forcibly distributing hard-earned First World wealth to millions of leeching, breeding Third World welfare seekers.  Since our working Middle Class real wages have been eroded, charities and aid have dried up, so the UN’s Plan B is to just migrate so-called ‘starving Africans‘ to places like Australia considered ‘welfare resorts’.

And the missionary zeal leftards facilitate the Third World mass migration – the flights, housing, education, breeding allowances to leech off Aussie welfare.  It’s blatant invasion!

So suddenly, Ordinary Aussies are walking down their local street, only to be shocked by these blackest negros approaching standing out like a sore thumbs – like straight out of deepest darkest Africa.  And their thumbing their new smartphones.  How the hell did they rock up get here, queue jump the local public housing queues and afford a smartphone?

Secret Sambos at the wharf in Geelong waiting for their helicopter flight.

“Don’t turn around Jack, but there are two Sambos right behind us.”


Leftards must be behind this Secret Sambo Dumping.  Third World mass immigration by stealth is just another one of their anti-Australian hateful and divisive agendas to cause sovereign collapse and anarchy.


Vanstone Sambos

During the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, Labor’s immigration munster, Amanda Vanstone invited 20,000 military-aged male Sudanese into Australia straight from the civil war, then she turned a blind eye to the muzzie crime wave.

‘Project Piccaninny’

Victoria copped 6000 Vanstone Sambos dumped on already ethnic Dandenong and Ignoble Park, New South Wales copped 5600 dumped on Blacktown (the name seemed appropriate).  Queensland copped 2500 dumped on ethnic Logan and Perth copped 2700 dumped on Osbourne Park.  And hasn’t the crime rate soared in these suburbs?  Canberra got less than 200 – too close to Vanstone’s home.

Leftard Missionary Zealots

Driving the Third World invasion in Geelong are Combined Refugee Action Group (CRAG), Rural Australian for Refugees (RAR), and ‘G21‘.

The leftards squat in Geelong’s union owned Trades Hall building located at 127 Myers Street in downtown Geelong. The Socialist Alliance and leftard bookshop are on the first floor.  The block is a feral dumpster.

The Leftard Invasion Bunker at 127 Myers Street, Geelong

The Union movement’s Trade Hall is at the rear of 127 Myers Street along with G21.  Combined, they all collude to extract taxpayer and ratepayer wealth to facilitate a secret Third World invasion into the unsuspecting Geelong neighbourhood.

Project Piccaninny

G21’s cultural Marxist, Elaine Carbines, wants to double the population of the Geelong region from 300,000 to 500,000 by 2050.  How? Encouraging Third World invasion and breeding.  So last December she flew to Canberra to ask for cash – the $20m Corangamite-Geelong investment fund and to convert Avalon Airport into a low-cost-carrier immigration hub.

Project Piccaninny: “Twice the population in half the time.”


And lookout when it’s United Nations ‘World Refugee Day’.  All the bleeding hearts come out of the dumpster calling for all them illegals on Manus and Nauru to be settled in Australia with all the welfare freebies.    They hold candle vigils outside Geelong’s City Hall to get fre media publicity to garner public sympathy for the starving millions in Africa.

Leftard candle vigil ignores Australians in need

So Sambos are being queue jumped into public housing by stealth in Geelong’s blacked ghettos of Norlane, Belmont, Corio and out at Colac.

That’s just dandy.

What Needy Locals?

Public infrastructure is already overstretched.  Geelong locals endure a chronic public housing crisis.  Some 18,000 locals subsist on public housing support.  A further 2000 locals are on a waiting list at any given time.  Some 86,000 people in the Geelong region earn less than the national minimum wage of $656 a week,  and more than 67,000 are on Centrelink benefits.

And today, Toyota has just retrenched its last 2400 workers, closing its Altona plant.  Ford sacked 600 closing its Geelong plant a year ago. Aussie workers are on the scrap heap, yet these leftards are encouraging more Third Worlders into Geelong.

Nice. With the systemic closure of major manufacturers, Geelong has already become depression city.  So G21 invites Third Worlders to exacerbate the region’s disadvantage.

The Foreign Labor Party’s Victorian State Government has set up a dedicated Immigrant/Refugee Health Clinic opposite Geelong Hospital to deal with ‘refugee’ infectious diseases and paediatrics – cos the Third Worlders breed like African Driver Ants.  So what Third World diseases are spreading on Geelong streets?

Magic money for Third Worlders when all 23 health services across Victoria report blow outs in elective surgery waiting lists.


St John’s Lutheran Church located at 165 Yarra Street in Geelong is also preferencing its biased support for South Sudanese over local Australians in need.  According to its website, the church has offered up its Tyne Cottage and employed James Ruei two days a week to minister its South Sudanese Fellowship.

The leftards are responsible not just for the secret Sambo dumping, but also about 100 Iraqi and Syrian refugees dumped on Geelong in the past few months, thanks top Tony Abbott’s 2015 special intake after falling for the fake dead boy on the Turkish beach con.

Another anti-Australian leftard group ‘Diversitat‘ boasts 1600 fake refugees dumped across Geelong and Colac.

“Diversitat is a regional settlement services provider, with Geelong being one of the primary settlement areas in Victoria for humanitarian entrants. Each year we welcome approximately 200-300 refugees from countries including Afghanistan, Congo, Iraq, Iran, Liberia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka (Tamil) and Karen and Karenni communities from Myanmar.”


And Geelong Council’s ‘G21’ out of Foundation House at 131 Myers Street in Geelong provides support for refugees & asylum seekers to recover from the experience of torture & abuse, while helping them to rebuild their lives in a safe environment.

Agenda 21 – the ‘sustainability’ con that is really about population explosion

G21 boast secretly dumping many more Karen, Karenni, Iraqi, Afghani, Congolese and Sudanese on the region’s neighbourhood.

G21 describes itself and a formal alliance of government, business and community organisations working together to improve the lives of non-Australians within the Geelong region across five member municipalities – Colac Otway, Golden Plains, Greater Geelong, Queenscliffe and Surf Coast.

They make sure the Third Worlders get free housing, food parcels, clothing, healthcare, Centrelink welfare cheques, legal aid and education.

Welfare seeking paradise!

And what benefit do Vanstones Sambos offer us?

Sambo Crime Wave

Sudanese Sambos have the highest imprisonment rate (700 prisoners per 100,000 adult population born in Sudan), followed by Samoan Sambos (430 prisoners per 100,000 adult population born in Samoa). The number of Sudanese-born and Samoan-born prisoners was 131 and 100 respectively.

Jun 17 2016: A gang of ten armed Sudanese youths gatecrashed an Aussie family teen party in Ibis Court in Norlane in northern Geelong, stabbing a guest Nathan Lee Gent (26) to death in his driveway just for kicks.  Party host Jordan Pavlich said the gatecrashers had attempted to storm his birthday party, and had begun throwing bottles when invited guests asked them to leave.  Mr Gent was stabbed in the chest when he attempted to separate the groups as fighting broke out, Pavlich said.

February 2017:  Car jackings by Sambos reported along the Geelong Freeway numbering as many as fifteen a week.  A key black spot tends to be around Avalon typically at night where a car load of Sambos will pretend to be police and use red and blue flashing light to lure motorists to pull over.  It’s a giveaway when they get outwearing hi-vis.

2007: Sudanese Lam Kuoth (his real name) living in the Sudanese imposed ghetto of Norlane had unprotected sex with females as young as 14 knowing he was HIV-positive.  One woman was subsequently diagnosed as HIV-positive after having sex with Kuoth and was pregnant.

Sambo HIV Root Rat


With all them barbaric Third Worlders on the loose, is it no wonder violence against women has become pervasive.  In 2015, Victoria Police recorded 70,000 family violence incidents, rising by 8% from 64,000 incidents in 2014.  The Colac-Otway has copped a 340% increase in family violence rates over the past five years.  Why?   Leftard teachers are complicit in inviting Iranian muslims settle into Colac under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) visa (subclass 187).

But hey, try shopping at Regency Plaza shopping centre in northern Adelaide.

Thursday lunchtime May 5, 2016 – an unprovoked Liberian Sambo Baryea Billy (20) (half his real name) rampages in a Lincraft haberdashery shop, dragging a shopper along the floor, then launching a flurry of kicks and punches to the head and torso. Then he went after another five shoppers at random.  One victim, a 56-year-old woman, was taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital where she was treated for concussion.

Apparently, Billy boy couldn’t find the right wool colour to knit his socks.

Watch da Sambo go mental:

And Vanstone is now employed by leftist Fairfax.