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How corrupt is the Liberal Party?

Liberal Party Corrupt

Liberal MP Andrew Cornwell has admitted to a corruption inquiry that he pocketed a $10,000 “bribe” from one property developer and used it to pay his tax, and also took an envelope stuffed with cash from a second developer.

Liberal Party Director Brian Loughnane knew developer donations went through federal channels being used to subvert NSW laws banning political donations from property developers, according to the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption.

The ICAC heard former Liberal police minister Mike Gallacher and former energy minister Chris Hartcher were aware of arrangements to subvert the NSW ban on developer donations, and Mr Gallacher “suggested some of them”.  Tens of thousands of dollars in illegal donations were allegedly taken from property developers including Nathan Tinkler’s Buildev group and Jeff McCloy, who later became Newcastle mayor and allegedly gave Mr Cornwell $10,000 in cash during a clandestine meeting in his luxury Bentley. Mr McCloy denies the claims but Mr Cornwell has told the ICAC in private that he gave the money to the Liberal Party.

Liberal MP Tim Owen has allegedly received illegal income from developers and bankrolled Mr Owen’s election campaign in 2011.

The corruption watchdog investigation into alleged Liberal Party slush funds and donations for political favours has now claimed seven Liberal scalps.

Operation Spicer had adjourned for two months after three-and-a-half weeks of explosive public hearings in May rocked the Government and claimed several political scalps for dodgy deals – Barry O’Farrell, Chris Hartcher, Mike Gallacher, Darren Webber, Chris Spence.

The corruption watchdog has heard that businessman Nathan Tinkler was known as “the big man” by Liberal Party figures looking to secretly bankroll the 2011 campaign for the seat of Newcastle.

The commission heard it was not just the Liberal Party that was involved in such activities.

“The Labor party was, through a couple of its politicians, involved as well,” said Mr Watson.  He said the inquiry would examine the activities of two former Labor MPs, Joe Tripodi and Eric Roozendaal.  A protege of Joe Tripodi, Ian MacNamara, who is now Opposition Leader John Robertson’s chief of staff, has also been potentially implicated in the smear campaign.

“The time to act is now. Business, we need your support; you need us in government and you are minimising the chances of us winning government if you don’t provide the financial support we need to give our leadership the best chance of being elected.”
– Liberal Party President Alan Stockdale, 2011

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