Ebola Epidemic a threat to West, keep Africans out of Australia!

Ebola Virus Now Airborne

Barbaric primitive Africans eating carrion, roadkill, bats and monkey bush meat should expect to get sick.  Now they’re spreading Ebola because of it, and its going international.

Bush Meat

Ebola Virus circulates in African bats.  It can cross over species into humans when someone handles or eats undercooked or raw meat from a diseased ape, monkey, or bat.

African Ebola is the most lethal contagion known.  The current 2014 Ebola Epidemic is out of control and has become far worse than the United Nations World Health Organisation (WHO) thought.

Ebola virus is now airborne across Africa and is able be transmitted by air between species.   According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the infection gets into humans through close contact with the blood, secretions, organs and other bodily fluids from various species including gorillas, chimpanzees, and forest antelope.  The African fruit bat, wild and domestic pigs are considered the source of the infection.

This horrific death-sentence virus causes uncontrollable viral haemorrhagic fever and internal bleeding.   Ebola overrides the human immune system completely.  Symptoms come on abruptly after an incubation period of 2 to no more than 21 days.

Ebola out of control in Africa

Keep Africans out of Australia!

Ban all flights from Africa immediately!

As Ebola virus quickly progresses – people bleed from the eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and rectum.   What eventually kills is multiple organ failure – liver, kidneys, and the central nervous system.  It is horrific.

The world’s best medicine has no vaccine or cure.  Once infected you are dead.

Ebola Symptoms

The current 2014 Ebola Epidemic was first detected in Guinea (pop. 760,000) sometime way back in late 2013.  Yet the UN World Health Organisation did nothing and has still not declared an epidemic.

On June 23, 2014 the humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders sent out a distress call. As the only aid organization treating people with Ebola, the group said it was “overwhelmed,” that the epidemic was out of control, and that it couldn’t send workers to new outbreak sites without getting more resources.

Now in early August 2014, Ebola has so far claimed 887 lives across west Africa and is now in Nigeria, the most populous nation in Africa with more than 160 million.  But a top doctor working at the heart of the outbreak in West Africa says many cases are going unreported.  Victims are being secretly buried by their families.

This the worst outbreak of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in history could actually be much worse than the official death toll reflects.  In just two weeks the virus has become airborne and killed 672 people and infected about 1,200 and growing.

But the UN official detection date of this Ebola remains July 23 2014 in Sierra Leone (pop. 6 million), ignoring the late 2013 outbreak in Guinea.  So yet again, The United Nations catastrophically has failed its duty of care.  Its WHO is supposed to providing leadership on matters critical to health including the monitoring of disease outbreaks like Ebola.  Good one UN!

Western aid organizations like Doctors Without Borders have been slow to react to pull out its workers from West Africa.

American Christian zealot missionaries, Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol of Christian Samaritan’s Purse charity, criminally undertook unprotected treatment of Ebola in primitive tent hospital up close and personal with infected patients in deepest darkest Africa.   Brantley:  “God has a call on my life.”

Both have since become infected with Ebola.  So stupid African Obama has flown them infected into Alabama, USA.  If your God has a call on your life, stay in Africa, and don’t risk the lives of non-African societies.

Doctor infected with EbolaWestern missionaries naively up close and personal with no protection

The deadliest Ebola outbreak in recorded history is happening right now.  This week Nigeria saw its first case, after an infected Liberian man flew to the Nigerian city of Lagos, which is also Africa’s largest city (21 million). There are also fears the disease has spread to the country of Togo (pop. 7 million), where that man’s flight had a stopover.

Now the United Nations World Health Organisation has come out warning that the Ebola outbreak is moving faster than efforts to control it, and warned that the more people were infected, the greater the risk of the virus evolving into deadlier mutations.

Meanwhile, African quarantine is non existent.  Below a young man lies dead from highly contagious Ebola in the streets of Liberia, left to rot in view of passers-by and local children.

Ebola victims dropping dead in the street

Primitive African health authorities are not equipped to safely deal with Ebola, nor are any African airports or airlines.

African Air Travel spreading EbolaAir Nigeria flies out of Lagos (pop 21 million)
the international hub of Ebola-infected west Africa

Ebola Risk to Australia